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The Parallax is a book about seeing things differently. We’ve all experienced watershed moments, times when tumultuous events collide with our lives, sending us down a rabbit hole of anger, fear, confusion and despair. It is well recognized that stories can be used to influence others; however, little attention has been given to how writing influences us personally.

Connecting with our personal story allows us to see things differently, giving us an opportunity to change our self-limiting paradigms. Over the past two decades, an increasing number of health care professionals have recognized the beneficial effects that writing about traumatic or stressful events have on physical and emotional health.

A story within a story, The Parallax uses metaphor and symbolic imagery to create connections for all readers. The premise of the fictional story that serves as the core of The Parallax is best captured by an Irish Proverb that appears at the beginning of the book: Death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal.

And so it is with therapeutic writing—accessing buried memories brings restitution and relief. The definition of a parallax is: An apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight. Readers of The Parallax learn how to take this concept from the world of physics and apply it to their personal lives.

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  1. The constantly shifting views and dynamic relationships of the characters in the story cause the reader to, at first, be somewhat overwhelmed with personal thoughts and questions. This awakening of the mind will inevitably create a personal experience for each reader, but for me this was largely focused in the power of writing. The first shift in perspective occurred as the plot switched over to a writing workshop. I realized that the first story I had read had affected my thoughts without being completely true because the author had explored his own feelings about the events that had transpired. In this way, it was almost more real than a timeline of the events as they had occurred. I had never considered the idea of merging fiction and fact, but after reading this book I’ve come to a new understanding of how healing it can be when used to explore emotionally labile issues. When reaching painful memories the issue can be circumvented with fiction, and in this way the past can be stitched together. It might be especially useful when one sits down to write and feels at a loss for words.

  2. The Parallax captivates emotions and illuminates the mind. The story takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions ultimately leaving them with a new sense of understanding of both themselves and the world around them. As the story unfolds, the reader is faced with a