Reconnecting with What’s Important


quillby Nicholas Woodard

After reading The Parallax, I was able to really Identify with Frank in the hiking story. It’s really easy to lose yourself and your closeness to others that are important in your life because of the monotony of things. You may even start to lack emotion in things that normally made you happy. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a tragedy for you to realize what’s really important in your life and what really makes you happy.
Having recently lost someone who was my best friend and that I considered a little brother, I have experienced a wide range of emotion: sadness, sorrow, anger, and regret. But, in the wake of this tragedy, I have been able to experience peace again when playing tennis: a sport that I had lost touch with in the years since playing in high school.
While I have a reminder to never lose touch with the things I love, The Parallax has really helped me organize my thoughts around this tragedy and it will be permanently attached to my memory of my best friend. I believe it has helped me get to figuring out who I am again, and I hope this book is something that others can empathize with in finding themselves as well.


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  1. The Parallax focuses on a defining moment in Frank’s life where he begins to understand he’s spent much of his life going through the motions. Life is full of unexpected challenges, and we can easily become so overwhelmed that we detach from what we care about the most. Jobs become a chore we have to do every day, we lose enjoyment in our family and friends, and each day seems to just bring more stress. I think we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to take time to evaluate our attitude and reasons for doing what we do. Do we view our jobs and family as just obligations to check off a list, or do we try to engage and discover what we used to enjoy? We forget how much influence we have in people’s lives. The Parallax encourages us to look inward to recognize how our words, actions, and thoughts are affecting others.

  2. Upon reading the Parallax, I did not know what to expect. The story of Frank Beck invites readers to dig deep inside their souls and discover what they are not choosing to face. Everyone has a decision they have made that they are not proud of. Frank had plenty and he choose to originally not talk about them and instead allow them to haunt him and make him more distant to the world. From Frank, we, as readers, can learn that we should not bury our failures. We need to bring them to the surface and invite friends and family to help us grow from the mistakes.

  3. After reading the Parallax, I could really relate to the meeting that was held at the end of the story. The people were attending a conference and then learned that by looking at things from many different perspectives it could help them understand themselves further. A lot of times I feel that I get caught up in one side of a story, but when I step out of my own shoes or look back on situations it provides me the opportunity to understand why I made the decisions I did and allows me to grow from my mistakes. This book was a good reminder that reflection helps keep everything in perspective.

  4. The Parallax brings up a lot of important things to think through. The idea of looking at a situation from different perspectives is a major theme in this story that I think everyone can learn from. So many times we are focused only on how certain decisions or events will affect us, but not how it may affect other people. It is important to look at things from other people’s perspective in order to increase our own personal effectiveness by helping us understand others.

  5. After reading The Parallax, I too found myself relating to the tragic story about loss. I have lost a relative that I wished I knew better than I did. I always felt that I would have more time in the future to spend time with him and get to know him . Unfortunately his life was cut short, leaving me feeling alone. I found out about this news before my first varsity track meet in high school, and now whenever I run I am reminded of him and it helps motivate me. He too ran track, and I feel that after enduring this loss I almost feel closer because I can run in the footsteps of the sport he once did. After reading this book, it helped me feel that I was not alone in losing one who I loved and it helped me realize a deeper connection with him than I ever could have imagined.

  6. While reading The Parallax, one of the first things that came to my mind was one of my favorite quotes from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.” At the end of the story during the conference, the attendees wrote stories. Some wrote about personal experiences that actually happened, but from the point of view of another person. This allowed for them to come to terms with their own emotions and be at peace with a difficult situation. Sometimes the easiest way to uncover your true emotions is to think about them from a different perspective. There are days when I have been so overwhelmed by the stress of school, the illness of a loved one, and the responsibilities that lie ahead that I feel emotionally numb. The Parallax has reminded me that in situations like these, sometimes the best thing to do is look at it from a different perspective or write about it. This can help uncover what you are really feeling, so that you can deal with that emotion.

  7. In the authors note of this story, the author says his intentions are to make us connect with the story. Nicholas wrote that he identified with Frank in the story. I can see where Frank would be easy to identify with, but I did not. I did identify with a less mentioned character, Andrew. Its his fear of helplessness that I find familiar. He writes about his wife becoming ill and there is nothing he can do about it. He talks about the way feeling powerless can effect our lives and that it can be overwhelming. I find myself feeling the same way and worrying about the same type of thing: the inevitable fact that someday something bad will happen to our loved ones. Dr. Stein talks to Andrew about understanding the concept of powerlessness and improving off of it. Perhaps through writing about that concept, readers could come to terms with it and experience their own Parallax.

  8. The Parallax highlights exactly its definition by emphasizing the difference that differing viewpoints can have on a situation. The author examines experiences from the perspectives of each family member both in the past and the present. This brings the reader to the realization that they identify more with one storyteller than another and, finally, emphasizes the difference that differing outlooks can have on an overall story. Additionally, the author demonstrates how writing from different viewpoints creatively can help us work through feelings that may be at the forefront of our lives or somewhere below the surface, just as it helped Frank and Sarah in this specific narrative.

  9. I think all of us at some point in our life, maybe even right now for a lot of people, can relate to Frank’s life. I know there have been times in my life where the days seemed so long because all I wanted to do was go to sleep so my brain could shut off and not think or fret about anything. Often times it takes some big event, not necessarily tragic, to change the way you view your life. However, why does some event have to occur in order for us to see things differently? Why not just spend a few hours thinking about what is really happening and be grateful for what you have and instead of only focusing on the negatives, really start focusing on the good in your life. This was a well written story and I’m glad I took the time to read it as I think everyone should in order to take a look at Frank’s life and identify it with your own.

  10. Reading through the Parallax was breath of fresh air. I feel like all I am is stressed anymore. Crippling pressure from school, work, organizations, and family can begin to take its toll. I feel like all those different groups of people and responsibilities are pulling me in different directions, and they all want something different from me. After reading the Parallax, I realized that all these influences in my life are a blessing and not a burden. I realized that I need to take more time to stop and enjoy all the life that is happening around me. At the end of the day, the journey is what makes us who we are, and it’s not just the end result. When I look back on my life, it’s these memories that I will have wished I cherished. From the parallax, I also learned that others can not only inspire us, but they can help shape us into who we are. Everyone on this Earth is a product of not only themselves, but also all the others who have had a significant influence on them in their life. In order to truly appreciate the role other people in our life, we must look at life through their eyes. By immersing yourself in another person’s perspective, you truly can learn to appreciate another persons influence in your life.

  11. Writing has always been underestimated as a form of art and self-expression. Much like most hobbies, once college starts, there isn’t much time to do anything else besides studying. As this book encompasses, self-reflection through writing can bring to light various places for self-improvement. The Parallax shows us how self-reflection can be usefully when our lives are absorbed with the routine of everyday life. Writing will help us express our subconscious thoughts and intentions to allow us to better ourselves. It forces us to face our true identities and look at things in new perspective. I think the Parallax is personable to many readers. At some point everyone faces loss, grief, and mourning in their lives. At the beginning of this year, STLCOP class of 2017 were experience all of those emotions together. One of our friends passed away at the turn of the year, and just as it seems when people were finally coming to terms, another friend passed away. If everyone were to reflect their emotions on to paper, each and everyone one of us would have different experiences to share. Writing is a form a catharsis. It’s supposed to help mold you, guide you, and change you. I would encourage everyone and including myself to find the time to write.

  12. I did not know what to expect when I first began reading, but I ended up enjoying the themes that were present in The Parallax. I can relate to the main characters most in the first half of the book where they are completely taken aback by terrible news. In these situations, everything comes into perspective. Instead of worrying about the little details, we see the bigger picture and remember what’s most important in our lives and appreciate those things more than ever. Even on a daily basis when we are bogged down with work or school, it’s important to take a step back and look at the situation from a different perspective so that we can tackle it.

  13. I was able to relate with the characters in The Parallax that experienced a death of a love one. This year was emotional difficult. Two of my classmates passed away. Additionally, my childhood friend that I knew for 11 years committed suicide this summer. I met her during orchestra class in fourth grade. There were so many emotions that I went through. During this hardship, writing was very therapeutic to me. I wrote daily in my journal and continue to do so. It allows me to express the emotions I am feeling, the deepest thoughts that I have, and the problems I am dealing with. I would recommend everyone to journal especially during stressful and difficult times in his or her life. Lastly, I truly believe it is important to be able to look at things from different perspectives. We should be open to share and listen to other people’s stories more. Everyone should read this book. There are so many valuable lessons in it.

  14. While reading The Parallax, I had many emotions come to mind, ranging from intrigue to happiness to sadness. In particular, Frank’s fear of losing his daughter very much aligned with my own fears of losing my father. Through the author’s writing, I could feel and empathize with Frank’s rushing fear that his daughter had died or was going to die. In his moment of realization, it was as if the world no longer existed, everything went blank. I found Frank’s response to be very universal; losing a loved one is a fear that everyone can relate to easily. However, this was not an emotion I expecting to have while reading The Parallax. As continued to read, I found myself wrapped up in the book and its underlying message, which was delicately braided through the life of a man. From this book, I have realized the importance of slowing down in life, enjoying each moment, and taking nothing for granted. Unfortunately, each living person will one day be gone. Life is short, but every human has the ability to make each day special and make each day count.

  15. After reading The Parallax, I have found the answer for one certain question. Why do we need tragedy in our life to value things we used not to do? I believe that when you open your eyes everyday seeing everything around you with the same perspective will not make you appreciate them. when you believe in loss and that in one day you might loss something you would not think it will go. At the time you will value and appreciate your people and even yourself more. Based on my experience, I could tell that I used to see my parents on daily basis but It is been now around 6 months I did not see them. Every morning I wish if I could see them to hug them firmly and kiss their heads. I do really miss my parents smell.

  16. The Parallax seems to introduce and promote the concept of therapeutic writing, i.e., the process of writing up stories about events that are linked to the writer’s emotions. The writing may provide tools for a re-evaluation of the past such as 1) taking a different angle, 2) revealing patterns that were not recognized before, 3) allowing for readjustment of the “self-paradigm” that often has a limiting or distorting effect, and possibly 4) rearranging priorities. The goal is “self-improvement by awareness”. The story gives numerous examples of coping mechanisms that did not work for whoever used them. I think the most memorable one is when Frank ponders sarcasm as a tool to make it through life. We do all kinds of things in order to avoid pain, fear, grief, powerlessness and so on but, unfortunately, we can’t avoid them completely….we need to find productive ways to deal with it. Writing can be one. Does it necessarily have to be in written? I guess the writing process itself puts a distance between us and an event and by that introduces some level of objectivity. The public telling of such a story seems to act as a magnifier of our emotions in the Parallax…so, is therapeutic writing maybe just a cheap alternative to psychoanalysis?

  17. After reading The Parallax, I found that I was able to connect with Frank in the story, but in a different way than the other people in the conference at the end of the book did. With all that is going on in my life right now with school, I find that I often times push my family and friends to the side, like Frank did with his wife and children, to focus on only my school work. It consumes me every day. I need to learn to get rid of the “tunnel vision” I often get when I get stressed, and I need to let those people who love me into my life. This will surly help me to unwind and catch up with those people who are important in my life.

  18. After reading the parallax, i had a lot of different thoughts running through my head. I never realized how we all look at ideas in our lives in a very one dimensional way. Everyone handles different stress in their own way, but we as humans, generally apply others griefs to our own experiences. Frank fear of losing of his daughter hit home with me and how my parents raised me. Its hard to understand when you are younger why your parents care as much as they do, but they have fears of “what if” applying to their own child. Opening your mind to how others perceive daily life is a struggle but The Parallax gives a brief incite into those ideas.

  19. Upon reading the Parallax, one begins to realize the importance of just taking a step back and appreciating the things around you. It’s all too common to take what we see on a routinely basis for granted. However, before enabling a tragedy to warp our minds and eventually allow a time for reflection, we should take the initiative to evaluate ourselves in our spare time. In fact, at least once a month, I try to set a time where I can reflect on my actions and gauge the impact they have had on my life. The time spent on reflection, either through thought or writing, really does have a therapeutic effect. It allows us to acknowledge our shortcomings but more importantly, gives us the strength to change for the better.

  20. After reading the Parallax, I would say that the character that I can relate to the most is Frank. Frank is someone who has a difficulty letting go of the past and because of this he is burdened with regret. Just like many of us, Frank became busy with life and he let the things he cared most about get lost in the shuffle. The easiest way for most people to deal with guilt is to suppress it, and this is exactly what Frank had done. He wanted to bury the guilt of his father’s death, stomp out the memories of his encounters with Jenny, and suffocate the reality of his wife’s COPD. Similarly to Frank, I try to suppress the stress and guilt in my life. Frank’s story has made me realize that suppressing emotions will not resolve them and that a little communication goes a long way.

  21. The Parallax made me wonder why there has to be a tragedy in our lives, and why writing is so important in our lives. I think tragedy is something that one cannot avoid, so should face it. By the end of the book, Frank Beck realizes this too. He faces the truth that he had been negligent of the things he should have cared about (such as family), and learned to move on and take care of the things that are left to him. I think that “tragedy” is what triggers us to experience the “parallax.” After accepting the truth and seeing our fault, we are able to see the world from a broader perspective.

  22. By reading the posting and comments that followed, it is possible to see the emotional intelligence of the readers of “The Parallax” and it’s impact on their lives. From the original tragedy in the first post to people relating the events of the book back to their lives and experience, there are several different reactions. It is interesting to see how some people related the loss of Frank’s daughter back to their own personal loss, or their memories of their upbringing, or even relating to Frank himself in his consuming ambitions (started ignoring his family). I definitely understand what it’s like to isolate yourself from your family, sometimes you need no distractions. Other times, I need to remember my family to remember why I chose this profession and the goals that I have for after my education is done.

  23. After reading the parallax and the comments of others, it seems that a lot of us can really relate to this story. I myself felt that I related to Frank the most. Pharmacy school has been something that I knew I wanted to do for a long time. I really do love the profession and graduating school has been my main goal for some time. However, the school work can often time drag me down and make me forget why I am here in the first place. It is important to take a step back every now and then and remember that this is what I want to do and this is what is important to me.

  24. A truly great piece of writing connects with its readers and “The Parallax” does just that. Although I myself have not experienced great loss in my lifetime, the thoughts and experience by Frank after the loss of his own daughter still spoke to me. Frank is thrown into a world of guilt and depression as he comes to understand that he himself neglected his own family when he had the chance to provide them with love and care instead. His experience should speak to everyone that nothing in life should be taking for granted but cherished at every moment. Instead of realizing what you had after its gone, everyone really needs to take a step back and appreciate things that are a still a part of their life.

  25. You may think that this story has nothing to do with you. You may be right, you have nothing in common with Frank and his wife, they have very specific story. If this is how you feel then take a step back and analyze things like Frank does in the second half of the book. You need to see what this book is trying to tell you. Look at things from a different angle than you are used to. You may think that is isn’t helpful but when you do it can help you gain great insight into a problem you couldn’t work past before. This book is a good exercise for the mind and a good life tool to use as a reminder to always think outside the box.

  26. While reading the Parallax I was reminded that everyone needs to slow down and reprioritize at times. In the fast-paced world we live in today it is easy to get caught up in our own lives and forget to see the world from other people’s perspectives. In the story, Frank often did this. He chose to bury his emotions and ignore Sarah’s perspective. The people attending the conference learned how to see things from another’s perspective through their writing. Even the CEO who had been so uncaring toward others had an eye-opening experience. But, isn’t that what a parallax moment is? An eye-opening experience? The Parallax encouraged me to consider others’ viewpoints in each situation. It also prompted me to count my blessings one by one and remember what really matters in life –faith, family, friends, and the small things that we too often take for granted. I hope that others will read the book and experience their own parallax moment.

  27. The Parallax made me realize that nothing is as simple as it may seem. I lived with my grandparents when my grandfather passed away from Alzheimer’s disease, and will always wish I could have been more understanding. The story written by Dana made me wonder what it was like for him. As horrible as it was to watch him suffer, it had to be worse to actually live it. If I were going to write my story I think it would be about him and his struggle.

  28. After reading “The Parallax,” and reading the posts it is interesting to see everyone that related to a certain part of Frank’s life. I myself related very closely to Frank with his losses because of the near loss of my brother. However, we reacted in very different ways. Frank only got more distant from his family and pushed them to the side. My brother’s accident only brought my family and me closer together. We began to appreciate every second we had together rather than taking it for granted. Reading “The Parallax” reminded me to really appreciate what I have while it’s still around to enjoy.

  29. I could definitely relate to many of the characters while reading The Parallax. While for many, including myself, it is easy to bury our failures and other things in our lives that we don’t necessarily enjoy, it is important to bring to light what went wrong or what we can do so that we don’t fail once again. Another thing that I found interesting within this book was how different people’s perspectives on events are.

  30. Life is all about perspective, and The Parallax explains that very well through Frank’s story. One thing that really stood out to me was what Kyle, the Manhattan CEO, said of 9/11, “unless you were there, it would be impossible for anyone to understand…It would be arrogant for anyone to even think they could have my insight.” This insinuates that New York residents were the only ones highly affected by the tragic events on that day. This can be applied to everyday events. Something unfortunate happens, and those who are affected often turn themselves into the victim and make it seem like they are the only ones who this made a difference to. When really, every little thing in life affects so many people – if not directly, then indirectly. A positive example of this is the trending “pay it forward.” It all starts with one person who shows an act of kindness, and as a result a chain reaction is set off and kindness spreads.

  31. Sometimes in life you lose touch with society and forget there are more things in life than just yourself. The Parallax touches upon the idea of how important it is to think beyond the realm of your thoughts and to place yourself into another’s perspective. I view the story of The Parallax beyond loss, instead I see it as an opportunity for readers to open themselves up to different points of views. By placing yourself into another individual’s shoes, it can help increase your own value by giving you a greater perspective in understanding others. The best way to understand or overcome a hard situation is to put yourself in their shoes and view life through their life. How would you react to this situation, when faced with an “x” variable? This opens us up to empathy, and to really understand others better.

  32. Dr. Rickert gives us insight into concepts that we often ignore by writing this book from differing perspectives. First, we see Frank and Sarah’s relationship in the context of their current marriage on their anniversary and next we are shown their past through flashbacks. Next, we are able to jump into the future to determine how their entire family’s relationship was changed or was not change by the tragedy that struck on September 11. By doing this, Dr. Rickert shows us that the ability to understand forgive comes from seeing things from different points of view or even from different points in time.

  33. Like Frank, I feel like I take a lot of things and people for granted without realizing it. As much as it is a cliché, most people don’t realize what they have until it’s gone, and I’m no exception. Frank never appreciated his family until he realized he could lose them. As far as family goes, I never appreciated everything my parents do for me until after I moved out for college. I have also realized that every time that we have a break with school, I always find a renewed appreciation for my friends that I usually get to see on a daily basis.

  34. I believe the title of this particular blog posts ties not only to the original blog post but also to another topic touched upon in the Parallax. We so often are unable to understand our emotions or we simply never take the time necessary to find the root to an emotion. If the time is not taken to heal a negative emotion, as is seen when the participants in the writing program are sharing their personal writing excerpts, this can really tear a person apart. The Parallax says that the best way to do this is through writing freely without worrying about how others will receive your words. I agree that when dealing with your personal demons that writing can be the best therapy there is, this personally is how I dealt with the divorce of my parents. Even though the divorce happened at a very young age, it took me years of struggling and anger to discover and finally accept how I truly felt about the situation, all of which was done through journaling. I know because of the writing I did, that I was able to come to terms with what had happened, and that I am now in a much healthier place because of it.

  35. After reading the Parallax, I found it very easy to identify with the struggles of the Beck family. Like Frank and Sarah, I have found writing about certain events in my life to be very therapeutic and helpful. This similarity allowed me to connect with the Beck family and made the Parallax very relatable. Each character felt multi-dimensional and well developed and this certainly kept me interested throughout. The Parallax has illuminated the idea that thoughtful expression and self-reflection are two extremely important concepts that we all should implement into our everyday lives.

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    The Parallax begins with Sarah and Frank on their anniversary in Rocky Mountain’s National Park. From the viewpoint of both the past and a tragic incident in the present (9/11) the reader is able to examine their families’ relationship. They take a look at the path that they have taken to get to their present state. We then are abruptly transported to the future and we are slowly oriented to their new relationship and the course that they have taken to get there. The reader gains new insights about the changes that come to relationships over time and the results that occur after the couple or people in general put effort into relationships.

  37. Reading and reflecting on the themes explored in The Parallax helped remind me how precious life is and how important it is to be in tune with what and who we value as well as our worries and fears. I could relate to Frank’s anxiety about potentially losing his daughter, as my dad is the person I am closest to in my life and someone I cannot imagine living without. What is interesting is that I think many of our fears can give us insight to what we value and can help us prioritize our lives such that our days are reflective of what is most important to us. It is important to look our fears directly in the eye in order to not let constant worry reign in our lives making us feel that each task is “the only thing that matters,” which can cause us to get caught up in the monotony of day-to-day living. For me, writing actually serves as not only an outlet, but a way for me to refocus on my priorities and remain centered. Writing has proven, as in the Parallax anecdotes, to be therapeutic in my life. This was a very eye-opening book and served as a good reminder to focus on those loved ones that I have now and to make more time for connecting with those I care about.

  38. Reading The Parallax was another reminder for me to never forget the little things in life. I often get lost in the stressful, frustrating, and difficult moments in life. However, a little over a year ago, my best friend passed away, and one of his biggest influences on many of the people in his life, as well as myself, was his concept of “Thankful Thursday.” He was extremely adamant to take a single moment of a day each week to be thankful for at least one person, thing, or event that took place in his life. He refused to let the negative, monotonous parts of life get to him. There were days when I would laugh at him about this, and similar to Frank, I never fully appreciated all of his lessons and his presence in my life until he was gone. However, from this, I have also learned to value the good moments with the people who are still in your life. Those are the moments that make you realize that you don’t have to remain lost. It’s something as simple as a night out with a friend to get some ice cream or going to a baseball game. It’s the moment that leads you to sharing not only your frustrations, but sharing a laugh or a smile, and taking a deep breath when you realize that, despite the difficulty you’re facing, it’s going to be okay because you have so much to be thankful for. Frank’s story also reminded me that slowing down in this busy life and maintaining that closeness with others is is important, as that has helped me find myself in this past year. Hopefully, that advice, reconnecting with what’s important, can help others as they find themselves as well.

  39. After reading the Parallax, I was really able to connect with what I read. A little less than a year ago my grandmother became sick. I was close with my grandma and spent so much time with her; from when I was a baby until I turned twenty. I shared everything with her and knew that she would always support me in every decision I made. She taught me a lot of things in life like how to cook, how to treat others, and how to love. I was able to relate to Frank when he was unsure if his daughter, Katie, was alive. I experienced this, but in a different way. As my grandma grew more and more sick she was put into hospice care. I went to visit her almost every day. I could tell how much me being there meant to her. In a way our roles kind of switched, it went from her reading me nursery rhymes as a kid to me reading them to her during her last days. I relate to Frank by waking up every day praying that my grandma was still alive just waiting for that dreadful call that she was no longer there. In that last week she was alive I was stressed out about school and had three major exams that week so I hadn’t visited her as much as I wished. I knew those days I should of visited her but I knew that she would want me to do the best I could on my exams. But it left a guilt in me. Those are days I can’t get back with her. I was really able to relate with Frank and experience some of the emotions that he felt.

  40. I am very glad that I got this opportunity to read The Parallax. I related to this book very well because I am a person that goes through the motions but doesn’t sit back to reflect on how blessed I am. I think that writing can help self-reflection immensely and that it is important to stop and think about how we are living our lives, how we can help other people, and how we can better ourselves in order to live life to the fullest. In my own life, I have suffered a great loss. I lost a dear friend of mine in high school, and it made me think of life in a completely different way. I started to dull out every emotion and started to just go with the flow without actually living in the present. Frank’s story is very similar to mine and it’s nice to see how different peoples’ perspectives life can be, especially when they have to do with the same event. I can even relate to Frank’s fear of losing his daughter because I am very scared to lose my grandma. She basically raised me, and I know that when she passes, my life will feel flipped upside down. This book made me realize that self-reflection would be very good for me in order to become more in the moment with my emotions.

  41. Living the everyday routine of waking up, going through the hardships of daily life, sleep, and repeat is what most of us do. Living such a way causes us to lose sight of the things that are most important to us. Thought and emotions become very stagnant, and so daily life becomes very stall and dry. The Parallax really puts into prospective how little people take the time to self-reflect and to reflect on the daily happenings of life. In most cases, people take the opportunity to do so until something drastic happens in life. When this significant event occurs, we realize how mortal we are and how vain we possibly have been as we tried living what we thought was everyday life. Living such a life is quite tragic, but this is not a lifestyle that people have to be stuck in. We have the ability to turn that around and actually try to live our lives with appreciate for the things and people around us. Regardless of the hardships that we deal with on a daily basis, life with complacency and ignorance will lead to a hollow existence. It’s up to us to life a fulfilling life and really looking into the small things in life to brought about feeling, emotions, and thought.

  42. Upon reading the Parallax along with some of the comments posted, it is imperative to the emotional intelligence that it had to offer. The book has left me emotionally distraught as I sit here and evaluate my decisions in life. As I look back on my life, I truly have not shown as much appreciation as i should have for those who care the most about me. It is the little things in life that mean the most and I strongly believe i have taken these things for granted. Like Frank, I am also devoted to my goals. I have wanted to be a pharmacist since eight grade. My parents constantly encourage me to work hard and achieve my dreams. However, in the mix of endless nights of studying and hard work, I tend to get too involved with my life at St. Louis College of Pharmacy that I loose track with the relations I had made prior to going to college. At times, I feel like I am becoming very distant with the friends and family i have back home. The Parallax has taught me about the different perspectives of life. It has taught me that if i endow a lot of my time to my immediate goals, that I may in fact lose connections with my other close friends and family. I have learned that although it is important to try your best to accomplish your goals, it is also healthy to take a step back and evaluate other aspects of your life. It is important to maintain your relationships with both family and friends to be truly happy.

  43. I always like reading books or materials like Parallax. Number one because it is short. But also because it makes me think. In the book it talks about loss and i feel that if we value the people that are close to us then maybe we wont see it as a loss. Yes, that person is no longer with you, but to me it is not a loss. When it comes to the relationships, I value each and every one. While being in pharmacy school we get so bogged down by the constant tests, quizzes, papers, presentations, ect. that we forget to thank and spend quality time with those who we care the most for. Seeing the many accomplishments that we have made though out the years, big or small, it is important to identify those and celebrate those with the ones that helped make those possible.
    One thing that I feel might be implied is yourself. Taking time out out the stressful days to appreciate and maintain your relationship with yourself. You have completed assignments, made deadlines, and had many accomplishments. I completely agree that others need to be valued in our lives, but I feel as if so do we. As I have progressed through the curriculum I have realized that sometimes you loose who you are, what your desires are, what you value. We often lean on others to remind us of what those are, but I feel as if we can remind ourselves.
    Minutes turn into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, and so on, this book helps us realize is to take a step back and look at the relationships that matter to us. We need to appreciate everyone, your friends, families, mentors, and acquaintances for having an impact in your life. A line form the musical wicked states,” because I knew you, I have been changed for the better.” We should take a step back and let the people we care about know that we will never be the same without them, because we have been changed for the better.

  44. Over the past two years both of my parents have been diagnosed with different forms of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This past week was the two year anniversary of my father’s diagnosis. I still remember the moment my mother called and how fast the three hour drive to the hospital was. Little did I know, my decision to rush home was a decision that would save my father’s life.

    The night I arrived I told my mother/grandmother to take the night off and I would stay to watch dad, because I needed to be up late studying anyway. As it turns out, his tumor was pressing on his pancreas, which caused it to release exceptionally large amounts of insulin. I noticed his hypoglycemic symptoms before he became unconscious and ran to get the nurse. It happened twice that night.

    Any of my other family members would have already been asleep and would have never noticed the symptoms before it was too late. The Parallax reminded me of this traumatic time in my life and helped me realize again that life is full of chance.

    I’m just lucky that chance was on my side that night.

  45. I found reading The Parallax refreshing as the story often shifts focus from the story’s present day (9/11) to various moments in the couples past. The constant flashbacks reminded me of similar times I’ve had with my friends and previous relationships and allowed me to connect with some of the struggles that Sarah and Frank are having. One thing The Parallax has reminded me is that I should not take for granted the memories that I have made with friends or family in the past or the memories that I will make with others in the future. The reader is constantly reminded to find significance in his or her life and to cherish those closest.

  46. I really enjoyed reading the Parallax. It was a very good example of how important it is to look at a situation from different points of view. We all have our own life experiences that makes each of our own points of view unique. This is what makes interacting and working with other people so amazing. There is always more than one side to every story, and it is so easy to get caught up in one side (especially if it’s your side). I was especially able to relate to Frank because he made some questionable decisions that he wasn’t all that proud of and he buried those thoughts and feelings. There have been many choices that I have made that I am especially not proud of, but they helped me grow and become the person I am today. I have learned from my past mistakes and I know never to make them again. I also am not the type to talk about my problems, like Frank. I have learned that it’s better to talk about your problems than to leave them all bottled up inside, until one day you explode. I know I learned a lot from reading the Parallax and from reading the other posts, I think others did too.

  47. When a person experiences a tragedy, their view of the world is often completely altered. These difficult experiences force us to re-evaluate the elements in our lives that we consider meaningful, and inspire us to live our lives in a way that is more fulfilling and find ways to fill the holes that are created from great loss. Writing is a tool that I don’t personally use as a therapeutic tool, but members of my family do, and I know that it helps them immensely. My mother uses writing to help her cope with the daily struggles of caring for my youngest brother, who suffers from a debilitating mental illness. It has been painful for my family to learn how to live in a new reality for which no perfect solution exists, but it has helped bring us closer together and appreciate the positive things in life much more than we did before.

  48. After reading The Parallax, my eyes were opened to how I live my life and see the world. I’m very care-free, and I’m very stuck in the mindset of “nothing bad can ever happen to me.” I come from a small town where everyone knows everyone and bad things don’t generally happen. I can relate with the panic and shock that Frank felt when hearing about the plane crash on 9/11 that may have had his daughter on board. His intention for that weekend, to celebrate his anniversary with his wife and daughter in the mountains, was changed in an instant. Although his daughter wasn’t on that plane that day, his life was still changed by the events. His daughter chose to join the military, and would later pass away. We may not realize how something will affect us at the time it occurs, but down the road it may become clear. This made me realize that I may not know what’s in store for me, or how something happening to me today might affect me later in life.

  49. The most interesting part of The Parallax, in my opinion, is how the circumstances and relationship changed between Frank and his son. In the beginning of the story, we see Frank on a trip to the mountains looking forward to hiking with his wife and daughter, but his son was distant and not attending the trip. He was described as “rogue” and wasn’t interested in joining his family on their vacation to hike in the mountains. Later in the story, we find out that the “rogue” son and his parents have reunited. He had settled down, and become very close with his previously estranged family. Although the death of his sister was probably very difficult for him and his parents, they were able to come together in order to get through the situation. They even used their experiences to help others see perspective in their own life.

  50. The symbolism that was used in The Parallax was the best part in my own opinion. The Twin towers symbolized several different things, yet the one I thought was best was how the towers symbolized the collapsing of the emotional barricade that Frank had. At that point in time, all of Frank’s emotions were coming out. He had buried so many emotions and at this point of the story is when they all came out. The Muted TV also was an important metaphor used in the story. That symbolized how Frank was aware of what was happening in his life but he was immediately numb to it. It symbolized how Frank was burying all of the painful emotions in his life. He wanted to be a perfect and strong person. Yet he forgot that eventually all of his emotions would come back around.

  51. When tragedy hits your life, sometimes it is easier to be in denial rather than face the heartache and anger. You go on living your life and to the outside world, you seem to be doing okay; but on the inside, you know that you are on the verge of breaking down because the world seems unfair and against you. Frank’s story resonated empathy. At the age of thirteen, my best friend was killed in a car crash. When I was 17, I lost another friend to liver disease. It wasn’t until I began writing (a friend’s suggestion to me) that I was able to face my anger and sadness. The Parallax truly emphasizes and expresses that writing can be therapeutic.

  52. The busy world around us forces us to juggle multiple tasks at a time. Being caught up in organizing all our plans consumes our day. Taking breaks to pause and think about what we value and what we live for can help us realize what we want before a tragedy like Frank’s has to occur before our realization.

  53. Reading the Parallax makes you think about what you take for granted in your life. Frank does not appreciate his wife Sarah, until the tragedy of the twin towers collapsing occurs. He has a flashback of when they first met at the Elvis concert. He remembered how he wanted to spend every minute with her and asked her to marry him only a month into the relationship. Over time he became too comfortable with their relationship and was not truly present in his life. It is so easy for us to take people for granted. This story made me take a step back and think about all of the family and friends who do so much for me. A tragedy should not have to occur to make me realize what is important.

  54. My favorite part of the Parallax was the first half of the book when Frank was telling his story about his 25th anniversary trip to the Rocky Mountains with his wife. The story was very realistic and easy to relate to. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve misinterpreted how someone was acting simply because I was only looking at things from my point of view. Even though nothing overtly exciting was happening, I felt myself getting sucked into the story. I was also surprised to find how therapeutic writing can be. Just completing the journal entries for Dr. Rickert’s class, I am occasionally amazed at the words that start pouring out of me when I make myself stop thinking and just write.

  55. Reading The Parallax has opened up my eyes to the way I see the world around me. Much like Frank in the beginning of the story, I’m very inward about my emotions. I don’t really like to show much emotion and tend to stray away from the topic as much as possible. Additionally, I’m always rushing to do things and not really thinking about what I’m actually doing and how it may affect those around me that I love most. This book has shown me how therapeutic it can be to “stop and smell the roses.” It’s important to reflect on critical moments of your past in order to know where you are in the present and where you want to go in the future.

  56. The Parallax is a riveting novel that makes you think in a way you may not have thought before. The Parallax teaches readers that if they change their perspective, they can view the world around in a different way. One example from the book that stuck with me was the story of Sarah and the leaf. At the beginning of the story an old leaf fell out of a book and landed on the ground. Frank accidently stepped on the leaf and destroyed it. Sarah was devastated. Frank could not understand why Sarah would be upset by this, or let alone why she would have kept this leaf in the first place. It was a leaf from a previous trip they took together which Frank referred to as an “awful trip”. Despite Frank viewing the trip that way, Sarah viewed it as the trip that “saved her life”. Sarah had such difficulty breathing on this trip, she saw a doctor as soon as she got back. She was diagnosed with COPD. Luckily, she was in the early stages and with lifestyle changes, she would be able to live a long, happy life. This story of the leaf not only opened Frank’s eyes, but mine as well. This story helped me to see that not everything in the world is clear cut. Different people will view things in different ways. This idea is very important in regards to both my professional and my personal life. Although I may view an event in a positive manner, the other person may see it in a completely different light and view it as something negative. The Parallax taught me that being able to look at the same scenario with a different perspective will not only help me understand others, but it will also help me self-reflect and learn more about myself.

  57. Each person who attended the conference realized what it means to take on a different perspective. While reading the Parallax and the different stories each person told, I was consciously thinking about what I would have written about if I had also attended the conference. My story would have been about a recent death of a cousin who tragically died in a car accident. He was only nineteen. It was not until he had passed away that I realized I did not know him as well as I should have. This realization came to me when I heard all the comments, stories, and eulogies of how much he impacted each person’s life in so many different ways. His death continues to haunt me, but it also changed my perspective in life to be a better person. It was the perspectives of everyone grieving that provided me the realization of my own narrow perspective.
    I realized it is easy to get caught up in our own thoughts, actions, and emotions that we sometimes fail to see the bigger picture of our lives from a different perspective. We have a tendency to look at the past and see could have, should have, would haves, and we look to the future for what may come into our lives. What we really need to do is widen our frame to see the whole picture from every perspective. Although the task may not be easy and we may fall back into our normal routine, having a wide perspective can shift our lives into a better position in which we feel more accomplished, satisfied, and just overall happy. The Parallax has helped make me realize what it means to broaden our perspective and how it can impact our lives and those around us.

  58. Before reading The Paralllax, I wasn’t exactly sure what this book was going to entail. However, this book reminded me of another book that I read in high school called “Blink”, which is one of my favorite books till this day. This book allows one to reflect on their own life. While reading chapter 3, I kept thinking about what I would write if I was attending this conference. This book made me reflect on the ups and downs of my life, and the decisions that I have made. I’ve also learnt that forgiveness comes from being able to see things from different perspectives.

  59. The Parallax was a very intriguing and powerful story. The main character Frank dreamed about the mistakes that he made throughout his life. Frank finally decided to talk to Sarah about these mistakes that were haunting him while they were in Colorado. It is easy to try and avoid and forget about our mistakes and failures in our lives, but it is important to learn from these mistakes. After reading The Parallax it made me realize that I take more for granted than what I should.

  60. The Parallax has helped me to realize the importance of perspective. From that perspective, I should expand and write about the emotions I face to help and guide to improve myself and understand a different perspective. Mourning and grief will happen to everyone, but one thing I feel people end up doing is mourning some more and dwelling in that grief, like Frank. What should happen though is realizing and accepting that there are things in life where you just have no control and all you can do is come to a self-realization and better yourself, just as Andrew did in the book. Frank had a difficult time trying to accept his ill wife and had many more regrets, and instead of facing his problems, he chose to ignore the burden and regret. Rather than using that time to regret and mope, one should find a way that best helps them to learn from that “burden” and regret and to put yourself in his/her shoes to understand a different perspective.

  61. Upon reading the parallax, I began to look back upon past things in my life and re-evaluate how I handled them. There are many things that I would like to say I regret doing in my life, but I would not be who I am today without all of those things. The parallax opened my eyes back up to the world of therapeutic writing. I lost my best friend 5 years ago. During the time afterwards, I wrote about everything, how I felt and so on. This helped me to move forward with my life, while still holding on to the things that I held so close. I now just need to move forward with continuing to use therapeutic writing to help me through the tougher things in my life.

  62. While reading The Parallax, a certain proverb stuck out to me and I reflected on it many times even after reading it. “Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.” I personally, have went through a time in my life where I knew my heartache would not be healed. However, what I did not know was that the memories would give me strength to cope (no one can steal the memories you have). When tragedies, like in The Parallax or what I experienced last year, occur it opens my eyes and makes me realize how short life truly can be. The perspective I now have on my life has made a complete 360 after reading The Parallax and being introduced to the proverb that basically reflects how I truly have felt over the past year.

  63. I experienced the same loss as Nick discussed above, and took many of the same things out of the Parallax. For instance, I made the mistake of ignoring my emotional needs and tried to go back to school the very next day to get back into the swing of things. Like Frank on the second trip to the mountains with Katie, I was letting the routine of business get in the way of my personal life. Except for me it was on purpose. Recently married, I also see the difficulty the couple had in understanding each other as they tried to make sense of the World Trade Center attacks. This passage helped me to reflect that sometimes you just need to take a step back to try to understand things.

  64. Reading The Parallax really opened my eyes to the 9/11 event as it allowed me to look at the event through someone else’s shoes. I never realized that other events such as wedding anniversaries and birthdays were branded by such a horrific event. Throughout the story, I really connected with Frank because I commonly lose sight of the important individuals and things around me and I don’t appreciate them as much as I should. Also, I was really able to connect to Frank when he started blaming himself for his wife’s COPD and his father’s death as I commonly tend to blame myself for things that are out of my control. I was also able to relate to his obsession of always doing everything right as I want to do the same sometimes. The parallax is a very simple read and a book that is hard to put down as the characters in the book are very relatable. By not reading the book from one specific point of view and rather a variety of different point of views, it allowed me to experience the feeling and thoughts that were expressed by each character. I think stepping into other people’s shoes is really important because it allows you to understand the individual and see the situation with a new perspective. I really hope you enjoy The Parallax as much as I did and learn to the importance of looking at things from another angle.

  65. After reading The Parallax I understand the feelings that Frank felt and the reasons why he kept his feeling to himself. For the majority of his life he has bottled up his feelings of guilt and fault for the death of his father and his wife’s diagnosis of COPD. By bottling up these feelings more problems were caused to Franks’ own psychological health and his relationship with his wife than if Frank were to share his feelings right away. I feel that many people struggle with the idea of sharing their feelings instead of bottling them up. We should all learn from Frank and try to open up about our feelings. If it is too hard to share our feelings with another person, we can start by writing our feelings down. The Parallax makes me realize that everyone should take some time out of their hectic lives and reflect on the events that are occurring.

  66. The Parallax is a story that almost anyone can relate to. Because of our busy lives we often get caught up in everything we have to get done rather than looking at everything around us so we end up taking a lot of things for granted. Sadly, like Frank it sometimes takes a tragedy to realize everything that we have been forgetting. Everyone should take a step back and show appreciation to those that they care deeply about.

  67. After reading the Parallax, I could find myself relating to Frank on occasion as I’m sure many people can. Sometimes, when work and life in general cause a heavy burden, auto-pilot is the best mode to go into just to make it through the day. However, it is important to realize that each day does not have to be a replay of the previous. Family and friends are blessings that many take for granted, including myself occasionally. I realize that I am fortunate enough to have these people to lean on and grow with when times become too difficult to handle. After reading the Parallax, I appreciate the fact that I have the power to control my days if I fully live in each moment and acknowledge those who stand by my side.

  68. I first read the Parallax a couple years ago when I took Writing for Health with Dr. Rickert. When I read the book I really liked it, I felt that it allowed be to reconnect with things or emotions I had avoided from my past. Reading it a second time, it allowed me to reconnect with things that are important to me again. Going to pharmacy school can keep someone very busy and often I find myself pushing things to the side to do things for others or my fraternity instead of worrying for what is best for myself. Rereading the book has allowed me to see that I need to take time out for myself so I can have time to think about what is important to me and be able to spend time with the ones I love. I wish school allowed me to be able to make more trips home so I can have the “me time” and “family time” I long for during the very stressful moments of the school year. It has allowed me to somewhat re-evaluate what is most important for me to do to make me happy instead of making other’s happy and what makes me happy is being able to see my friends and family whenever I cant and/or want to.

  69. The Parallax exposed me to the reality that even people completely dedicated to creating a perfect life for themselves and the people they love, are often lacking the emotions necessarily to live a fulfilling life. Frank demonstrates this throughout the first two chapters. He gets so caught up in worrying about his wife’s health that he puts his own problems aside, which just leads to further problems for his relationship with his wife. This detail of his story specifically stand out to me because I am also the kind of person that keeps things bottled up inside due to a fear of burdening others with my problems. While reading, I found myself hesitant to think that I would see some kind of difference in myself if I were to sit down and write for over an hour, like they did in chapter 3. However, after reading all of their stories, I believe that it would give me the opportunity to unleash some hidden emotions and reach my “a-ha” moment. Frank’s story helped me to realize that communicating is one of the most important factors in all relationships because it can help you discover another person’s point of view.

  70. The Parallax was a great novel that made me reflect about myself. The Parallax teaches readers to change their perspective and view things different. Not everything in the world is clear cut and people view things differently, so you have to have a positive attitude and understand their view. This is very important in our career as we will meet people with different viewpoints and have to be understanding. One example of this is when the leaf fell out of a book, which Frank accidently steps on and destroys. This leaf was very significant to Sarah, as it was from a prior trip they had taken, Though it was not significant to Frank, Sarah was devastated as that trip was life changing. After discussing with Frank, he finally understood her viewpoint and helped changed his viewpoint too. Another important lesson that I learnt from this book is to never bottle up my feelings. I am also the type of person who doesn’t like to share my feelings, hoping that everything will settle by itself, but Frank shows that this hurts your own psychological health and overall your relationship with peers and love ones. Overall, this book taught me many great lessons.

  71. Reading The Parallax allowed me to realize that the majority of the time I have a one track mind; I’m focused on one thing and I don’t stop to look or realize what else is going on until I am finished. At the end of the book, the people at the conference realize that they can get a better understanding of themselves when they start looking at their lives from different perspectives. I think with the amount of stress that comes along with getting stuff done and meeting deadlines, we are often only focused on what we need to do next. Taking a step back to reflect keeps us from living that one track life.

  72. After reading The Parallax, numerous thoughts popped into my head that made me able to relate to Frank. Much like Frank, there are numerous nights that I also lay in bed thinking about memories that I wish to replay or even memories of things that I wish I had done differently. I think it’s times like these that we realize the true meaning of a moment that we experienced in our life. Everyone makes mistakes that they regret, and I’m sure everyone wishes they had done certain things in their life differently. But the important thing that we should learn from situation like this is to not make the same mistake twice. To learn from our past mistakes, to look at situations from different perspectives, and to not take daily blessings that we have for granted. If we can do these things, I believe that we can have a more fulfilling and happier life and even help to make other people’s lives happier as well.

  73. After reading The Parallax, I feel like I can see myself, and life in general, in a new way. I think at some point in our life everyone can relate to Frank. Pharmacy school has not always been easy, and sometimes I just want to give up, but I just push through it and deal with the stress and eventually it gets better. After reading this book though I feel like I can better deal with the stresses of life and school. I personally like to do a self-reflection and think about all that I do have and what is good in my life every day while running. It helps me clear my mind and reflect on life, both past and present.

  74. After reading the Parallax, I realized how easy it is to turn life into a routine. We wake up, go to work or school, and come back home to prepare for the next day. While we are doing this, we forget about moments in our life that we should be cherishing forever. In today’s society, time management and planning are very important if we want to maintain consistency in our daily lives. But, we should be taking more time out of our days to reflect about our past experiences. We need to take the time to tell the important people in our lives how important they really are to us, because at any time they could be taken away from us. Spend time with the people that you love, hang out with your friends, and cherish every moment that you have with them. Life goes by so fast and can change at any second. Live every day like it is your last and enjoy every second of it.

  75. While reading The Parallax, I realized that there are those who have to deal with so much more than me on a daily basis. I look back to the times I would complain about having to wake up in the morning or being bored out of mind. Compared to Frank or others with bigger problems, I felt that I have no right to complain about these little things that I will not even remember the next day. Instead, I should feel blessed to have the life I have right now. Up till now, I took everything for granted; however, it was not even through hard work of my own. In fact, it was all because my parents were able to provide my life for me. I had never had major traumatic experiences that can even compare to Frank’s. If I had been born under different parents, my life could have been completely different. And for that, I am always thankful.

  76. While reading “The Parallax,” I found myself strongly relating to the character of Frank Beck. Like Frank, I often find myself taking my friends, my family, and life itself for granted without realizing that I had. People say that you don’t realize what you have until you no longer have it, but in reality, we do realize what we have, we just don’t think that there is any way that we could lose it. I am no exception to this idea. In “The Parallax,” Frank never really appreciated his family until he realized that he could lose them at any time. Frank’s newfound awareness really hit home for me – before going to college and living on my own, I did not realize, nor appreciate, everything that my parents did and will do for me. After finishing this book, I now realize how often I took my parents for granted while living under their roof, and I now try every day to show them that I appreciate everything that they have sacrificed and worked for to provide my sister and me with the best life possible.

  77. Reading “The Parallax” causes one to do a self-reflection. This story has allowed me to take step back and really evaluate myself and my effect on other people. Frank’s self-guilt had been affecting his marriage for the past 25 years whether he realized it or not. His own emotions and his own issues caused tension in his marriage. He was afraid to tell his wife about the incident with Jenny, but in reality him NOT telling his wife caused more of problem than the incident itself. One significant thing about the entire book was that by Frank sharing his story others were able to share their story. Frank’s story paved the way for others to do the same as he did. I really enjoyed this read and loved the style of writing that was used. I did have to go back and re-read some things so that I could follow the whole idea of the entire book. Overall, I enjoyed the book!

  78. The parallax is a story about guilt from the past that influences your current actions and emotions, and finally overcoming that guilt. This is shown through the many similes and symbolism throughout the story. Everyone can relate to this story of Frank and Sarah. Frank has carried around guilt since the age of thirteen when his father died, which has made him struggle through life. This weight of guilt led to even more guilt when he contemplated cheating on his wife. What happened in the past is in the past; you should not let it taunt you for the remainder of your days on Earth. You must release that guilt like Frank did in order to have a happier life. After speaking to Sarah about his dream and guilt, he realized she had actually saved him, and he was able to let go of his troubles and actually show his love toward her again.

  79. While I admit I was not expecting very much from reading the Parallax, I am happy to say I could relate to the book much more than I anticipated. In the story, it takes tragedy for Frank to have a change in perspective. My hope is that the book serves the same purpose for others as it did for me. The book brought about a change in my perspective without the occurrence of a drastic, life-changing event. In my case, the book helped me focus on what is important in my life right now without it becoming too late to take advantage of. I hope that other readers of The Parallax are as lucky as I am and have the same realization.

  80. Upon reading the Parallax, thoughts of my past and the people i have lost arose. Growing up in my hometown, a theme resounded throughout my neighborhood: get out, for death or prison will be your fate here. Although I was too young at the time to fully understand this, looking back on this has made me feel a sense of guilt, like the guilt that Frank experienced. For many of my best friends, death became their fate. And although I was not directly responsible for their deaths, I have often wondered what would happened if I stayed back in my hometown, instead of going away for pharmacy school. Would they still be alive? Would I be alive? Frank felt responsible for the death of his father, even after 20 years from the time he passed. The reality is that guilt is a normal feeling to have;however, bottling it up can have devastating effects. Since his father’s death, Frank has not talked to anyone regarding his guilt. In a way I could relate to Frank, because it took me a long time to get over the guilt of my best friends. It was until I was ready to open up, that I was ready to finally let go. The Parallax was surprising a good read.

  81. I am a very emotional person, but I have a really hard time converting those emotions into words and expressing them verbally to other people, similar to the characters that were attending the workshop in The Parallax. The one thing that helps me overcome this challenge more than anything is writing. If I have a problem, I write a letter so that I can be sure that all of my thoughts and opinions about what is occurring are contained in one place, which allows me to express myself without being blocked by emotion. If I don’t have everything written down beforehand, I become overwhelmed during the confrontation with the person and can no longer adequately express myself. The Parallax helped me realize that this isn’t a bad thing to do and can actually help me understand situations more fully and from more angles. Writing is an excellent way to express your feelings and thoughts to yourself and to others. Writing down experiences allows you to push aside emotion and look at the situation logically and practically, which can help you see the real value and meaning of the situation.

  82. What a reflective story. As life’s experiences continue to mold us into the individuals we are supposed to be, it’s very interesting to see the dynamic of one’s life upon looking from the outside in. After reflecting on Frank’s story in particular, I reflected on my journey these past few years. Before moving to a different state to pursue pharmacy, I felt almost a sense of complacency that I carried daily, however knew my spirit was not happy with it. Something was holding me back and I couldn’t figure out what it was. I began filling my time with various activities that where sometimes fulfilling and other times – empty. I knew there was much more to the world and that I had a passion that could be shared with others – I just wasn’t sure on the how to tackle this inner struggle. A person’s past should never dictate their future, and I have always agreed with this, while excepting that the past can help mold us into the individuals we have potential to be. Frank’s story was inspirational, just like those of my colleagues who choose to better themselves against all obstacles that stand against them. It’s about making the decision to break the cycle with thoughts that will demonstrate self-awareness, forward thinking, and the ability to unlock your own potential. Stories like this are needed in society, not only to remind us of the path we chose and choose to stay on but to be reflective of our own journeys.

  83. After reading The Parallax, it brings a lot of insight to issues that I have faced in hard times. I found myself somewhat comparing myself to Frank. You could see that he had lost some of his passion towards some things that he loved in his life. Recently I finally got back on my dirt bike which it had been over a year since I had really ridden it much and I had a feeling in life that I was missing something and wasn’t myself. But, when I finally got my bike fixed I realized what I was missing. I found myself striving for that adrenaline that comes from riding. It is hard to explain but I missed that feeling of where you are just on the edge of sliding out or even wrecking and not having either events occur. Your heart is pounding and it is almost like a high. But back to The Parallax I see how writing down your hardships can really bring insight to the events. It can be therapeutic to you and even to others that are close to you. When hard times come it is easy to just deal with it by yourself or even blame yourself but in reality the people that you may shut off during this time can really help you out in the long run. Overall, I think that this novel brought new ways to cope in times of difficulty.

  84. The fictional story of Frank, in The Parallax, did not intrigue me. Fortunately, the purpose of Frank’s story is to remind us of our own experiences that do effect us. The setting of Frank’s story reminds me of another unfortunate airplane accident and the lessons from it. The story came from a pilot’s magazine I subscribe to and was from roughly six years ago. In the story, the now famous country music legend Waylon Jennings gave up his seat on a airplane to another musician. His friend, who was taking the airplane, told Waylon that “he hopes his old bus freezes up.” Waylon told his friend jokingly, “I hope your old plane crashes.” Hours later, the plane carrying Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson crashed. Waylon Jennings later said that his final words haunted him for many years, much like Frank’s actions with his father. The lesson I learned from this story, that I remembered after reading The Parallax, was to always choose your words carefully.

  85. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the book when I first began reading it, however, as I progressed I found myself getting more and more hooked and at the same time able to relate with Frank. This book allowed me to reflect a lot in my own life and looked at it from a third person’s perspective. A lot of times we focus so much energy on something so insignificant that we forget to look at the big picture. Many times our troubles or what we perceive as trouble is like paradise for someone else. Instead I learned to always see things from a broader perspective and not take everything in my own life too seriously.

  86. The Parallax is a very reflective story. Like many people, I have experienced a loss of two close friends at STLCOP. It was a very difficult time for myself and many other people. I found myself dealing with it in a unhealthy manor by burying myself into my studies, rather than dealing with my emotions and what was actually going on. I tried to ignore reality, but that did not last very long. I can relate to the character Frank for these reasons. It was not until I started opening up to close friends and family, until I started moving in. It is true that a little communication goes a long way, especially in self-reflection and healing.

  87. After reading “The Parallax,” I relate to Frank’s character the most. Similar to Frank, I find myself taking people in my life for granted without realizing that I am doing it. People don’t realize how important things are to them until they lose them. I had to move to a different state for school, and I did not realize how much I took my family for granted until I moved away. I now appreciate everything that my family does for me more than I did before I moved. This story made me take a step back and re-evaluate what is important to me.

  88. “The Parallax” is a story that everyone can relate to because it is about how we all have plenty of mistakes we regret and how we should always tell the people we love how we really feel. It made me realize that no matter how different we all may seem on the outside, we are all fighting similar, unspoken battles on the inside. Writing these stories down can be like therapy for some people, and maybe on day it can be a way to forgive ourselves for what we regret or things we wish we would have done.

  89. There of course exists an unspoken ideal in relationships among people and the story laid out in the parallax shows it nicely. The ideal of which I speak is one of personal connectedness that I myself have had the great pleasure of experiencing with a select few people. A chivalrous brevity communicates our passions for each other, though if only it were not so! There is still much to be learned in my humble opinion.

  90. When I first began reading The Parallax, I wasn’t expecting much. But I later realized that I could actually relate to it. It makes you think about life and how things could have gone differently in a better or worse way. I have been fortunate enough to not have to deal with any terrible losses or difficulties in my life. Over the years, I’ve learned not to take anything for granted, especially after moving away to college. I didn’t realize what I had until I moved away for the first time.

  91. After reading “The Parallax” I found that a strong concept in the book was the experience of changing perspectives and to connect with the stories of others.Connecting with others sometimes brings insight to our own personal lives that we did not know about. For instance, in the case with Ryan. He lost his sister in Iraq due to a bombing, but he carried a constant sense of guilt for her death. Ryan took to writing like his father did and put himself in his sister’s shoes (just like many of the others did in the conference), and he found that his sister was not much different than him because like him, she had her own fears. It’s clear that we all have our own barriers, but reflecting on our personal stories allows us to see things differently.

  92. After reading The Parallax, I have really understood the importance of honesty and love. It was sad to hear how much fear the father had for losing his daughter, but it is evener more disappointing to hear how he handled his fear. I personally know a lot of people who use alcohol to numb their pain, but it also breaks them as well. If you remain honest and truthful to the ones you love, your relationships will have a strong foundation that will be very difficult to break.

  93. While reading this story, I was able to relate with Frank in a way I was not expecting. Very recently, I lost one of my best friends. It was extremely hard to understand why someone so young could leave in such a tragic way. I’ve been in shock for the past couple weeks since I got the call. I talked to her two days before this happened. I even meant to talk to her the day before about a mundane thing but never got around to it. I’ve never had to deal with a tragedy of this magnitude before, and I honestly didn’t know how I would cope. I was able to be the strong one of my group of friends at the funeral, and that really helped me get through it easier. I’m still coping, thinking of her everyday. The book definitely made me realize how important it is to know yourself, and how you cope with unexpected tragedies.

  94. In my reading of The Parallax, I found that several different points of view were used. I found this rather puzzling because from my previous knowledge I had thought that stories were supposed to stick to one or maybe even two concrete points of view. In The Parallax however, I found that second person was used in the beginning, which then transitioned into first person, which changed again into third person close and then again into a somewhat of a third person omniscient. All of these different points of view made me wonder why the author wanted us to view certain scenes of the book from that point of view. It also made me wonder if the story would have been different had one point of view been used throughout the whole novel or even if different points of view had been used to describe other scenes. In coming to this realization that The Parallax could have been a whole different story if simply the points of view were changed it got me to think about my life and how I am viewed.

  95. Writing is a very unique sense of art that allows one to express their feeling(s) with great benefits. I actually don’t think writing has become a lost art. Instead, I feel like writing has changed, and more and more people have started to write with the help of technology. It used to be that you had to write down everything using only ink and paper, so if you wanted to write for long periods of time then your writing hand was bound to get sore after a while. Then along came the typewriter which made writing far easier, although like writing with ink and paper it would still be hard to share your writing with lots of people. Then along came computers and the internet, this is where it starts to get interesting because now you can share your words with millions of people within seconds. No longer do you have to sit alone, hours on end writing something that no one may ever read.

    Years ago if you wanted to get published and paid for your writing then the only way to do that would be to send your manuscript to many publishers in the hope that one day you maybe accepted as a writer. Now you can self-publish your work instantly and get paid for it. No more waiting around for what might be years on end. Today writers have more control and can see results a lot faster, and that is how writing has changed.

  96. After reading the Parallax, I was reminded to enjoy the little things in life that I often overlook and take for granted. Tragedy is something that you can’t anticipate, but will often have a lasting effect on your life. 9/11 is a prominent example of this. Everyone, no matter their age, remembers where they were and what they were doing on that day. Frank and his family’s life changed drastically that day. Sometimes it is hard to handle tragedy and I agree that writing is a great way of reflecting on your feelings and getting things off of your chest.

  97. Rather than the plot itself, I found myself thinking mostly about the perspective changes. I was wondering why the author chose to change perspectives several times within the story, and it finally hit me; the author was representing other points of view. This made me think about how pharmacists need to look at patient care from other points of view (patient’s or patient’s family). When we get frustrated about why a patient is not taking his/her medication correctly, we need to put ourselves in his/her shoes. This is the only way pharmacists can provide the best possible quality of care.

  98. The idea within The Parallax is very easy to relate to. The idea that we live life through the motions consistently on the journey for the next stage of life. We can forget to enjoy life as it passes and we can forget who we are along the way. By taking a look inside ourselves, as Frank did. We realize that life is full of choices and we make good ones and bad ones, but we need to accept those choices and live life to the fullest at all times. We get caught up on unexpected happenings in life and sometimes struggle moving on. The Parallax teaches the readers that we cannot control and change every aspect of life but can make our life a successful and happy one.

  99. The emotions and feelings that seemed to flood Frank as he contemplated the possibility of his daughter being on the planes that were attacked by terrorists on 9/11 seem to be very powerful and allowed me to realize how quickly things can change in life. I feel as though I never think of life without loved ones around me and I avoid thinking negatively at all costs. However, I couldn’t help but to wonder if my life could end by a freak accident or God forbid my close family or friends. However, reality sinks in that sometimes bad things happen to others and no explanation is available. The feeling of being helpless and vulnerable is a scary and daunting feeling. When my best friend was diagnosed with leukemia before my first year in pharmacy school, I was in utter shock for quite some time because I didn’t want to come to the realization of what was actually going on. But, we learn to take the good with the bad and stay strong because others may rely on our strength to give them strength as well. Sometimes we can all get caught up in our crazy and hectic lives that we forget to take a step back and realize how truly lucky we are. Frank’s situation allowed me to put things into perspective and appreciate the little things in life.

  100. After reading The Parallax, I was able to relate very closely to it. It really opened my eyes to hard times that I have faced. Multiple times I found myself relating to Frank along with comparing myself to him. I could see that he lost passion for things he loved. This book triggered a lot of self-reflection and has allowed to ultimately evaluate myself and look at the impact I have had on other people. Frank had a lot of emotions in many issues throughout the book one of which was effecting his marriage. He was specifically scared to tell his wife about his incident with Jenny, however he didn’t realize that keeping this from her was causing more problems than actually telling her would have. In conclusion, I appreciate Frank sharing his story because it has inspired many other people to share their story as well. Lastly, I really enjoyed this book and I do recommend that everyone needs to read it.

  101. For a rather brief story, The Parallax certainly packs a powerful punch. As I read the story of Frank and his family, I began to reflect and take stock of my own relationships. Like many others, my time at STLCOP has been a stressful one. Consequently, I think there have been more than a few occasions where I put too much emphasis on trivial matters. I try to remind myself to take some time to step away and look at the big picture. Like Frank, I do not think I have been fully cognizant of some of my relationships and how they have evolved over the years. Taking a moment to reflect helps me identify areas where I need to improve. Fortunately, these reflections help re-energize me as I work towards graduation, as I have become a bit lackadaisical due to the daily grind school. Overall, The Parallax surprised me. It ending up being a great tool that helped me re-focus on my personal development as I prepare to start the next phase of my life.

  102. The Parallax really makes you realize how important people are in your life. Frank’s relationship with his wife struggled because of his failure to communicate. Like Frank, I think most people often find it hard to communicate as stress takes its toll, whether with work or school or anything. I know as I go through school and the stress builds up I tend to shut out those closest to me. This leads to strained relationships, just like Frank and his family. It’s hard to share our fears because this would be admitting that we are weak. In the end, however, keeping those fears inside is what truly weakens us. Once we do let it out, just as Kyle did, we realize just how petty keeping everything to ourselves makes us.

  103. The power of self reflection is often overlooked in today’s 24/7 lifestyle. What I got out of reading The Parallax is a reminder that it is often a good idea to take time out of life and reflect on events in order to grow. It is too easy to be on autopilot and short sighted. Reflecting on your emotions and view points can help you get back on the correct path, the one you didn’t know you stepped off. I somewhat identified with the scene where the main character blamed himself for his father’s death. I think we often feel guilty for things out of our control and come up with justifications in how things could have been different, better. Again the stories in The Parallax all work to signify the importance of perspective and how it shapes our lives and is well worth our time to try and understand.

  104. I found the definition of “parallax” itself to be very interesting. Parallax is defined as “an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight.” Throughout the whole chapter, Frank continues to refer to flashbacks throughout his life. The terrible events of 9/11 force him to look at his own life. The mistakes he has made are brought to the forefront of his mind. His wife, Sarah, finally forces him to say what he has been keeping bottled up so long. He admits to toying with the idea of infidelity in his marriage, and confesses the guilt he still feels about his father’s death. He has the realization that the dream, or nightmare, that he has been having over and over again is actually not about how he needs to save or protect his wife. He understands now that it’s his wife that is saving him. He has a “new line of sight.” I think “The Parallax” teaches us two important lessons. 1) Do not keep emotions bottled up for years upon years. Carrying around guilt will only bring sadness. And 2) We all make mistakes in life. It is what you learn from those mistakes and how your carry yourself thereafter that truly portrays the content of your character.

  105. In the Parallax I believe we all begin to see how emotions are effected by worldly events, especially tragedies. While in the cabin, Frank began to drink after discovering what was the events of 9/11 on the news. It quickly raised a panic in him and he began to drink and reflect on his life and the mistakes and various other decisions he has made. I strongly believe that it is in tragic times that we really get a grasp on how much we value our life and the loved ones that surround us. I believe tragic events pull out emotions, feelings, and thoughts that we have hidden deep down inside of us. I feel that 9/11 was an even that changed our entire world as Americans. Flying is no longer the same and the great city of New York will never be the same either. What everyone felt that day was tragedy, even those not affected could grasp the sheer tragedy of the events that occurred on that day and sympathize with those greatly affected. Any moment like this can happen at any given time throughout our lifetime. So why does it take a moment like that to draw out such raw emotions? For that I am uncertain, but I kept reflecting upon how much we value life and how we always say that life is precious after a great loss, or a tragic event.

  106. After reading, The Parallax, I learned the importance of connecting with the story and with the characters. By connecting, we are able to change our view point and see things differently. It was interesting to see how both Frank and Sarah had such different perspectives on the same experience.
    Secondly, I was able to see the importance of restitution and forgiveness in many of the stories, especially in Frank and Sarah’s story. Sometimes in our world, we forget the importance of forgiveness. Instead, we hold onto our anger and form grudges. The real reality though is that none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. We need to forgive others even when it is difficult.
    Finally, this story opened up my eyes to the importance of relationships with my family and friends. I realized I must never take things for granted. I must live my life to the fullest and keep my loved ones close to me at all times.

  107. The Parallax had quite an effect on many individuals that read it including myself. The book makes you stop and think about the rights and wrongs you have face throughout your life. The book made me realize that it is never too late to go back and right a wrong. Righting the wrong will always bring pleasure in the end, even if its unpleasant in the beginning.

  108. The parallax is all about changing perspectives. Frank’s story serves as an example of how an internationally tragic event can affect each person in an entirely different way. People often get wrapped up in their own lives and experiences and forget, or fail to recognize, that others see and experience things completely different. Each individual is capable of feeling not just one, but a wide range of emotions in reaction to any one event. Frank’s and Sarah’s sporadic moods display this concept. As shown in the story, an event can bring up memories and thoughts long since forgotten or suppressed, as with Frank remembering his dreams and his father, or Sarah remembering nostalgic or sentimental events. Overall I felt the story did a good job of reminding readers to consider how different everyone’s lives are, yet connect on a deeper level with those disparities.

  109. When I first heard we would be reading “The Parallax” my first thought was why are we reading a Dr. Seuss book. I had to look up the word parallax and found it used often by hunters to describe looking down a rifle scope, it is when looking at a certain object from different positions or directions and the object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. But the way I see it can also be used when talking about an idea differing from different points of view and getting different outlooks. Frank in this book looks at their first hiking trip as a trip that had nothing good about it, while his wife looks at it as the day that saved her life. These are two very different outlooks on one topic. I believe this book tries to tap in to the idea of being in someone else’s shoes and asks us to look at the world from different perspectives. Which we will be asked to do as pharmacists, understanding what someone else might be going through, or how they might perceive what the directions “take till gone” actually mean.

  110. After reading The Parallax, it was evident that Frank had undergone an emotional transformation that I found was very relatable. It’s easy to hide your emotions from the people you care about the most and shy away from showing weakness. For Frank especially, it was easy for him to do since he was a police officer; he had the mentally that he shouldn’t show weakness. But with a tragedy such as the 9/11 attacks, showing his emotions is what helped him grow. Frank’s willingness to write down his thoughts and emotions and share them was inspiring. It spreads the message that showing your vulnerabilities doesn’t make you weaker; it makes you brave and strong.

  111. The Parallax made me realize how easy it is for us to get caught up in everything. We stop appreciating the simple joys in life and start focusing on daily tasks. We neglect those around us until they are gone. After reading Frank’s story along with the others from chapter 3, I began to think about my family. The emotional stories about some of the people’s grandparents opened my mind. I began to think about everything from my grandparents’ perspective. What must it be like for them to live with chronic illnesses and to be cared by others, losing their independence? I learned to appreciate my family a lot more and to spend quality time with them whenever I can.

  112. The Parallax was a very inspirational story. Everyone experiences some type of turmoil in their lives. Some people have a much more difficult life than others. However, it’s how one responds to their troubles that defines personal effectiveness. All of the characters in the book had a special, distinct story that demonstrates to others how to effectively handle changes and diversity in life. The most eye-opening part of the book for me was at the end when the group was sharing their stories. Each of them had experienced hardship throughout their lives and they all responded to their problems in different ways. However, none of them had realized the impact that writing could have on their personal experiences. My favorite quote of the book was the following: “Things look different from a distance, whether that distance is of time or space. It’s only when we change our point-of-view that we gain perspective.”

  113. The Parallax is a great reflection that the reader could take on. It is a reminder to myself to think about perspective. Often times, I am too caught up with keeping up with things and constant moving forward. I had essentially developed tunnel vision and missed out on the big picture of life. Work, home, and school are all that I have been focused on. Sometimes I get overwhelmed. After reading the book, I have been able to look at things in a different perspective which makes a world of difference. It is important to think outside of the situation.

  114. The Parallax is a story that I think anyone can relate to. At some point in our lives we have likely all experienced a loss of some sort, whether it be similar to Frank or not. I can relate to Frank in that when I experienced the loss of a loved one, I made the mistake of bottling up my emotions on the subject and not talking about it. Also like Frank, I found peace in writing my feelings about the event. I also found it interesting how the two characters were able to have such different feelings towards the same event. I think this is something we all need to understand and be more open minded about-not everyone sees things the same way or handles them the same way. Sometimes we need to be able to open ourselves to changing our perspective.

  115. The Parallax made me think about how important it is for individuals to not only be self-aware, but to also consider the perspective and thoughts of the ones around them. Death and tragedy can have a great affect on a person’s life, but it is not only their life that is affected. I also took away the importance of appreciating one’s family, friends, loved ones, etc. before they are taken away. Sometimes the logistics of life can really weigh people down and distract them from things/people that are truly important, but I think that self-reflection can help overcome this distraction.

  116. The Parallax is a book with a numerous varying viewpoints and hidden meanings. The Parallax expands upon the concept of emotional intelligence. This concept being the ability to identify and evaluate emotions introspectively and between groups. This concept is explored and portrayed through character’s stories and events which can trigger multiple different emotional responses. Many times, I caught myself wrapped up in the story of Frank and Sarah instead of the perspective of the opposite person. Sometimes, we forgot what it is like to perceive a situation from another person’s point of view. When we see something from another’s perspective it eventually ends up changing our own.

  117. The evolution of an individual’s life is rather reflective of what interactions he or she has with different individuals and their actions or reactions to different situations. The character Frank, faces trials and tribulations that actually do affect his actions and daily living much like the situations in our lives. I myself faced a rather large task with moving to a new city and starting pharmacy school. These types of changes aren’t uncommon in most people who face challenges. Sometimes, like Frank, when going through different relationships and circumstances, we as people can take others for granted and change the dynamics of that relationship by pushing others away or having feel the devaluing within our interactions. It would be wise, given that everyone has a finite time here on earth, to cherish relationships and nurture them. I am guilty of this too. In all, some of the best knowledge to take away from the Parallax is the lesson of how to handle life and relationships. No one is perfect or going to every be, but taking mistakes, hurt, challenges, and obstacles with grace and good intention can be a golden chalice leading to a road map to happiness and fulfillment.

  118. The Parallax was a refreshing read and a great break from every day life. After reading the parallax, I found myself relating to Frank. Throughout my life, I’ve taken things for granted till they’re gone. A prime example of this was when I moved to college. When I lived at home with my parents, I was always annoyed by them and never understood why I had to do things their way. Not until I went off to college did I realize what they were doing for me and how much they meant to. Moving away from home has helped me become closer to my family.

  119. As life progresses it seems to only get more complicated and as a result busier. In the haze of all this business, one tends to focus in on certain details of their life so much that they develop tunnel vision to everything surrounding them. This being said, one becomes robotic and life is lived out methodically; this occurs almost without us realizing it is happening. In the story of the Parallax, the character Frank comes to realize that this very thing is what has become his way of life. The enjoyable aspects of life become lost upon us and we lose site of the things that should matter most to us, the things we should take the time to appreciate. This story serves as a reminder to its reader that we should evaluate how our actions and their consequences influence both ourselves and those around us.

  120. I could really identify with Frank’s story. Losing focus on what is really important is so easy to do today. Our schedule are so busy and our demands so great that we get wrapped up in ourselves too easily and lose sight what really matters. I feel a strong connection to Frank. I didn’t lose my father, but I have a strained relationship with him that doesn’t sit well with me. It is as if I had lost him, and I blame myself. This story has moved me to reconnect with him regardless the cost. It has given me a new perspective on the things that really matter to me.

  121. I think I can relate to Frank, and how he handles his problems and stress. I tend to get tunnel vision when I experience stress in my own life and only focus on the task or what I am feeling in that moment. I think the story shows us that it’s important to come up for air once in a while, and appreciate everything you have in your life. This story also encouraged me to appreciate the people around me as well. Our loved ones are also affected by our actions and emotions during difficult times.

  122. Upon starting to read The Parallax, I really was unsure of what to expect. As I was reading it, I quickly realized that I related to the character very much. It helped me see the problems and stress in my life with new light. I think the thing I will take away the most from the book is how to appreciate everything I have in my life, even when I am stressed and things seem to be going wrong. It is never good to lose focus on the most important parts of life, such as family. After accepting that some things in life cannot be changed, it is easier to see the world from a more open-minded perspective. I also learned much about how different people can see situations with very different perspectives. Sometimes it is necessary to look at a situation through someone else’s eyes to see a situation more clearly.

  123. The Parallax provided a wonderful example of emotional intelligence at work, or rather in the case of Frank, an example of a lack of emotional intelligence when interacting with Sarah. His wife continued to beg for him to tell him what was going on in his head or explain why he was acting a certain way, yet he believed he was protecting her feelings by not telling her or worrying her about the past. The author of The Parallax uses the juxtaposition of metaphors and vivid imagery to show how Frank change the course of his relationship with his wife, and later his life, by becoming more in tune with what is going on his head and why.

  124. Frank’s story is a great example of how life can go by in an instant if you don’t come up for air once in a while. Everyone’s lives get busy and troublesome which causes us to lose sight of the important aspects of life such as family and friends. Once someone obtains a routine and methodically goes through it day in and day out its hard to get out of. It becomes uncomfortable to do things out of sync. This type of behavior affects the people who love and surround us. We have to remember to stop and appreciate all the blessings and things we have in the life despite the hardships we are going through. I feel the people who are the happiest in the world are the ones who show gratitude towards others.

  125. The Parallax truly teaches readers that life isn’t meant to be seen through one lens. Although it is extremely easy to get caught up in the daily motions of life, it is imperative that we all take a second to stop and open our minds. Seeing life through a different perspective is an important aspect for maintaining healthy relationships. Frank isn’t able to do this with Sarah, and it ultimately hurts their marriage. Humans all experience the same event in a different way, that is the internal way we work. We think about things in different manners, and relate events to our own life. Positive and negative events have happened to us all, and the way we experience events depends on how we choose to reflect on those events.

  126. The parallax has also made me think about the things that are important to me. When reading the story, I felt a closeness to the character Frank mainly because of our similar ways of handling stress and our similar personalities. The Parallax made me realize some of my flaws as well that Frank really comes to learn in the book. We need to realize what we do have BEFORE tragedy strikes, not take it for granted. Also, it made me think about my relationships with others and think about how I should consider more about the way I treat other people and think about their needs and thoughts.

  127. Likewise, I also can relate with Frank. Throughout life, it really is easy to lose touch with people and to lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes, I’m not even aware that I’m hurting people around me, and it takes just one sarcastic phrase or one hurtful action to push those people over the edge and remind me of what a mediocre friend or family member I have been (kind of like what Sarah did to Frank). But it is also this wake up call that helps me to get my priorities straight again and to strive to be better. I’m thankful for people like that in my life to kind of tap me in the shoulder and remind me of the important things in life. And even though I will probably lose sight of these things a time or two again in this life, I’m encouraged that there are people who don’t give up on me and remind me to just be a little more loving, a little more understanding, a little more thoughtful, a little more forgiving.

  128. I think that the Parallax helps people get through difficult times in their life. It helps them by allowing them to open up to the people whom they shared these experiences with. This book teaches us how to be effective and gives us the ability to gain emotional intelligence. The ways it does so may not always be in our comfort zone, but we adapt and gain from it.

  129. The parallax is filled with many observational change of people and places. While reading the book, one is able to identify the changes by undergoing the “change in line of sight.” The characters provide themselves provide on direction of sight for readers as we get to know them from beginning to end. The plot, regarding the 9/11 event also provides a new line of sight as most readers were alive for this moment and have their own “line of sight.”

  130. After reading The Parallax, I was also able to identify with Frank in the hiking story. As I entered college, I began to close myself of from others in order to do well in school, and I was not very happy with my life. I did not have time for my friends or family, but some incidents in my life have made me change.
    In March of 2015, I flipped my car twice down the highway. I was told I should have died, but somehow I walked away with just cuts and bruises. This made me realize that being unhappy with life was not good. Each day is a gift, and it has allowed me to find the good in every day.
    On August 3, 2015, one of my good friends committed suicide. That was one of the hardest days of my life. I felt that it was my fault for not knowing. While I am still grieving this loss, it has allowed me to see that caring for people is so vital. I have now been willing to build more personal relationships and taking the time to allow them to grow.
    While I have begun making these changes, The Parallax has really helped me reflect on these instances in my life. I believe it has helped remind me to continue on the path I am on.

  131. I definitely felt some resonance with this story in the parallax. When things happen, we can only wonder what we did wrong or how we could have avoided it. Sometimes, we are the center of our own universes so it is hard for us to get around the concept that not everything occurs because of us.
    One thing I think that especially shackled the narrator, was the loss of his father at such an early age. It is almost like the main character is partly stuck in an early stage of development of Piaget. He keeps thinking that he has some effect on the events occurring around him and finds guilty in everything wrong that happens or thinks that all the negative occurrences are directed at him.
    It seems that when he finally has the deep talk with his wife and gets things off his chest, he realizes that its not all on him and that there is some solace in knowing that you are powerless instead of almighty.

  132. After reading the Parallax, I have come to identify with the character Frank. We are told the loss of his daughter and the feelings that flood him after she is gone. He is filled with regret which is something many of us feel after losing someone so close to us. Anytime a person is taken too young or too suddenly, you immediate think that you should have spent more time with them. This is how I felt after losing my grandpa a few months ago. I was so caught up in school and friends that sometimes I didn’t visit as much as I should have or told him how much I loved him. However, with time happiness comes back. Everyone reacts differently to loss, but one day you wake up and you feel like you can live again. Deep down, I know my grandpa knew how much I loved him and it gives me closure and happiness.

  133. The parallax made me think of the other times I had been pushed to write about myself from other teachers. The first time I did this I think I was in middle school. My teacher was pushing us write and I was like the CEO in the story and kept thinking this is silly I suck at writing how is this supposed to help me anywhere in life. Fast forward to senior year in high school and I remember having a teacher that was pushing us to write a lot about ourselves. Specifically he was having us write an autobiography. 40 pages minimum. Once again relating to the CEO I was thinking this is dumb I’m not going to get to 40 pages about myself. But doing so I found that I wrote a lot about my dad and how though he was hard on me I found that I started to realize why. It’s kind of funny how writing about yourself leads you to writing about others and in turn putting yourself in their shoes. My dad is harsh because he wants for me what he couldn’t have. I didn’t realize that until the end of high school and in doing so I became a lot closer to my dad.

  134. During the discussion portion of the Parallax, it is brought up that it is completely selfish for Frank and his wife to be focused on their problems on 9/11 when the entire country was suffering a tremendous loss. I, however, do not find this to be inappropriate at all. The thought of the loss of their daughter had obviously triggered Frank to do some self-reflection because he saw how every day is not guaranteed. This really made me think about myself and my relationship with my long-term boyfriend. He just graduated from the police academy in July and is currently in search of a job. Lately tensions in St. Louis (we are both from St. Louis) between citizens and police officers have come to a peak. The thought of him being out there and being a potential target for crime makes me incredibly anxious. He has wanted to be a police officer for as long as I have known him and I want to support his goals, but I don’t want anything to happen to him in the process. The fact that every time he goes to work I won’t know if he will be coming home makes me really appreciate the time we have together and I always make a conscious effort to not say things in anger, just in case it was the last thing I was able to say to him. After reading the Parallax, it has been a reminder to me to let the people you love know it and always keep in mind how much they mean to you.

  135. Unfortunately, I can relate to the characters of The Parallax and how a sudden and tragic loss can affect your life. I lost one of my best friends almost two years ago in a tragic car accident. Morgan was much more than a friend, she was my little sister. We had a bond that it hard to explain to people and we were becoming closer and closer each day. Our friendship was still blossoming, which makes her loss even harder. I wonder how much closer we would have become and all of the memories we would have made. This tragedy, like what happened to Frank, changed my view on life. I try to live my life more like she lived hers: loving and care-free. She always told people how much she appreciated them. This is important, as you never know when they will leave your life. After Morgan’s passing, I was asked to speak at her memorial service. I was too worried that I would not be able to speak about her in front of the school without losing it. I did not end up speaking, but I did write the speech that I would have made. Writing this speech helped me self-reflect with what I was going through and put my feelings into words. It is important to take the time to reflect on life by writing, communicating, or even just thought. Reading the Parallax, reminded me of the importance of appreciating life and the people that I love.

  136. The Parallax opened my eyes and mind to a side of life that I had never really acknowledged before. Yes, I have recognized that some individuals may not see things as I do and therefore may live a different lifestyle than myself. After reading this text, I have realized that I have never actually accepted this concept. I believe that to be a stronger, more self-aware individual, I must sincerely put myself in other’s shoes to not only recognize their view points, but to also whole heartedly understand and accept them as equivalent to my own.

  137. Reading and writing has always been an integral part of my life. Therefore, I am aware that it is an imperative skill to have, especially when it comes to communication. The Parallax has helped me further realize how each person can interpret something a little or extremely differently. While reading other students’ responses, it is interesting to see how each post brought a slight new or different concept or insight to light. This is because each of us have a unique set of life experiences that enable us to see things differently from one another. For example, Frank and Sarah have been married for 25 years, yet their opinions on many situations are completely opposite. However, once they begin to see things from the other person’s perspective is when they truly learn and grow, both as individuals and as a couple. Listening and understanding other people’s viewpoints, regardless of how they differ from yours, is an important skill to have in order to mature as a person, leader, and future pharmacist.

  138. In The Parallax, it shows that it is important to keep in touch with your emotions and take a step back from time to time. Frank experienced a tragedy, and with many tragedies that occur in life, it is very beneficial to realize how short and precious life is. Recently, my mother told me that my grandmother does not have much time left. It deeply saddens me that such a strong woman is leaving our side soon. My grandmother sacrificed so much for her 6 children. It is definitely difficult to deal with, and I think it is important to take the time to feel the emotions. Many times, people are eager to feel bright and positive right away, but I think it is healthy and appropriate to take the time to grieve and grieve with others who love you and the passed one. In addition, I believe it is even more important to encourage each other after grieving. Sometimes, you have to be vulnerable for other to let them help you and endure a time of sadness and lost. After reading The Parallax, it encouraged me that in the end, everything is going to be fine and that we need to live each day as if it was our last.

  139. Frank is a very relatable character. Frank’s experiences help the reader better relate to themselves, and better deal with the events of our lives. Every outcome in our life is valuable whether it turned out the way we expected it to or not. Reading Frank’s story has made me reflect on the events of my life in a different light. Sometimes something good comes out of a bad thing. In the past, I’ve made many mistakes. I’m ashamed of some of them, but they led me to a better way of life. Like Frank, I didn’t value my life the way I should have. I’ve learned that life should be celebrated and positivity should be reinforced whenever possible. Coming out of tragedy makes you a stronger individual.

  140. The thing that resonates the most from this book about my life has to do with assuming things about other people. Often in my life communication is a difficult thing for me because i don’t like conflicts. Instead of talking out a problem and trying to figure out what another person really feels, I shut down and assume that they feel a certain way about me and that there is no point in talking about it.
    I related with many of the people in the book and their stories. Projecting how I think people feel about me is definitely something that I am guilty of, but after reading this book I realize that it is something I need to work on. This is just my own insecurity. Although every situation shouldn’t be talked out in detail, it’s important to look at things from the other person’s perspective, and when appropriate have a conversation about big problems.

  141. While I was very young when 9/11 occurred, I can relate to the story of Frank, but more so Sarah. When tragedy strikes, I tend to push it to the back of my mind and change the subject, as if pretending it didn’t happen could make it disappear. Later on, these repressed memories trigger emotions when it is least expected. For me the paradigm shift seems to be focusing on what can be done in the present, rather than dwelling on what has happened, or how it will be dealt with in the future. The definition of parallax means to me that I need to be more aware of my emotions and process them in a different way than just ignoring them. By changing my thought process about tragic events, I can change the way these events affect my life.

  142. I too feel like I can really connect with Frank’s story because there have been times in my life where I have nearly lost people that are very close to me, whether it be physically or figuratively. Frank’s story has shown me that being forthright with some things can be more beneficial than harmful, such as when he explained his dream to his wife. Sometimes seeing things from other people’s point of view can be the plausible solution to a problem that exists. After having read The Parallax, I hope to incorporate these basic principles into my life.

  143. I believe that we can all see a little bit of ourselves in either Frank or Sarah, and possibly even both. We may feel as though we’ve lost emotional touch with those that we love due to some poor actions we’ve made, like Francis, or maybe that we feel like the world is out to get us and you feel like you’re starting to become emotionally drained, like Sarah. With the rest of my family still living in southern Illinois, it is hard to keep in touch, but we try our best to do so and when I heard that the county has had 12 teen suicides so far this year, I began to identify with Frank and realize that sometimes we need to take a step back to look at the big picture and see a.) is what I’m doing so important in the grand scheme of things and b.) if there’s anything we’ve been doing to compound the problem and/or try to do our best to help alleviate the problem.

  144. The Parallax uses the story of Frank Beck and his family to show the importance of writing in connecting with your own feelings and with the bigger picture of a situation. At first this seemed to be a little too idealized; however, the further I read the more I started applying these themes to my own life. My family is currently undergoing some difficult changes. Since I am no longer close to home, it has been easy for me to ignore my family and their problems. The story of the Beck family reminded me of the importance of family. Even though it is not easy, I need to understand my own feelings, so I can express them to my family. Otherwise we will never reconnect and only continue to grow further apart.

  145. After reading the Parallax, I would have to agree with other people’s comments above in regards to how it’s important to try to look at everything in a different perspective. In the book, when the characters read what they wrote about their lives, you realize that you don’t know what is going on in their lives until you hear what they have to say. There are many sides to the story but the most important one is from the actual person because what you think could be the complete opposite of what it actually is. Another thing I liked about this book is the theme of self-reflect. I love how therapeutic writing can be and how it can help you figure things/life out if you just write it down on paper. Writing is great because it can help you process life experiences, particularly a trauma or transition – as many characters in the story wrote about life changing events such as deaths of loved ones.

  146. The way Frank is presented in the Parallax makes him very easy to relate to. I feel that we all have had some sort of tragedy that has helped us to reevaluate our lives and get going in the right path again. It can be difficult to remember the important things in life until something bad happens. Also, it can be easy to forget that all people have different perspectives on the same events. It is important to stay open minded and understand other people, because you never know what personal struggles they are going through.

  147. As I was reading The Parallax, the story about Frank and Sarah’s hiking trip stood out to me. I feel that I can relate to Frank during this scene. Frank is confused about his relationship with Jenny, as well as ashamed to talk about it with Sarah. He feels he has let Sarah down in their relationship. Because of all of these feelings, Frank is on the defensive the entire hike, thinking Sarah is making fun of him when she cannot breathe. I can understand Frank here, as I have been in a position where you feel the whole world is against you and no one is on your side. However, Frank comes to realize that Sarah was not making fun of him, and feels extremely selfish that he ever thought that way. I believe because of this story, we can all remember that no matter what, we all have someone on our side, and must open ourselves up to what they have to say, and not so selfishly close ourselves off to the people who love us.

  148. Reading The Parallax was very insightful to the way I look at life from time to time. It’s easy itself to get caught up thinking just what is happening around you. I myself get caught up in the moment trying to sum up everyone’s perception around me so that I can truly realize what it occurring before my eyes. Frank’s story depicts the importance of sharing your view and how it can affect those around you. Frank and Sarah’s story has also showed me that if you don’t share your own view and accept other’s views, you are just building a communication barrier you will one day see stunting your growth and understanding of life. In the end, you really have to think about how you are not only affecting those around you now but how it is going to affect you in the future, which is extremely important to my future career in pharmacy.

  149. “Going through the motions” is something that I believe every person experiences some time in their life. It is so easy to become content with the surroundings and stop striving for something more, or cease living like every day mattered. This is the focal point of the Parallax in terms of Frank. As he progresses through the story in this book, he realizes that he has been just “going through the motions.” He begins to see that, because of his inaction, he has unknowingly distanced himself from everything that he cares about in response to the obligation and opportunity that has been put in front of him at various times. This distancing is the basis for the monotony experienced by so many people today. There are always opportunities and stressors placed upon the lives of people in society, but they are either too scared of failure, or too overwhelmed to do anything about it. For this reason, they withdrawal from all obligations that are not completely necessary to their survival and begin going through life in the “brain off” mode. This is easiest to do when their job does not require massive thought process. Nonetheless, the point to take away from Frank’s experience is to be constantly evaluating one’s own attitude and reason for doing what they do in order to make sure that everything they are doing is for the purpose of achieving some goal—whether that be a great family life, a great career experience, or any other high ideal.

  150. As I read the Parallax, I realize that not everybody sees things the same way I do. This is an important idea that everybody should understand. I also can relate to the characters, especially when it comes to stress. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and problems in life, but being able to step away and get a breath of fresh air is crucial. Taking this step back will help us better appreciate the things we have in life. Life shouldn’t become a routine, but something you get up and enjoy every single day. It’s important not to lose touch of what is important in your life, even when stress tries to pull you down. One of the most important things I pulled from this story was to slow down and appreciate the world and people around you.

  151. The Parallax made me put a much higher value on life and opinions of others. I’ve always known that people have many different viewpoints, but this book made me realize even more how different perspectives can actually affect those around you. Like most of those above me in the blog, we have gone off to college and it’s very easy for us to be ignorant to those problems and issues occurring away from us. Before unkindly reacting to one another we need to realize everyone has a bigger story behind them. While some maybe greater than others, we all need to be understanding and aware of peoples’ situations before jumping to conclusions. We need to step back to look at the big picture and respect others point of views. Moving forward as a human, I’m going to try and be more open to unique perspectives.

  152. After reading the Parallax, I would agree with many other posts that I have read in reaching the conclusion that it is important to try and see life from another perspective. In the book, when the characters read what they had written about their lives, you realize that you don’t know what Is going on in their lives until you have heard it from their perspective. There are always many sides to one story but one individual’s perspective may be the clearest, giving a more uniform understanding to everyone else, and without it the opinions are jumbled. Another thing that I like about this book is how often I see it intending the reader to self reflect on their own situations through writing. They say that when something is wrong, writing your feelings down in a letter, maybe even to the person you are upset with, can be very therapeutic. These characters self reflected on their life changing events and wrote them down for the reader to gain insight to their perspective.

  153. The Parallax exemplifies the point that situations will arise in life that we don’t plan for. There is no perfect way to handle these situations and there isn’t supposed to be. Handling these “curve balls” of life is what helps us learn and grow stronger as individuals and in the relationships we hold with others. Personally, this is kind of a breath of fresh air for me knowing that things are not supposed to be perfect. Whenever you encounter any situation that elicits anger, fear, confusion, despair or any other negative adjective in life, just remember to look at the problem from a different perspective. Step back and consider how this negative thing in your life can make you stronger. What can you learn from this unfortunate event? So far our character is a summation of all of the things we have encountered in life (good and bad). We have grown from every single situation. Remember this point for the future, especially students of STLCOP who are about to step into future careers as pharmacists. Our pharmacy careers are not intended to be a direct path and we will face situations that are unpleasant. Learning from these and growing stronger from these events are what will distinguish us in the field.

  154. Like The Parallax suggests, it is important to see life through a different perspective at times. Not only is it important to understand others’ points-of-view, but it is equally important to realize when your own perspective has changed. Adversities in our lives have made us all take a step back and re-evaluate ourselves and what we think. I believe that in times of struggle and tragedy, most (but not all) would take a hard look at what things really matter to them in life, leading to a change in perspective. I believe that this is especially true when it comes to the loss of a loved one. Frank’s struggle with losing his daughter took him through a roller coaster or emotions, most of which were unpleasant, but it was an event that ended up making him realize the fragility of life, appreciating what was left ahead of him.

  155. After reading The Parallax I can relate to Frank and Sarah’s story. It’s true how one can get so caught up with being busy and lose sight of the people that care about you. It is important to take a step back and prioritize what’s most important in your life so that you don’t lose it. I felt that this was a good example of how important it is to trust and forgive. I also realized how important it is to think about what it’s like from another person’s perspective in order to see the whole picture. Taking the time to consider what’s going on in other people’s lives is very important, rather than limiting ourselves to our own persepective. The Parallax has opened my mind to strive to take nothing for granted, show appreciation, give, and live every day with no regrets.

  156. Sometimes it is easier to fictionalize stories rather than tell the truth, as we see in The Parallax, but I am going to be completely truthful. Parts of this story were very emotional for me…. a little too close to home. In the end, when the family admits losing Katie and the attendees of the seminar begin doing a little emotional writing of their own, many people wrote about personal memories that they had. A couple of people even talked about loved ones with cancer, and that is when I became teary eyed. I knew too well the feeling of having someone close to you fighting for their life. I was there as much as I could be for the appointments, scans, 8 hour chemotherapy treatments, and 3 week hospital stay of my fiancé, Eric while struggling to keep up with school and work. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and it was extremely hard on me. When all was said and done after over a year of treatments, he was deemed in remission and I had never been happier. Doing things I used to take for granted like going and grabbing dinner together or going to a movie are 100 times more meaningful now because of this adversity we have gone through and the times when he couldn’t even leave the bed. I think that this has made me more aware of what things may be going on in other peoples’ lives and to never judge someone because you haven’t walked in their shoes and don’t know their struggles. It has also taught me to never take anything for granted because you never know what will happen in life. I, too empathize with this book and the concepts are something I will continue to carry with me throughout life. I also wanted to share that although I don’t write in a journal, I have done a bit of emotional writing via Facebook and messages to friends and family that helped me to cope immensely. It definitely makes me feel better to write.

  157. From reading the Parallax, it’s important to realize that everyone has their own perspectives on situations and can have different impacts on their lives. It’s evident when Frank and Sarah are discussing their hiking trip when Frank questions Sarah on the leaf she kept from the trip since he wouldn’t want anything to remind him of that experience. Although the trip was a nightmare for him, she on the other hand had a positive outlook saying that the hike saved her life. It’s important to express your view’s to each other since it may not be directly evident your viewpoints may differ. It applies to our future careers in pharmacy as well because communication is key to effectively understand patient viewpoints since they may differ from what we may expect.

  158. Relativity . . .
    Frank & Sarah, Ryan & Katie, and every other random pair of individuals contained within the pages of this book expressed their emotions, worries, and feelings in very different ways. As I read more and more of the book I was drawn to a conclusion about the book and life that I was unable to see until the end. Each of the perspectives presented in the novel are based around viewing a situation and how they acted by looking at it from a different perspective. The stories they crafted may have been entirely factual or fictionalized to some extent, but they were all woven from a view-point that allowed them to gain insight to their feelings and actions. This leads me to the conclusion that I will take away from the novel. Relativity is the cornerstone that bind the summation of our experiences; its vast entanglements afford us the opportunity to see a situation in the blur as it happens or in a slower pace upon reflection.
    One of my favorite movie quotes is from the movie Deep Blue Sea and it is spoken the the Preacher: “Grab hold of a hot pan, a second can seem like an hour. Put your hands on a hot woman, an hour can seem like a second. It’s all relative.” This is the meaning of The Parallax in one line. When we step back and look at a situation that at the time passed by in a blur we are able to see connections that we missed that help us to understand why we perceived the situation that way. A good example of this is with Frank & Sarah and their hike to Odessa Lake. Frank saw that trip as a dark time for him and that his wife’s actions were meant in mocking, but in reality the trip was dark because he felt guilty for this actions and taking it out on his wife; conversely, Sarah saw the trip as this great time that even though her husband was a jerk, the diagnosis she received after that trip is what saved her life. In the moment all things were one way and when they slowed things down and looked back on them, they were something entirely different. In that exact moment when a situation happens we have choice we can either choose to zoom past all the details that led up to that and act, or we can stop for a moment’s reflection before we choose to act. In the end it is all relative and a matter of the perspective that we have in that moment.

  159. After reading The Parallax, I found that the changes in point of view helped me better connect with the story. I connected with Frank in many areas such as times when he exemplified stubbornness, guilt, and mental exhaustion. I can relate most to Frank when he talks about the early stages of his marriage and stress of his job causing him to be detached. This book reminded me to stop worrying about minor details and to look at the bigger picture. In my own life STLCOP has been a type of parallax because I have encountered many people who contrast greatly with myself. It is because of my experience at STLCOP that I have become much more open minded. I agree with the book that by better understanding ourselves and others we can make improvements in every area of our lives.

  160. There were many great lessons in the book. The one that I though was the most important and several other readers commented about is understanding the people around you. I think this is very important part of being a leader. People’s emotions and characteristic stem from their life experiences. In the pharmacy profession, you deal with all types of people and its important to understand their emotions. For instance, where I work many people get upset when a patient is very angry or rude to them and often take it very personally. This is a huge deal because this can affect your professionalism and level of care you give that patient. I think The Parallax shows you in the part of the story when people share experience that previous experience shape how we act daily. When helping patients, as a professional you need to understand that patient’s have lived very different lives from you and to understand that they have a right to be emotional. It is our job to seek out what causes these emotions and help our patients improve their quality of life and not let past experiences or fears prevent them for a healthy lifestyle.

  161. After reading The Parallax, I realized that immediately responding to situations is not the best way to resolve conflict or handle difficult situations, especially when only considering how your decision will affect you. It made me think about how I could handle situations differently in my own life if I would step back and look at it from the viewpoint of someone else. By considering other’s viewpoints and opinions on situations, we may be able to find the best way to act and this may have not been how we intended to handle the situation in the first place. Overall by considering the consequences that your actions will have on others is a step in the right direction to increasing your own personal effectiveness.

  162. Unfortunately, tragedy has struck my life this week unexpectedly. As a student, I have found it difficult to distract myself, however, I found myself lost in the pages of The Parallax. Upon graduating from high school, I relocated to a new town where I lived for several years. I was taken in as a family member by the most amazing family. I received a phone call this week between classes that my close friend had passed away. I was angry, upset, hurt, and wasn’t sure how to conduct myself. I was in shock. This experience made me realize how short life is and alerted me not to take anything for granted. The book has made me aware of different ways to cope and deal with my frustrations. Wanting to give up this week, in lou of the hundreds of assignments and exams, I have done my best to deal with my feelings by writing in a journal and working out. Instead of initial reactions it is best to contemplate your decisions and think how they may affect you and others. I had never thought of writing as a way to express myself, however, I believe the book is correct when it speaks about the therapeutic power of writing and how it can impact personal effectiveness.

    A side note, I think Sarah is very interesting. Maybe because I can relate to her, especially since I am a newlywed, but I believe I would have the same feelings and thoughts she possessed towards her husband.

  163. While reading The Parallax I could relate to the story a lot. I often times use hostility in resolving conflicts with other people. This is not a good way to deal with issues because in the moment I’m not thinking about the other person at all – only myself. I think in order to be happiest with yourself and happiest with the relationships you have with other people you must always strive to see the viewpoints of others. It’s a fairly difficult and time-consuming task if that isn’t the way you’re used to living, but once you get used to it, involving other’s opinions in your day to day life is a very rewarding aspect of life.

  164. After reading The Parallax, I realized expressing my thoughts and feelings on something immediately is not the best course of action. I need to think about the situation before I respond, and it is extremely important to also think of the other person that I am dealing with. Frank had a very negative outlook form the Hike and was shocked when he found out Sarah had kept a leaf in order to remember the trip. For Sarah, the hike was life saving and she wants to remember it for as long as possible. It is important when dealing with others to remember that how I look at a situation can by the exact opposite of the other person.

  165. After reading The Parallax, I realized that change just has to do with perspective. In fact, the word “Parallax” means a change in perspective due to a change in position. After reading, I found that changing your perspective in life can create a new way to see your life; you just need to change the way you look at yourself. After I read Frank’s story and others’ posts on the blog, I found that it was easy for people to find their own connection to the story and relate it to themselves. I feel this is a good way to affect someone and help them change their perspective. Hearing someone’s story may affect you just as much as it affected the person in the story; it might just cause a different change.

  166. Reading the Parallax made me realize that many of the struggles in life involve an internal battle with myself. It is important to be able to understand that everything can be interpreted in different ways. Different perceptions can cause completely different interpretations of the situation. I have struggled with being able to control my emotions sometimes which gives me great anxiety. While growing up I have come to realize that the way I embrace a situation is important to be able to act effectively. The Parallax has guided me to realize that I tend to spend a lot of time on wasted emotions that end up doing me no good. I need to work to master my own thoughts in order to properly appreciate the perspectives of others and function properly in society.

  167. Upon starting to read The Parallax, I did not know what to expect at all. I found The Parallax to be a very interesting read with very applicable themes. The major theme that I gathered while reading The Parallax was how an object or event may differ based on the perspective or person viewing it. The Parallax explains that is important to look at a situation from the many differing perspectives. I think this is a very important lesson because many times, people are too focused on how their own lives will be affected, but never stop to think how other may be affected. By taking to time to stop and look at the situation from other perspectives, we may not only get a better understanding of ourselves, but also of others, and the situation at hand.

  168. The book “The Parallax” inspires us, the readers to take the time to reflect on our lives. We live in such a fast- paced, hectic world that aside for what’s important in life such as family, friends, school work etc, we can keep ourselves busy 24/7 with spending every extra minute on the computer and on our phones. It’s so important to just take some time to unwind and reflect on our lives. If there’s anything that is bothering us, writing it out can help relieve it. More importantly, writing about all the good we have helps us appreciate all the gifts in life that we are privileged to.

  169. “The Parallax” leads us as readers to reflect upon our lives and organize our thoughts. The book reminds us that often times we lose focus as to what is truly important in life: friends, family, etc. By returning our focus to where it belongs rather than dwell on superfluous things, we regain who we are as individuals and are allowed to flourish as loving, happy beings. The book also shows us that writing out our thoughts helps us to find direction and make sense of everything. Working in a pharmacy in the small town of Dupo, IL, the head pharmacist there implements this method all the time, even when just having a simple conversation with you. He is one of the most successful men I know and is a role model to me so clearly the method is proven.

  170. I agree with many of the previous comments that we have a duty to those around us to face our past mistakes and dive into the emotions we’ve tried to push past. Reading the Parallax presents the opportunity to embrace this responsibility and take the time to reflect on our own lives. I believe that the story of Frank and Sarah depict the example. When we appropriately define and know our own emotions and selves, we have the opportunity to allow these experiences to become a learning tool to both ourselves and others. It presents the ability for us to connect better with others and become an active member in the lives of those around us. We are then no longer simply going through the motions. Instead, it allows us to experience our own emotions, those of others, and become emotionally healthy individuals.

  171. After reading The Parallax, I was able to really reflect on myself. Whenever I encounter situations where I get frustrated, the first thing I think about is what I need to do to get my anger out. If someone did something to me then I would think about taking on revenge or if it was something that I did then I think about why I did it wrong. This often makes me lose myself because I am not able to think straight when I get frustrated. This book really helped me to realize that it is very important to figure out what went wrong and try to come up with ideas to improve my mistakes instead of just getting angry and taking out my anger. I also realized that having a failure in life is acceptable. However in order to be successful is whether I accept my failure and try to use it as a tool in order to help myself improve and go on forward.

  172. Frank and Sarah are forced to take a different look at their lives during their trip to Colorado. “The Parallax” teaches a great lesson to focus on what matters in life. We get so caught up in our every day routine that we end up taking most everything for granted. Dr. Woodard’s post hits close to home for me. Most of us take having all of our friends around for granted, and we never realize how much one person has impacted our lives until we have already lost them. I admit, I do this, but having lost a good friend I now better realize the importance of not getting to complacent in life. “The Parallax” reinforces this ideas as Frank and Sarah have lost happiness in their life and they do not realize it until they are faced with tragedy.

  173. Life can be quite burdensome at times. It may feel like more is getting thrown at us than we can handle. Between work, school, family, and friends it may be difficult for one to spend time caring about oneself. Reading “The Parallax” gives the readers direction on how to take it all in. The things we enjoy doing become less enjoyable when they become inconvenient. I believe that the authors goal was to get the readers to become more aware of their emotions and be able to change their prospective by thinking about others, and how others may see the situation. What may seem like an inconvenient task, could actually be a great opportunity, and should be perceived as one. I believe no one should influence our emotions except for ourselves, however in order to influence our emotions in a positive manner, we must first understand and be aware of our emotions.

  174. Soon after reading the Parallax, I realized that I could really assimilate with the meeting that was held at the end. The people at the conference learned quickly that by looking at things with different perspectives, they could make a lot more progress. Looking a new situations with more than one perspective allows people to consider not just themselves, but others as well. This is a key lesson in life. I seem to have this problem a lot too, especially when I am first exposed to a new situation. However, when I walk in other people’s shoes, I am able to take on new situations that allow me to understand why I made the decisions I did and how to learn from my mistakes. The Parallax really allows me to put into perspective how the decisions we make affect each of us individually as well as each of the people we include in them.

  175. We all have daily routines and certain goals that we are working towards. In the story, Frank has the goal of going mountain-climbing with his wife. However, when he finds out about the tragic plane crashes, his whole perspective changes; he is confronted with reality in a very jarring way. Similarly, while we all have long-term career and life goals that we are working towards there are many times when we will be confronted with real life situations that will force us to remember what our priorities are in life. Too often, we take for granted our loved ones and it is sad that it is in times of sadness that we realize how much they mean to us. Sometimes, we may not realize how much people mean to us until we have lost them.

    Reading this was a good reminder that there are more important things in life than work and monetary success. We must also show our loved ones how much we appreciate them on a regular basis because we can lose the opportunity at any time.

  176. I’m midway through reading, The Parallax and I can tel that it is meant to be a transformative book. It encourages transmformation not only in a way by changing the direction of their perspectives but also by nest-egg framework of the examples. I could see how this could be useful for people who have experienced great loss and are struggling with self-blame and self-hate. It’s important to value each other, be patient with one another, and get to the source of any issues that may be between us. A fight or hasty words spoken are very rarely worth the energy expenditure and the emotional upheaval that must be smoothed afterwards. Thank you Dr. Rickert for a thoughtful book on self-transformation to increase personal effectiveness.

  177. While reading the Parallax I realized that it a was truly supposed to be a transformative book. The stories within really make you think about life with a new perspective. You can’t dwell on the negativity in life and blame your self for things that you aren’t in control of. You have to let go of those things and let the world and yourself move on to be happy and successful in your life. This book has helped me in that aspect of my life. I had been thinking about all the negativity in my life and it never really occurred to me that this could have been what was making me unhappy. Now that I have let go of that negativity, I can see where I was dwelling on things that I had no control over. I am so much happier now that I am looking for the happy things in life and that I am no longer being bogged down by dwelling on the negative.

  178. The Parallax is perhaps what I needed at this point in my life. The stress of different organizations, classes and work has been chipping away at me and I feel betrayed and disappointed with many people that I thought I knew. At the same time, I’m beginning to question my decisions, to the point where I just want to go through the motions of life without truly loving the people around me and being passionate about who I am. Through Frank, I learned that I need to look at life from a different perspective and appreciate what I have now. It’s harder than it sounds but we shouldn’t be living our lives like robots, doing whatever we’re told to do. We have feelings and passions that channel us towards a fulfilling life. We each have people, places and dreams that we love and aspire towards and we should never give up on these. Through writing, we can discover these passions, sort through our feelings and strengthen our identity.

  179. Frank in the hiking story remind me of the “Let Her Go” by Passenger. Growing up in America we have expectation like clean water, sanitation, food or governmental help when we are down on our luck. It wasn’t until I did Habitat for Humanities in Guatemala did it really hit me on how well we have it in America. I have patients who complain about their acne medication cost, when other can’t even afford simple antibiotic and die on the street in other country. Even I take things like drinkable water for granted because it something I grew up in. It take realization or experiencing the other side of the coin for most people to appreciate what they have.

  180. One of the maim take-away points of Frank’s story is that for our troubles, we can find peace through writing. He mentions that the exact moments of that trip were sort of an epiphany to take action and soothe his racing mind, but he also mentions that the writing was intertwined with his experiences on his anniversary. I can relate to this experience and feel more at ease as I’m writing this, concerning a period of hardship I’m enduring right now. I’ve always been sort of timid growing up, and even though I’ve come a long way looking back, I still never feel like I’m good enough. No matter how much confidence I gain in myself, I was feel like I’m that younger version of myself. However, I agree that writing definitely helps on the road of self-acceptance.

  181. After the reading the Parallax, I realize that self-reflection is what really helps one grow into a better person. It can be really difficult at times to think about ourselves and really exam it from a different perspective. At times, we believe what we’re doing is the best decision for everyone, when in reality it is not. Frank and his wife for example, my past relationship I always held back my thoughts and feelings. I was always afraid to share what I thought, when in reality I should have trusted her with it all. Now I look back and wish I could have done different, but I move forward understanding my mistake.

  182. While reading The Parallax, I first connected with Frank and Sarah when they arrived at their cabin. I struggle with the same issues of holding things in and not communicating with my spouse. Then, like Frank, when we go out to do something fun and get away I just get irritated and defensive because of everything going on in my head. It’s difficult to get over myself and see the situation from my husband’s perspective and evaluate my actions. Were I to think about the situation from the other point-of-view, I would be able to see from different angles and think about my actions and what I’m going to say and have more effective of communication.

  183. The story told in The Parallax is one I feel I can relate closely to. This school year especially I have found myself putting up a “wall” and forgetting about those around me because I get too busy doing the day-to-day work that the curriculum requires. This book helped me realize that this is not a healthy way to go about life, and that finding time to appreciate the people and things around you is very important. The Parallax also reiterated to me that communication is important in all relationships, not just romantic ones. When I am stressed or overwhelmed, it always makes me feel better to talk to someone about it, whether it be an hour long phone call with my mom or simply ranting to my roommates.

  184. Upon reading the Parallax I realized that a lot of times we tend to focus so much of our time and energy on insignificant things rather than focusing on what should be most important in our lives. Often times we lurk over something that we consider to be troublesome, but in reality, our minor troubles may be luxuries for someone else. I think one message you can get from the Parallax is that it can be helpful and somewhat therapeutic for you to write down any hardships that you may have. I think by doing this it would allow you evaluate the situation you are dealing with and determine if it is insignificant or not and you can decide if you should be spending so much of your time on it. Overall, I think the Parallax shows individuals different ways of coping with difficult times, and also makes them think if it is really something they should be spending so much time worrying about and lurking over.

  185. I found The Parallax to be compelling in that it leads you to question both the characters’ perspectives but also your own. It asks the reader to examine other viewpoints around a pivotal moment in their own lives, not only the ones contained within the story. By not just thinking but connecting with my memories, both old and new, I find myself better accepting the bad, letting go of the unchangeable, and embracing what has shaped my life today. It also allows me to view the present in a different light; what appears to be an insurmountable task might be what I need to become who I want to be. In the end, The Parallax has given me a fresh outlook on the past and current events in my life, and I hope to impress it upon my friends and family.

  186. As I approach a very real crossroads in my life, The Parallax has come along at a very oddly serendipitous time. I have been told quite a lot that I am already an extremely introspective and thoughtful person, and yet the book was able to still open my eyes to the importance of being so.

    But more importantly, I am someone who has a very difficult time letting go of painful experiences, and so The Parallax was able to help me understand the importance of being able to do so, as well as doing so through open, unhindered communication. Frank’s story of holding back and internalizing painful, and potentially toxic, feelings from his spouse actually serves an even more important role by serving as a microcosm for relationships as a whole–not only the romantic ones. There comes a time for many people when they begin to build walls and share less and less with those they love, not because they stop caring, but sometimes as a direct result of exactly how much they care. Be it an act of perceived protection or an unwillingness to spread pain further, this isolation can be crippling to the paragon of all that is the emotional, human relationship.

    The Parallax has helped me see exactly that.

  187. I was surprised at how much I found myself connecting with the stories in The Parallax. Like many of the replies say above, life can get very monotonous and can make us forget what is really important to us. Unfortunately, it may take a big event in our lives to trigger us to realize these things. A couple of years ago, a death in the family caused me to rearrange my priorities a little to focus on what was more important to me. The hard part for me, however, is keeping these more important priorities my current priorities and not getting lost in the routine of life again. In The Parallax, Frank had mentioned that after his 25th anniversary, it still took him and Sarah a while to find their way to where they currently were in their personal effectiveness. That is something that I related to and I think will probably be the case for everyone. Life is very complex and it is hard to truly stay focused on what is important.

  188. After reading “The Parallax,” and reading the many posts by other readers, I found it interesting to see how everyone related to Frank’s life. It’s never easy losing someone really close to you and it often times puts you in a place of darkness. I myself also relate very closely to Frank with his losses because of the loss of my cousin to breast cancer. However, I reacted in very different ways compared to Frank. Frank became distant and pushed his family to the side. Psychologist’s may view this behavior as a way of grievance or coping with a hard situation. My cousins passing away only brought my family and I closer together. We learned to cherish the moments we had together and appreciate life. We learned to never take anything for granted because tomorrow isn’t promised. Reading “The Parallax” reminded me to appreciate life and although things may seem difficult it could always be worse.

  189. As I reflect upon reading “The Parallax, by Dr. Rickert, I realized that I felt a deep sense of connection to the stories depicted in the book, especially in regards to Frank’s life. It was unexpected to what degree the book could stir up my emotions. Reading “The Parallax” brought back personal memories to when I first started high school as a freshman. During the first days of school, with many things still uncertain, I had many thoughts running throughout my mind. Yet, at an instant, all of these thoughts were pushed to the side, following the death of my grandfather. All these worries and concerns were irrelevant. In retrospect, my reaction to the incident parallels Frank’s actions, having a strong desire to be alone, trying to cope with the event on my own. Yet, as time passed, I learned that embracing the care from others close to me, from my family and close friends, ultimately helped me through the situation. From that moment on, I learned to always be grateful for the health of my loved ones, understanding that life can throw very unexpected obstacles.

  190. I really feel I mostly related to this Frank in the hiking story like the original comment had mentioned. Frank found himself caught up in the monotonous and little details of life. I felt myself relating to Frank on dealing with loss. With the loss of a best friend and boyfriend so close, I became jaded and wanted to turn away from the world and responsibilities. I wanted to hide in a blanket and never come out of bed. Eventually, I came to look at the events with a different perspective, which I think is indicative of one of the book’s many themes. It brought me closer to people since we would share memories of our friends and laugh and grow together. Pushing aside my wanting to hide from the world, I made new friends and rekindled relationships with people; keeping in mind that we are not guaranteed a certain time on this earth and must cherish every moment. We must always see the meaningfulness in our daily lives so that it does not become monotonous.

  191. The nature of perspective is that it is shaped by the experiences of the observer. All of our experiences shape the way that we see things. As we become more self aware, we gain the ability to see our lives from our ever changing perspective. By reflecting on our past experiences we gain the ability to see them in a different light than we originally did. This new perspective in turn can give us a better understanding of our current self.

  192. Reading the parallax, I have come to see what writing can really do for a person. From changing your perspective, to revealing patterns that you had never seen before, readjusting yourself to these new patterns, and to changing priority, is all shown in what writing can do. It really does challenge the mind and can end up changing one to think about how to improve their own life. There can be lots of consequences when one does not realize their perspective and of others. This is where therapeutic writing can come in hand. Like in the book, Frank misinterprets situations, like his father’s death, feeling that he is responsible. With therapeutic writing hopefully it can change thoughts like these. And to help see that these issues in another light.

  193. The parallax helped me to gain new perspectives that I have not found before In chapter 2 when Frank and his wife were waiting to hear if his daughter was fine they were getting in arguments about the littlest things because the situation was stressful and their emotions were gaining control of them. Life is indeed a parallax about seeing things through different perspectives to gain insight on how why we personally see things in certain ways.

  194. The Parallax provides an interesting way in which to learn about seeing from new perspectives and increasing our personal effectiveness through open communication. The author uses the story of Frank and Sarah, a couple struggling to communicate, in order to illustrate the importance of openness and honesty, as well as being able to see a situation from multiple sides. Though Frank viewed their hiking trip as a monumental disaster and avoided talking about it with Sarah as a way of avoiding his past mistakes, Sarah saw the trip as a life-saving event, as she discovered that she had COPD and was able to address her disease early after that trip. I think the most important lesson to be learned from The Parallax is certainly that we will be most effective when we are willing to have open discussions with others and understand their thoughts and feelings, as well as communicating our own.

  195. After reading this book, I was able to relate to Franks story, it’s always easy to blame yourself for unfortunate events that happen to the people close us. Unfortunately, it always takes a bad event to make us realize what is most important to us. I can’t imagine losing someone close to me, especially when I’m far away from them, not being able to be attend their funeral nor be around the people I love to help me cope with these feelings. The book helped me think of what I would do if a tragedy occurs, analyzing yourself and focusing on the important aspects of your life.

  196. After reading The Parallax, I found I was able to connect with Frank. We learn that Frank had stopped appreciating Sarah as he got consumed by other aspects of his life. Similarly, I find myself being consumed by my school work. Although school is important, my friends and family are also my top priorities and I want to make sure my actions reflect that. The Parallax was a reminder that it important to take a step back from our busy everyday lifestyle and still make time for the people we care about and to show our appreciation for them.

  197. The mind is very complex; when we indulge in deep thoughts, it is inevitable to get lost and confused amongst all the emotions and pressure we feel from our surroundings. In modern times, it is difficult to sit down to sincerely evaluate a situation before acting because our society has become so obsessed with a fast-paced lifestyle. Writing these thoughts down gives us the opportunity to organize and re-consider what type of situation we are facing. Otherwise, before we know it, it becomes too late to appreciate the people around us. The Parallax exemplified this by showing the different perspectives the characters discovered while writing at the workshop.

  198. While I was reading The Parallax, I found myself relating to Frank. I feel as if I am really similar to how he was in the story that was told. Frank was consumed by his job even while he wasn’t working. This was detrimental to other aspects of his life, including his relationship to Sarah. I also get consumed by things going on, either school or work usually, and it interferes with other things I can be doing. I lose focus on making sure I have time to hang out with friends. Reading The Parallax has helped open my eyes on this as I saw how it affected Frank. We need to make sure to set aside time to take care of the people who care about us.

  199. After reading the Parallax, I found it to be a very insightful piece that teaches the reader to contemplate and question both your own perspective but the character’s as well. The author understands the complexity of relationships and how people’s emotions can easily overwhelm, confuse, and stress individuals. Furthermore, the audience learns how easily swept people are by the factors in their environment. I especially could relate to this, because as students it is very easy to be consumed by the workload and become unaware of everyone’s emotions but your own. In addition, one of the key messages of the Parallax is the importance of honesty and transparent communication and to appreciate the people that are important to us in our lives. I hope to take what I learned from this reading and apply it to the important relationships in my life.

  200. The Parallax, to me, served as an interesting thought tool; designed to facilitate its own brand of self-reflection. The writing is comprised of windows into personal stories of many characters, and yet seems to flow together. While there are times where the book becomes hard to follow, this helps the reader appreciate the emotional and cerebral aspects. The Parallax wasn’t so much a story as an experience. Narratives within the book make it very clear: the same events are experienced very differently depending on the observer. Personal lessons to take away would be learning how to understand and apply other people’s experiences and emotions to life events and how to live more authentically. It is easy to fall into habits and act the way we do naturally, but by applying the tools demonstrated by The Parallax, one can access insight into difficult life experiences that were previously overwhelming.

  201. The Parallax quickly swept me up with past memories. Most Americans can remember where they were the day of 9/11. It was a day that brought us all together and made us hold onto each other a little tighter. After reading Frank’s story we are all transported into the next chapter to join the characters on their journey. The book suggests that writing down our thoughts and experiences can help us cope. Writing is a means to come to terms with reality or see things from a different perspective. By putting your thoughts on paper you can learn more about yourself, but you can learn even more about others. While reading, I discovered the humanity within each character. Each of them were harboring old feelings that had never been resolved. Writing allowed them to relate to the people in their lives in a new way. The truth is that we have a choice to live static lives or to grow. We can lead more meaningful lives, have stronger relationships, and find happiness in each day. All we have to do is open our minds and hearts to the world around us, writing reveals a path towards discovery.

  202. During my senior year in high school I remember filling out multiple scholarship applications, almost all of which had a common essay prompt asking about how you respond/overcome adversity. At that point in my life I hadn’t gone through many difficult situations, which resulted in generic responses lacking any personal reflection and true value. After reading The Parralax and seeing how the main characters respond to and overcome their own adversities made me reflect upon my own. My response to the essay question now would be completely different and contain emotionally invested information. It is interesting to think that after an additional 5 years or so, my response to that question would then likely be different again. It is these difficult and emotionally draining experiences in life that become more prevalent with age that shape your overall perspective. There is no innate response to these situations, but rather it is a learned dynamic quality. I think after reading this book it made me realize that no matter good or bad, there is always something constructive to learn from a life-altering situation. In the words of the musician Gary Allan, “Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride.”

  203. I found that after reading The Parallax, it makes you question your own perspective after reading about characters discovering their own perspective. I can closely relate to what Frank has done in his life. It just makes you want to be alone and so many thoughts run across your mind. After reading this book, it helps you better acknowledge the bad things that has happened in the past and potentially, helps you reshape your life for the better. You cannot let the past dictate who you are now. You don’t want to get lost in the daily routine of life, because it can be quite monotonous and complex. After reading this, I hope to stay focused on what is important to me and not let me be distracted. I plan on cherishing the finer moments of life and to truly appreciate it for what it is worth.

  204. The Parallax is an excellent example of losing connection of the past and the need to reconnect oneself to reality. The author mentions that Sarah was wearing her hiking boots. This was unique because Sarah tends to be the “type to get excited about the planning” and not really for the trip itself. It was actually proven that people tend to get the most excitement from planning and anticipation of an event and they become less excited, or even apathetic when the trip or event actually occurs. Sarah wearing her boots is a metaphor of an attempt to live for the present. The couple went to the mountains as an escape. I can relate to this struggle because I find difficulties living in the present. I am always excited for the next step or advancement. But sometimes, I just have to “wear my boots” in the present.

  205. After reading The Parallax, I began to think about my connections with the past and how my perspective on certain scenarios could have effected me very differently if I had thought about them more. Even the thought of going to pharmacy school comes to mind, if I would have had a different perspective about school and other peoples actions back then I could have possibly chose to go to a different school. But bad opinions and actions that a person has made in the past can change and perspectives can grow as a person adventures through life. Reading this book has made me think about the things I’ve done in the past and not dwell on them, but use them to strengthen my perception for events in my future.

  206. When I was reading the Parallax and was reading the part about the twin towers falling this had really connected to me. I remember when I was in the 2nd grade and we turned on the news because our teacher had heard about the terrible news and we took a moment of silence and prayed for the victims. Our teacher had told us to value life for what is it because we never know when it will be taken away so quickly. This relates to the Parallax and how Frank was waiting for his daughter to come back and how he was recollecting the thoughts of her. This has taught me to spend time in life with those you love and cherish the moments you have.

  207. While reading the Parallax, one thing became very evident to me, and it was the fact that sometimes tragedy, even as hard and awful as it can be, can really help to put priorities into perspective. Like Frank, I think a lot of us get caught up in the fast paced world that we live in and forget to prioritize the things that really matter to us in life. By focusing on career goals and monetary items, we can quickly forget to acknowledge the greatest things in life, including those around us. I think that Frank is a very relatable character to most people, due to the fact that most people have lost somebody close to them, and there is always a lot of emotion involved when something like that happens. The Parallax definitely explores the lighter side of life and has some really great messages for society.

  208. It is amazing to read a book with so many different perspectives. I feel as if this book doesn’t just relate to my personal life, but it also correlates to my professional life. As a future healthcare provider, I believe this books helps me to use these different perspectives to relate to patients and what they are actually going through with their various conditions. Nicole in the book related to her grandfather by writing about his illness through his point of view. By following Nicole’s lead and looking at a situation through a patient’s eyes, I think that I can potentially relate better to patients and provide the best healthcare possible.

  209. After reading The Parallax it has become obvious to me how differently people may view a situation depending on their perspective. The book also made me think about how much my perspective has changed over the years. Frank and Sarah were having trouble with communication and struggled to view situations form the other’s perspective. We must be able to have a free and open discussion with others in order to understand their viewpoint. With so many distractions it is easy to lose focus in life. In both my personal and professional life it will be extremely important to view situations from different perspectives and to recognize that although it is good to look forward to the future we should also take advantage of the present.

  210. The Parallax is a unique book in that you get so many different views from various perspectives based on the situation. I look back at points in my life such as 9/11 and wonder how much more it would have impacted me had I not been younger and incapable of fully comprehending the seriousness of the event. In reading about Frank and Sarah it really brings to light how easily we can get consumed in things, such as work in his situation, and forget about what really is important at the end of the day. I can definitely say this book made me think a lot about myself and how I should not always be so quick to judge because you never know what things are like from the other person’s point of view.

  211. Upon reading The Parallax, I initially found the story to be revolved around a turbulent relationship which soon turned into something much more captivating. The main characters provided two distinct points of view in regards to the world around them. Frank is prone to looking for what is wrong in situations while his wife, Sarah, looks at how we can learn from these events. Personally, I resonate with Sarah. The world throws curve balls at you from time to time and we should try to take it in stride, view other people’s side, and attempt to learn from them.

  212. Communication is the key to any relationships, whether it be with your significant other or with your coworkers. The hike to Odessa Lake is a perfect example when Sarah says, “I used to think that you cared,” he gets defensive, and they both just shut down and stopped talking to each other. We all have these conversations, where we blame each other and don’t even try to understand what the other person is going through. But maybe we need to dig deeper and find the root of the problem, instead of ignoring it and continuing the hike

  213. In The Parallax, I found myself connected to the setting because I remembered what I was doing on 9/11, 2001. I was flying back to Taiwan from New York. The thing is such tragedy could have happened on me if I flew a day later. Through the reading, I felt as though I was a part of the Beck family experiencing what they have faced and struggled. Writing is a powerful tool that allows people to understand themselves and those of the people they are surrounded with, which may enhance both social and professional interpersonal relationships.

  214. The Parallax uses the story of Frank and his wife to illustrate how someone can become withdrawn from their life and unaware of the effects it can have on their loved ones. It is easy for many people to connect to this story at some point due to the stresses of school, work, and life in general which can make you forget what is really important to you. However, it shouldn’t take a big or tragic event like in Frank’s case to reevaluate one’s life and the decisions they have made. Instead, everyone should often take a moment to stand back and recognize what is really important in life. This loss of “tunnel vision” allows you to see your life from a different perspective and, as a result, allows you to change for the better. The Parallax showed me the importance of simply broadening your perspective to identify what is most important in your life and the impact this can have on others.

  215. After reading the parallax I can say that I can easily relate to the ideas presented in the book. The main character in the book struggles with seeing what is truly important in his life, like the people he cares about whether that be family or friends. It takes a tragedy for him to finally realize that these things are important to him because he has been blinded and so caught up in what he was doing that he had forgotten how much these people meant to him. I can relate to this because working, going to school, and going through physical therapy for my torn ACL has taken up much of my time recently. The past few weeks have been filled with tests and I have neglected to visit or see my family in around 4 weeks. After reading this I have realized that every once in a while I need to take a step back and remember what is truly most important in my life.

  216. The Parallax is a book I think everyone can relate too. We all been through something that makes us take a step back and look at our life. We may realize that we have been acting a certain way because of something that happened or we may need to step back and look at a situation from someone else’s viewpoint. I think we sometimes forget to stop and think about why we do things the way we do them in our fast paced lives. We are consumed by our work, relationships, and technology bombarding us with information left and right. I recently lost my mother and this has made look at my life and the life of those around me. I had to take that step back and make myself look at what others were going through as well. Life is important and we all need to take time to remember that. We shouldn’t hide behind our cell phones and workload to forget about it. We need to stop and think about and deal with whatever is going on in our minds.

  217. Reading the Parallax has made me realize that I am very similar to Frank. Focusing on a goal and wanting to achieve it in any means can blind myself from other people. When I am dedicated towards my goals, I start viewing things only in my perspective while ignoring other people’s perspectives and opinions. This is an evident downfall towards my role as a future pharmacist. I have to be able to see from the patient’s standpoint to understand his decisions. Perfection is what many people strive for and no one wants to be wrong—another component limiting my viewpoint.

  218. This book really caught my attention. It really made me stop and think about what is important in life. A story like this really makes you put your priorities in order. It is important to express yourself and show others how you feel. Someone only knows you care for them, if you show them through words or action. You never know how much time you have with a loved one. The unexpected death of Katie, Frank and Sarah’s daughter proves that. That’s why the best thing you can do is be open and expressive with those you care about.

  219. The Parallax did a good job of bringing out some important central themes. Tragedy often helps us to put life into perspective. In many cases, people spend life going through the motions until tragedy occurs and helps us to see the important things in our lives. Through the loss of a friend, I have learned the importance of expressing our feelings towards friends and family. We can never truly be sure of what life will bring us, so it’s important to let others know how much we care.

  220. As pharmacy students, we are continually going through the motions—class, work, extracurricular activities, studying, volunteering, etc. Our lives are too often consumed by things that aren’t always of great importance. The story of Frank and his tragic loss in The Parallax is relatable and many of us have likely lost people close to us. It is a necessary reminder that we should not be so withdrawn and focused that we lose sight of what is important. We should not wait for tragedies to reevaluate our priorities and focus. The Parallax reminded me of the importance of self-reflection, open communication, and appreciation. It is never too late to make a change.

  221. As a busy pharmacy student with multiple jobs and extracurricular activities, I find myself very busy with things that are getting me to my one goal. However, in doing so I realize that I have forgotten about what my other priorities in life should be such as my friends and family. This is shown by Frank’s work consuming his life and distracting him from what is truly important such as his relationships with those he loves. We all need to learn that if we care about someone then we need to show and tell that person because you don’t know how much time any of us have left in life.

  222. The Parallax is a good example of writing that takes us out of our own spheres of thought and puts us into someone else’s shoes. The story of Frank and his struggles with the ones he loves really helps to put things into perspective for what he truly values in life. In turn, it made me take a moment and reflect on what is important and how I treat the people in my life. We’ve all been in situations similar to Frank and we’ve all been in situations where disagreements and tension mounts because one person’s viewpoint is being ignored. I think it takes a great deal of empathy and hindsight to see what Frank was going through. The book hammers through a clear lesson on how complex human emotion is and how everyone experiences loss differently .

  223. Reading the Parallax, it made me stop and think about how my interactions with those around me really affect them. The name of this assignment is the Emotional Intelligence Project and reading the book made me think about how important it is to have emotional intelligence as a pharmacist. As someone who people will be coming to with questions and worries, it is important to be able to understand that all the little things in our interactions are what sometimes speak the loudest.

  224. Reading this story was a very interesting experience for me. In the past, I lost a very close friend at a young age making it possible for me to relate emotionally to this story about Frank and his family. This story was a definite reminder to enjoy the little things in life for you never know how long they’ll last. You can never anticipate when tragedy will come, so I’ve always tried to love the life I live and love those around me. This story was a solid reminder that living life in that way is very important.

  225. After reading the parallax, I found myself being able to relate to Frank. I think most people would agree that we fail to appreciate things in life until they are gone. I can personally relate to this after moving away from my family in California to go to school in St. Louis. Growing up, especially in high school, I would be annoyed with my parents and felt like they were so strict on me. Now living on my own without them, I’ve grown to understand and appreciate all of what my parents do for me. Moving away from home has helped me realize how important it is for us to appreciate the things that we have in our life today before it is too late.

  226. The second half of the book really spoke to me. I don’t want to go into too many specifics, but I read this part of the book while I had some issues going on in my life. To put it generally, there were some people in my life that were causing some conflict. While I knew that considering other people’s points of view is important, it is easy to forget. Reading this reminded me to keep things in perspective, and to see things from others’ points of view.

  227. After beginning to read the parallax, I found myself connecting quite easily with the thoughts of Frank. Frank, initially appears to be the type of man who always thinks his ideas are right, but at the same time, a man who carries a lot of regret for his past actions, especially towards Sarah. Often times in life, you have to make a ton of mistakes before you see what the repercussions are like. These mistakes can often be costly but the end result, is often for the better. Frank is pressed hard to reflect on his past actions and in the end, he is pushed towards a positive light to act differently toward those that he loves in profound ways never seen before.

  228. After reading The Parallax, it really hit me that many of us become disconnected in our lives, even on a daily basis. Disconnected from our family and friends, or just not taking a moment in each day to appreciate what we have and enjoy the life we are living. In the story, Frank learns to become a better person. He gets over his past actions or regrets and through personal effectiveness and mentally finding himself, he realizes his priorities in life. This seems to be a struggle for many people, including myself. And I can relate to this main posting about losing someone close to you and having it greatly effect your life. The Parallax was a great story in showing us that we need to sometimes reflect on our own lives and live a little slower. Enjoy the small things and find happiness.

  229. After reading The Parallax, I identify myself mostly with the character of Frank. He experiences a devastating tragedy within his life which causes a spiral of emotions as a result of it: regret, remorse, and sorrow. I have also gone through a similar situation as Frank, seeing as how I have lost my dog, my friends, and family members too soon for comfort. I was unsure of how to deal with the feelings that came from these moments in my life which resulted in me losing interest in things that I typically enjoyed. From reading the Parallax and reading other blog posts, you should never judge a book by its cover. You never know what other people are going through. Also, life is short so be sure to tell the people you care about, how much they mean to you because they could be taken away at any moment.

  230. The concept that The Parallax introduce is related to everyday lives and is very easy to relate to. The interactions and emotions among human beings and how one affect others in any circumstances really made me notice that there are things that I do without thinking that may mean very big to others. This book made me rethink about my interactions with patients as it is important as a future healthcare professional. Sometimes, it is difficult for me to empathize patients when they are being rude. Through this book, it really made me reexamine my personal relationships and how important it is to treat the loved ones with care.

  231. The Parallax’s story with Frank really makes the reader stop and think about their own relationship with the people around them. Reading it draws out emotions and put myself into a new perspective as to how I should hold those who I find dear to me close and cherish time I can have. Not knowing what you have till it is gone is a very true tale and when whatever it is happens to be gone it is often too late. So we must turn to each other and make sure we are happy with what we do have. Make every day worth while because when things are lost we should be able to look back and be proud of the time spent rather than regret it. I have lost several close friends and family in my life and I wish I had this lesson learned before then, but I will learn from my mistakes and as everyone should move on assuring not to repeat them.

  232. After I read The Parallax, I realized I was able to identify with Frank because I often took for granted the people in my life and not appreciate the bonds that I have created with them. I was really close with my grandmother throughout my life and most people would often describe us as twins and when she passed away, I realized that I should have more about her life and that I never really knew about her past and what it took to being where she is now. After she passed, my family members started reminiscing I started to learn how special of a person she was and what I wanted to say before she passed away. All of the unsaid words were the most important for me to convey to her.

  233. I really enjoyed readying the hiking story because it was something I instantly related to. I am someone who is often described as emotionless. I would not say that I am emotionless, but I would say that I often lack sympathy or empathy for others. While I have not figured out why I lack this, I have become aware that my lack of emotion causes me to drift away from people who are important to me. It’s very easy for me to go weeks and months without communicating with family and friends. I am very sorry for the loss you suffered. After reading this book and hearing your story of how it took you losing a friend to tap back into things that bring you enjoy, I now see the importance of not letting go of things that make you happy. Lately I have been exploring ways to achieve mental wellness, and I find that the easiest way to achieve it is by not losing touch of the things you love. The world is huge so it is important to stay grounded by shrinking your world down by filling it with things that specifically makes you happy.

  234. Many times we are told to read to able to see the perspective of others and grow our own. It is many times in life that we forget our own fortunes and do not realize many aspects of life we take for granted. Frank is a man who goes through many hardships but carries on. He appreciates what he has and stays connected to the things in life he cherishes. We must learn from him and learn to set our priorities and search for happiness as he does.

  235. After reading The Parallax, the importance of self-reflection and communication became very clear to me. Frank suffered a terrible loss in the story which almost everyone can relate to. Losing someone close to you is a very hard situation to go through and once they are gone you cannot go back in time to change things. That is why we must remember to stay focused on the important things in life such as our loved ones instead of getting caught up with other distractions that are not truly meaningful. Being in pharmacy school can make that hard with constantly being busy with schoolwork and deadlines but it is necessary to remain focused on what really matters in life and reading the parallax has helped that message become clear.

  236. After reading the Parallax, I realized how I was able to connect with many of the sub stories within. We can find ourselves so busy with our lives that we forget to step back and appreciate what is in front of us. When our lives become so hectic we lose the passion of why we do what we do, we can no longer gain satisfaction from our actions. Connecting with Frank’s hiking story it is easy to consume ourselves with worry by focusing on tasks that must be accomplished. We must not forget about those who are closest to us, and how they can motivate and encourage us to accomplish our goals.

  237. This story shines light on a common theme that exists in so many people’s lives. Many fail to realize the feelings of those around them when they are too focused on their own priorities in life. There really is nothing that stops you in life and tells you to think about how someone else is feeling until a disaster happens. I think anyone who reads this will find themselves reminded more often to stop and let their loved ones know who they are and how much they care. I see some of my own behaviors in Frank, where I have been so focused on accomplishing my personal goals that I forget that there are people who worry about me. I forget sometimes that they too have their own problems to deal with. I have reacted negatively to family when I was overwhelmed with stress, but really they were just trying to help me and are actually very happy with what I am accomplishing. I should consider my friends and family’s own situations more often. I would hate to feel guilty if disaster struck our family and the last weeks I remember is being a little self-centered instead of openly showing my admiration.

  238. Similar to the story and from personal experience, all too often individuals become comfortable and take for granted the relationships they cultivate with friends and family. In addition, it’s far easier to worry about the things one is missing or doesn’t have in life, whether a material item or relationship status, rather than focusing and valuing on what they do have. Unfortunately, it often is not until tragedy strikes, or a certain stress is placed on these relationships that one realizes their own personal shortcomings.

  239. Throughout The Parallax, I experienced a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions I had towards the reading. Beginning the book I was very interested in Frank’s story, and after this chapter ended I was then mirroring the feelings of Bill in regards to the workshop’s activities. After reading about the many individuals who were able to transform and share their stories, I was able to relate to them in ways that exposed my personal ways of life that I more comfortably like to keep hidden. When I was able to finally come to terms with the bad and ugly parts that I considered my dark secrets, I realized that the good fortunes I have greatly outweigh the unwanted truths I used to not share with anyone. I believe that it is much easier to relate to a book once you read about other non-fictional individuals doing the same. The Parallax is a short, easy read that I will continue to return to when I find myself feeling down in the future.

  240. Much like Nicholas mentioned, I too found myself also seeing a good portion of myself in Frank. All too often, I find myself clamming up my emotions and shutting off what can be perceived as weakness. Much like Frank, this was due to the result of trying to maintain an air of unwavering strength and not try to expose open emotional wounds and make the perceived situation worse my adding more fuel to the emotional fire. To connect with the story further, for much of my exposed emotional turmoil also came to surface after a tragedy, with my case being when my siblings were in a very dark area in their life and the family unit was breaking down. After much needed actions and talks were done, the healing did begin, and my family has become much closer and tight-knit. The Parallax did help remind me that we all have emotional needs that need to be aired out, even if they seem ugly and unsightly.

  241. While reading the Parallax there were many things I could relate to with Frank’s story. Throughout pharmacy school we focus so much on coming and going to class, making sure that we pass the next exam or quiz that we often times forget what is important. We often times get too caught up in the material aspects of life we don’t realize all that we have until something tragic happens, like Frank and the disasters of 9/11. I think that through writing it helps people realize all the good things that we have and through this it helps us appreciate all the joys of life while they are happening and just take one day at a time not worrying about what the future may hold. Writing also allows us to come to terms with all the negativity in life and allows us to grow as individuals. The Parallax taught me to not get so caught up in what the future may hold and just enjoys the experiences of life as they come to me.

  242. The Parallax has been one of the most eye opening reads for me in the last few years. I can compare the time I have spent in college with the main character, Frank. Like Frank, I have found myself not realizing what is special in my life until tragedy strikes. With being in school, working, and an active member in a fraternity I find little time to spend with my family. I get caught up worrying about studying for the next big exam or trying to pick up hours at work so I can afford that new item that I have been looking into. The past few years at school things in my life haven’t always been great. I have lost loved ones and my family has been divided. After reading the Parallax, I feel as though I need to step away from the materialistic things I hold dear and go back to celebrating my roots, my family and friends. Nothing in life needs to be taken for granted and I shouldn’t have to wait for a disaster for that to be made aware for me, as Frank did with the tragedy of 9/11. Writing this entry has made me embrace, even more so, that getting back to the simple things in life is my goal. I want to work on communicating better with my friends and loved ones and break down the walls I have become too comfortable living behind. Unlike any other book I have read, this book actually connects with my personal experiences and makes me more cognizant of what I experienced. Reading this book, has allowed me to open my eyes to my faults and try to mend my ways, not worrying about the future but enjoying life as I experience it and allow my inner self to guide my ways. The Parallax will not be a one time read but one I refer to when I feel as though I am not making the most out of my time on this Earth.

  243. As I was reading the Parallax, I realized I could relate to aspects of Frank’s life. I too have lost touch with good friends and even loved ones because of the fast pace, high stress society we live in. I never really realized it until after reading this book. Like Frank did, I seem to be going through the motions of everyday life; wake up, go to class, go to work, study, go to bed and repeat. As a student I am so worried about passing the next exam or turning in an assignment on time that I forget the important things. I don’t really take time out of my day to call old friends since I seem to be always running from place to place. I now realize I need to pause and take 15 minutes out of my day to call that old friend from high school or family member I’ve lost touch with.

  244. On a personal level reading the Parallax for me was incredibly challenging. I have always found the subject of dealing with ones emotions and feelings to be an extremely private matter. While I have gone through plenty of times of emotional strife in my own life I absolutely hate sharing them with others as I have always had the opinion that the inability to solve emotional issues on your own is a sign of personal weakness. I prefer to solve my problems on my own and have no desire to share my own internal struggles with those around me with the exception of my immediate family. As a result both Frank’s story and the conference afterwards was difficult for me as I found it extremely uncomfortable to imagine a situation in which people shared the most deepest, personal struggles that they have dealt with in life. However, I believe the benefits of such an activity can be profound. The experiences we have in life are assigned meaning through our own narrow perspectives as we go through them. Discussing these experiences with the people around you can alter your own thoughts and feelings as they may contribute a unique point of view that you were never aware of. This can lead to that life paradigm shift that was such a central concept of the Parallax. For the most part I am extremely confident and am quite content with who I am. This book though forces you to truly reflect upon your own life and to re-examine those emotionally difficult times. The Parallax has given me cause to take a step back and to examine my own thought processes in regards to dealing with tough emotional situations. Perhaps sharing them with others is not a sign of personal weakness but rather a means to obtain differing perspectives concerning these events in order to learn and grow from them. It takes profound courage and strength for a person to stand up and be willing to discuss their own personal failures or short comings. But what better way to learn and grow from them than to share them with others? Paradigm shifts do not happen in a single day, I do however believe this book has offered me a chance to form a more open minded thought process and perhaps completely alter my own thinking in the future.

  245. Before reading the parallax, I wasn’t a big fan of books discussing self-empowerment or personal effectiveness since I’m a very practical person who believes that you can’t change someone’s personality by reading a book. this is what I thought the parallax is all about. while going through the book pages it hit me that it’s a book that makes you think about things from a different prospective and opened my eyes to facts I was neglecting lately. After reading frank’s hiking story with his wife, I realized that connecting to others and to be within your family or a group of friends and connecting with them is part of our personalities. Being thousand of miles away from my family was hard for me when I moved to the United states a year ago, I felt lost and empty. Being busy with daily activities from school, work to errands can take us away from our families and friends and all of a sudden a tragedy strike and we can’t go back to appreciate what we had in the past. we’re all here for a finite time, and we should take an advantage of what we have and what we can achieve by communicating while we have the opportunity. The parallax have a positive impact on me and reminded me of what is really important.

  246. As a person who love to read books about self-improvement, I was excited to read the parallax but I never thought it will have this big impact on me. Reading the parallax changed my feeling about the situation I was in during the time I was reading the book, my family just left and sadness was controlling me . It make me think about the situation in completely different way and my sadness turned to happiness, restore my motivation and optimistic thinking . Besides I started to re-think about the different events and obstacles I been through in my life. The parallax pushed me to write my feelings and my thoughts which I usually try to hide and ignore and end up to have a negative impact on me. after I started to face myself with my true feelings I started to feel my inner peace and it became my routinely soul cleansing. I wish if I had the chance to read the parallax before so my perspective towards my hard time situations was different as it is now. But better late than never.

  247. As I read The Parallax, I could relate to the disconnectedness that Frank had felt in his relationship and the importance Dr. Stein was placing upon the act of writing. In regards to the disconnectedness, as much as I have tried to keep it from occurring I have felt more and more distant from my family and friends as pharmacy school has progressed. Each year, I spend more and more time worrying about the next day than living in the present one. I have slowly lost touch with numerous friends and now only talk to my relatives on a less than regular basis. Being an only child, the latter was hard for me to accept and cope with. In regards to writing, I can completely relate to Dr. Stein’s suggestion that writing puts everything into perspective. I purchased a book this summer about self-resilience. In this book, the author suggests 21 simple steps to implement into one’s life to become more resilient in a hectic life. Writing out each step and outlining how I will implement it into my every day routine has helped tremendously with the stress that STLCOP has placed upon me. One particular tip asks readers to select three people that they will contact once weekly and how they will do so. I have found that I have started to feel more linked to each of the people I selected to contact and it has positively impacted my life. Much like it took a traumatizing event (9/11) to make Frank realize his relationship was suffering, I would previously only contact these individuals during times of high stress or when unfortunate events that occurred. Now I communicate with them just to see how their day is going, to feel connected again. Writing down goals, thoughts and feelings may seem like a daunting task, but it can truly be beneficial to understanding and coping with obstacles in one’s life.

  248. After reading the Parallax and some of the comments posted, I believe that the value of our lives does not depend on how many days we will live, but on what we make in these days. To be effective, we have to look at things from different points of view and from a wide perspective. Having a busy life does not mean you are a productive. Waiting for a long time to achieve something does not mean you are a patient. Also, making mistake does not mean you are a failure. We have to learn how to forgive ourselves and how to stand again after failure. Reading the Parallax gave me a brilliant idea of how to get rid of my mistakes by converting them to words.

  249. The parallax was a very thought provoking read. I feel that it brings to light important topics such as understanding our emotions and the root of where these emotions originate from. I think the one major point that I learned from reading the Parallax was to let yourself feel your emotions and deal with them instead of never addressing them like the main character Frank. Bottling up your negativity and emotions up this can have a negative impact on your life. Another thought that sprang from the Parallax is that it is also is important to take time in your day to let your loved ones understand you and spend time with them. Like Frank learned, I think it’s imperative that we take the time to do what we love, such as spending time with our friends and family. As I come upon the end of my days as student at STLCOP I think that I will remember the classes but what I will miss most and treasure most are the days I spent with my friends.

  250. After reading the Parallax, I realized even more how important it is to slow down and experience one’s emotions. It can be so easy our busy schedules to not make time to stop and reflect on our experiences. Not taking the time to reflect can cause emotions to build up and we can take out our negativity on other people. As pharmacists, it is very important to not take out our anger or frustration on our patients. On the flip side of this, patients can come in and take their anger and frustration out on the pharmacist. During these situations, the pharmacist has the opportunity to help the patient through their emotions and become healthier versions of themselves.

  251. The Parallax is definitely a read that makes you think back on where your life is headed and where you have been in the past. Frank is the main character and I find that there are several times where I can connect with Frank with his experiences and feelings. The hardest thing about life is that we do not know what we have until it’s gone. We do not realize how precious life is or the things that are in it until something horrible happens. One of the things I always take for granted is my family. I am the youngest of eight kids so I come from a rather large family. Moving away seemed like the best thing at the time because I was so fed up with living in a small house crowded. But every now and then I find that I miss that and I miss everyone being together. This school is rigorous and I always find myself using it as an excuse to not call or go home for events. When I read The Parallax I had a huge connection with his tragedy with 9/11. My family took that day extremely hard because 2 of my uncles were New York City firemen and one of them was a first responder. For hours our family waited by the phone to hear updates of where he was but none ever came. We got news that he was missing and was not responding to calls or over the radio. It was only until a couple hours later that he final emerged and was safe. Fortunately for us he was safe and alive but at the time we all thought the worst. It made all us think about our lives and what we hold closest to us. Frank tries to get back to the simple things in life and learn to love the world around him. I think that is an amazing characteristic to have and I strive to have it every now and then. The world is passing us by at lightning speed and we need to take the time to enjoy that’s in front of us because it might not always be there.

  252. As I read this book I began to look at myself as ask myself, “What am I doing.” I have been going through school day by day depressed due to the workload and not looking through the world through a new lens. The school as taken away from me a lot of the thing that I love to do such as going out and relaxing enjoying myself. What the parallax really taught we was how to take a step back and enjoy all the little things in life. When you live minute by minute you forget to slow down and enjoy the little things such as some nice weather or some nice scenery. Taking a step back and enjoying the things provides a emotional relief as well. Living everyday stressed is not good for the soul nor is it good for your health. As I relax I feel healthier and feel more emotionally sound, and overall I feel like my quality of life has greatly improved.

  253. While reading the Parallax, I found myself connecting with Frank. I was very interested in his story. During the first chapter, I was mainly focused on if Katie was safe. This brings about an aspect of my personality that I am proud of but have lost part of since starting pharmacy. I generally really care about other peoples’ emotions and well-being, especially those who I am close with such as family members and friends. I can connect with Frank because as pharmacy school has progress I have become more and more disconnected with my family and friends. I spend more time focusing on studying and not maintaining important relationships. I need to remind myself that there is more to life than just grades. Building and maintaining healthy relationship is a very important aspect to life. I also really connected to what Samuel said about leadership, that it is a relationship built on trust. I agree completely with this statement. To be a good leader, you need to have a good relationships with people who trust you or nothing will get accomplished. This is one big take away from reading this book. I will soon be a leader in a pharmacy and will need to remember to have good relationships with my coworkers. I believe that writing is a very powerful tool and have become more self-aware just from writing this paragraph. I hope to be able to write periodically once pharmacy school is over to enhance my self-awareness.

  254. Reading the Parallax also caused me to think back to a tragic loss. I lost my father suddenly this year and from there was on an emotional roller coaster. I first shut myself off from others, but as time went on I began to look at life with a different perspective. Like you, I was forced to realize what was important in life and to not take things for granted. I began to do things that I love. His death also caused me to want to work harder to achieve my goals and make him proud.

  255. While reading the Parallax I couldn’t help but be reminded of those that I have lost connection with while being completely consumed with my day to day activities. Although I occassionally remind myself that I need to slow down and take a moment to smell the roses, the high stress of quizzes and exams never fails to prevail. Like Frank, I too find it easy to get in a routine and lose focus on many things that most of us take for granted. This book was a great reminder for me to stay grounded in my faith and take the opportunity to be more involved with those that are important to me. Although I think that one must remain diligent in their activities (school, clubs, work, etc.), it is also important to enjoy the great life that we are allowed to live. I’m firm in believing that living a balanced life is important for growth of character and emotional intelligence, both of which are critical to a successful future.

  256. As a child my family would often take our summer vacations in the Rockies. We stayed in the town of Dillon, a town conveniently placed within driving range of the major ski towns, Copper, Keystone, and Vail. I would go on hikes with my parents and my little brother. On these trips I didn’t appreciate the beautiful scenery and the time spent with my family. I was and still am a bit of a controlling person and rather than focus on the landscape around us I would fight with my bother. I remember getting angry at him for just walking too far in front of us as we hiked, rather than staying together. I lost my mother later and I wish that I could go back and relive those trips again. But this time with the experiences I have now so that I might appreciate those views with her a bit more.

  257. Reading The Parallax made me think about myself. I’ve never experienced a tragic loss like Frank and Sarah have, but I feel like I’m very similar to Frank in terms of demeanor. I’m very routine-centered and able to be stressed very easily. While being able to get in a routine is good for school, being easily stressed is not. Sometimes school can be extremely taxing on myself and I never give myself a break because I’m always trying to keep myself to a certain standard. I need to learn to take my time and live in the moment with the people around you instead of planning ahead a week at a time. As a pharmacist, while it is good to be organized and focused on your job, it is equally as important to understand the emotions of your patients and coworkers.

  258. I am an avid reader when I have the time between pharmacy school, work, and other responsibilities. I enjoy reading books, like The Parallax, that give me the chance to not only be engaged in the story but also allows me to think about the reality I live every day. While reading Frank and Katie’s story, I thought of all the relationships in my life I may have let drift or completely break because of my other commitments. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are currently working on in our own lives that we forget that the other people in our lives are also going through the obstacles of live as well. As a pharmacist, it will be very important to keep the balance between maintaining work (and relationships in the workplace) and the relationships outside of the workplace. In my future career, I will strive to uphold my reputation as a pharmacist as well as the relationships that are important to me and my job.

  259. While reading the Parallax my perceptions of Frank changed drastically from the beginning to the end of the story. At the beginning of the story I strongly disliked him. A man who was so emotionally distant from his own wife on their 25th wedding anniversary and had even bordered on infidelity is not the kind of character that a reader can easily connect with. Moving on in the story we are presented a man who is very willing to share his emotions with complete strangers. Finally we understand Frank’s change in demeanor is due to the loss of his daughter in Iraq, a loss represented by her flight rerouting in the original story. This change in Frank is the most important idea presented in the Parallax. This man wanted to be completely in control of all parts of his life, leading to being emotionally distant. It took tragic loss to Frank to change his ways, but by learning from Frank’s story we can allow ourselves to be emotionally open with others without having to experience such a loss.

  260. The Parallax gave me insight to a story where I was at first only exposed to one viewpoint. I think by telling the story this way it made the reader understand the significance of understanding another’s view point is. Were we only exposed to one view point, our opinions of Frank would have been very different. But towards the end I had more sympathy for Frank and his emotional state. By showing two different side of the story, the author made the main character more understood. This application is significant because it can be applied to our own normal lives. By thinking about things in a different perspective we can better understand each other.

  261. As a pharmacy student, I often find myself slightly overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. I realize that I have to give less time to certain things in my life and usually end up devoting much more time to school work than anything else. With that being said, one of the things I take for granted the most is my family and friends. I just assume they will always be there for me and often I end up closing myself off from them. However, after reading the Parallax I am reminded of how precious and fragile life is. One should never take any relationship for granted. I was able to empathize with Frank and have the realization that if possible, I wanted to live with less regret. I want to look at life in a more “big picture” manner and not take anything for granted.

  262. The parallax started to make me think about my past memories. After understanding Frank’s story, it made the reader appreciate the better things in life. By writing your thoughts down, you are able to understand more about yourself as well as understand different perspectives. By thinking about your past you can prepare yourself to better your future. This story helps your refocus our thoughts and to worry about the real things in life and not just focusing on little things. We learn to not let the world consume us but to appreciate all the people and good things around you.

  263. Reading The Parallax caused me to slow down and take a minute to reflect on my life. Am I living each day and moment to the fullest, or am I just going through the motions aimlessly? In today’s world, it is all too easy to get caught up in perfection. I spend too much time criticizing myself rather than counting my blessings and cherishing my time here on earth. After reading the characters’ stories they shared in The Parallax, I was definitely reminded of the need to wake up each day with a positive mind and attitude, for we never know when our last day will be.

  264. I enjoy reading novels greatly. The Parallax was a very interesting read. I enjoyed it thoroughly because it was a story, but it also made me think about how I live my life. It made me think about points of view, and how to gain insight into the point of view of another person. The Parallax teaches us to really think about what is important in our lives, and to appreciate things before they are taken away from us. In the Parallax, Frank suffers a tragic loss. This loss forces him to really appreciate what he has before it is too late.

  265. Going through the exact same scenario as Nicholas I can relate greatly to what he is saying here. It is very easy to experience the loss of yourself in all of the hustle and bustle of the world. After reading The Parallax I found within myself a way to grow in my own emotional intelligence and have gained the ability to reestablish who I really am.

  266. Every aspect of The Parallax resonated with me. I could relate almost everything discussed in this story to my own life. What stood out to me the most in this story was the concept of guilt and how it can consume us and cause us to act differently; Frank felt guilty about how he almost cheated on his wife Sarah with his coworker and he felt guilty for his father dying. I am no where close to being perfect, and I have made more mistakes than I would like to admit in my lifetime. A few of these mistakes were rather profound and affected relationships/friendships that I once had. I have never been able to let go of the guilt that I have from committing these mistakes. I think about it all the time which takes my focus away from all that is great in life. Reading this story has made me realize that I need to do away with this guilt, whether it be by talking about it to someone or writing about it. The ever present life lesson, life is too short, was a pillar of this story and I need to keep that in mind every day when I am having these feelings of guilt.

  267. I started The Parallax expecting a boring, dry nonfiction story. To my surprise, I was immediately engaged by Frank’s story. It was emotional and thought provoking. It seemed as though I was supposed to feel sorry for Frank and emotionally connect with him and his story, but he’s not the character that caught my attention. Sarah did. It was interesting to see it from the husband’s perspective of why he does what he does. But I sympathized with Sarah the most. I consider myself to be a selfless and caring individual like Sarah, so it hits me hard when I don’t receive the same treatment from those I care about. This is my constant internal struggle. do I continue to treat others with kindness when all I get is ignored? Or do I go to the other extreme and treat others how I have been treated and give up on caring?
    The main point I got out of The Parallax was self-reflection. Those in the second part of the story seemed to focus on hardships in their lives and try to find a way of coping through analyzing different perspectives. When Frank’s story ended and it switched to him reading that story aloud, it really threw me for a loop, in a good way. That was such a creative way to change the way I was thinking about things. It is important to see things from others perspectives especially when dealing with those of other cultures. I am currently preparing to take a service learning trip to Guatemala this January and the empathy was really what resonated with me from the Parallax. I’m scared. I’m scared I will be in such culture shock I won’t be able to make connections or make them feel like they are lab rats being studied. From the Parallax, I have learned the importance of my journal entries. It is important to put my thoughts into words, something I am not very good at, so I can better understand a situation and be able to make a plan to better myself.

  268. I also really connected with the hiking story. It’s easy after 4 years of school and working part time to get caught in the rut. It’s easy to lose feeling in what used to be an escape. I was never one for hiking, but I do enjoy outdoors nonetheless. I’m still searching for an activity I can find peace within. The Parallax helped me to see small things I take for granted. It also makes me question how I’m searching for happiness. Any day could be our last. Carpe Diem.

  269. I think that I relate to Frank and Sarah the most. This is not because of any one thing that either of them did but because they both adapt to the world around them, and when their world started to change they did as well. I think adaptability is an important quality to have as a pharmacist because you never know what situation you will be in or what the future will bring for the pharmacy profession. In the past I have experienced some life-changing events that have changed me for the better and made me stronger because I was able to adapt and come out on the other side.

  270. After reading the Parrallax, I think everyone can relate to Frank. In life, we get so caught up in what is going on now and what we need to get done that we forget to step back and look at the bigger picture. After hearing the news, Frank’s life is paused for that moment and he is forced to stop and think about what is important to him. He thinks about what he most regrets in life like his relationship with Sarah and his guilt of his father’s death. Sometimes it takes a major event to stop ourselves and reflect on our own lives.

  271. Reading the Parallax really opened a new window that made me see the world from different perspective. And not only had that but also brought back memories from September 2001 and New York tragedy that changed America and its nation forever. It did not take me long to connect with author’s writings, only several pages and I got attached to the book. Yes it is just one of the books I have read since I got educationally engaged but as from every other book I got something out from this one, too. The Parallax expanded my mind in a positive way, which I believe will be beneficial for me in college and in real life once I become pharmacist.

  272. I was very pleasantly surprised by this read. Even though both characters had very different experiences, I felt like I could related to Sarah as well as Frank. I can related to Frank’s emotional experience of guilt for things both within and out of his control. I can also related to Sarah for feeling disappointment when people fail to meet our expectations. Reading this and exploring these characters’ stories really caused me to self-reflect on my current life and my experiences in school. This book helps remind me to reevaluate the important relationships in my life.

  273. I must admit that I was not looking forward to this assignment. I didn’t think I would get much out of it and really was planning on just skimming the story and figuring out what to write about later. However, I must admit that I completely misjudged this assignment and stayed up late reading because I had to figure out what happened to Katie. What a great story! While I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative, I was also shocked that I actually thought about how it applied to my own life for several days after I finished reading it. I had never really viewed writing as therapeutic. I often associate it with school and with busy work but I never thought about what I would write if it wasn’t for an “assignment.” As I started to think about possible prompts, I began to reminiscence about all the memories that have shaped me into the person that I am today. I began to think of different instances from my childhood and was shocked at how they have popped up in my adult life. I remembered why I enjoy old movies because they remind me of my grandfather’s voice, I remembered that I wash my clothes in Tide soap because the smell reminds me of home, and I remembered that I always put my napkin in my lap because my mom is a stickler for manners. I hadn’t realized that these small details had actually impacted my life in such a big way. I also thought of my negative life experiences and can see their influences on my life as well. I pondered about this topic for several hours without even consciously thinking that I was doing schoolwork. This story is wonderful and is absolutely applicable to everyone. Give this assignment a chance because it can actually tell you more about yourself than you would ever expect.

  274. Writing today would in most people’s opinion be considered a pastime. This is extremely unfortunate as we should be documenting more and more about our feelings and reactions or thoughts about certain events that have or have yet to occur. Before reading The Parallax, I had never considered the positive effects writing can have on a person. This book made me understand more that the openness of writing can give you a change of perspective, and benefit a person psychologically. Many people have a journal that they record their thoughts in. These thoughts of a beautiful mind can have so many different effects on another individual if they were shared. I believe that I should document my thoughts more.

  275. I believe that the largest take home point from this entire story is to learn to step outside of your boundaries and view the world from another person point of view. I think in the field of work that we will find ourselves in, it is very easy to get caught up looking at the world from behind the counter. We can forget that our patients could potentially be having the worst days of their lives. They might have just gone through a rough surgery or be in tremendous pain. It is always humbling to view the world through another person’s shoes as limited as that perspective may be.

  276. After reading The Parallax, the book challenged me to write about my stories and experiences. I never thought of writing about my experiences as something that could make me examine my experiences from another perspective. In addition to the moving story of Frank and Sarah’s experience, chapter three about the writing seminar was very powerful for me. It shows how these individuals wrote down their story and heard other’s stories and were able to change their perspective. Even Bill, who was skeptical about writing his story during the seminar was able to change his perspective, and that is what The Parallax is all about.

  277. After reading The Parallax, I was reminded to cherish the smallest moments in life, especially when life throws the biggest, craziest, and most frustrating challenges unexpectedly. I lost my grandfather over three years ago and was not able to be near him during his last few moments of life; I was devastated, considering we were thousands of miles apart. Similar to Frank, I did not realize the importance of every opportunity I had to talk to my grandfather over the phone or even in person when my family would visit overseas, and it’s almost as if I feel a deep regret. I regret not taking advantage of every second I had with him. I regret not talking to him more, not laughing with him more, and not hugging him longer. However, after receiving the dreadful phone call that he had passed and, literally, having my heart torn into pieces, I finally woke up to how delicate this life is and glued those pieces of my heart together. I learned that if you cannot stand up after getting pushed down, then life will pass by and one would never grow nor become stronger. In addition, Frank’s story showed how important it is to slow down in such a chaotic, busy world. We are surrounded by so much busy work, from family and friends to school and work, and rarely notify ourselves that we need to slow down and maintain closeness to the ones we love. I have always appreciated life, but after losing someone who I cherish dearly, I started to appreciate and be thankful for every day that arises and every second that passes. Life is based on getting back up from every downfall, and despite the difficulty one faces, there are too many aspects of life to be thankful for. I am glad I had the chance to relate to Frank in this story, and I hope others can read about, learn from, and relate to this character, as well, and hold the ones we love closer with every day that passes.

  278. Reading the Parallax really makes you think about how important it is to enjoy the moments you have with the people you love. Being away at school has limited the amount of time I have been able to spend with my family and friends from back home. Even when I go back home, I spend much of my time working and still don’t get the opportunity to see them. A few of my family members have passed away while being away from home, and not visiting them more before this has been one of my biggest regrets in life. This story was a great reminder that no matter how busy you are, you should always take the time to visit with family and friends, even if it’s only for a day or two.

  279. Reading The Parallax was eye opening in the sense that it makes you really think about life and how different things in your life could have been better or even worse. It really makes you reflect on your life as a whole and has you think about things in your life that have impacted it greatly. Mainly it made me realize how easy it is to get caught up in everyday life and how it is even easier to forget some of the things that use to be the most important to you. A friend of mine from high school recently passed away in a tragic way, and it allowed all of our friends form high school to reconnect and actually cherish our friendships. It is important to take time for things and people are important to you because you don’t always know when those things will no longer be there and how much you really took it for granted, until its gone. I think that I need to take more time out of my day to actually enjoy all of the incredible things going on around me, instead of just constantly stressing and wishing the day away.

  280. Frank’s hiking story reminded me of my old-self. Frank was mostly concerned about just hiking and eventually lost himself and lost things that were important to him. In the past, I was so concerned about just achieving my goals in life and so focused on “being happy” that I lost sight of things that were important to me. Often times than not, people make happiness their end goal, not realizing that they will never truly appreciate and enjoy their life if they have “happiness” as their destination. Rather than focusing on happiness as a goal, we should strive to appreciate and enjoy the little things that are given to us. I learned that running towards my goal while blocking out everything else made me into a bitter and unappreciative person. When I stopped doing that and realized I have so many blessings I could count, my life felt more fulfilled.

  281. Reading this story further reiterated what I’ve always believed, that being that perspective is everything. Seeing things from only one’s own point of view is like going through life with a sheet over one’s eyes. If we can’t imagine ourselves in another’s shoes, in another’s situation, without consideration for their feelings, or opinions, and the reasoning or influence behind those feelings and opinions, we can never successfully maintain a relationship. Whether that relationship be with a significant other, a mother, a father, a sibling, or co-worker, there will always come a time where one’s own perspective will not be enough to dissolve an argument or disagreement. Without regard for the other’s viewpoint, we will not be able to understand their feelings and emotions about a situation, and therefore, never be able to grow and/or maintain the relationship. Take for example, a situation as simple as a spat between significant others: your wife comes home from work one evening; she has had a terrible day at work and is very stressed. You have been home all day, taking care of your infant child and the home and are looking forward to spending some quality time with your wife and being able to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Your wife tells you she is exhausted and too stressed to just kick back with a bottle of wine and a romantic comedy. You don’t understand, or try to understand, why she doesn’t want to spend time with you and this leads to an altercation. If you had instead imagined how you would feel in her situation, or considered when you have had those same feelings after an exhaustive day, you would have understood her reasoning and prevented the altercation. A change in perspective from our own is all it takes to nurture and preserve our relationships.

  282. There are some books that you don’t even remember reading. While there are a few that truly catch your eye and make you remember them. It opened my eyes as to what is truly important to me. This book made me realize that you have to make sure that I tell someone that I care for them, whether that be through words, actions, or anything else. The death of Katie, Frank and Sarah’s daughter, makes you realize that you don’t know how much time you have with someone. A death makes you realize that you should hold someone just a few moments longer. This may be the last time you have that opportunity.

  283. The Parallax is a very thought provoking book. Going through the book, all of the different stories and reflections done by the characters really make you think about what is important in life and where your priorities should lie. This book is successful in heightening the self awareness of the reader, and shows how connecting with the stories of other people can help you to better understand yourself and what matters in your life.

  284. The Parallax attempts to do something that not very many people are capable of now a days: Understanding human emotion. There are very few things in life that we do that are 100% done because of what we think, more often than not, our actions are in response to those stimuli around us. I personally know and was involved with the event that the original post is in reference to, and I can support the idea that I can now, after a very long and bumpy road, find happiness in many things that were once mindless tasks. Understanding how life affects us and others is so important to our interpersonal and intra-personal interactions.

  285. The first part of The Parallax really took me to a place that I could enjoy. The detail put into describing the scenery and the building put me in the room with Frank and Sarah. I was really able to feel the emotion that came over them throughout the text. It is not often that I take the time to read in my free time, and reading this truly made me miss it. The Parallax leads you to think in different perspectives. Things are not always as they seem. We have to step outside of ourselves beyond what we think and see things from a different point of view. It also makes you wonder what you as a person might be missing out on within yourself. What is my subconscious trying to tell me?

  286. After reading the parallax I have realized that living life worried about everything that is to come will cause you to live a very stressed life and you won’t enjoy anything you do. Most things you do will be seen as a chore which will make you procrastinate and will fall behind even more in school or work or whatever it is and cause more stress. So it is important to take time out for yourself and also enjoy what you do and not worry about anything else while doing it.

  287. From reading the Parallax, I automatically think about the things in life that I take for granted. This is because Frank truly did not appreciate his wife, Sarah, until she was tragedy of the twin towers. After this, Frank thought about the first time they met and how in love with her he was when he first met her. I think that it can be easy sometimes to take people for granted because you can be too caught up in other things happening in your life. I think of my family, friends, and my general inner circle when thinking about people I may be taking for granted and this story really makes me want to get in touch with each of them and tell them how much I appreciate them. You should never forget how much you love someone until tragedy happens but I understand how it may be easy to. This is something that I will try to remember for the rest of my life to make sure that those close to me know that I truly appreciate them.

  288. While reading the Parallax I immediately connected to what the author was trying to convey with all his stories. He makes you reflect on your own life and gives a feeling of self awareness. It allows us to see different perspective of other people and makes us feel emotions that we have truly connected on in the past. Every time I meet an elderly who is hyperactive and lively I think about my grandmother. She was always so active and always spoke her mind when telling her opinion. Those memories instantly come my way and i always end up with a positive attitude.

  289. The parallax is a story that is directed to encourage people to think differently. It shows us how looking at things from a different perspective can make them look totally different. One of the things that the book advocates is trying therapeutic writing. In which one starts writing and using his imagination to get a better understanding of one’s inner self and of people around us.

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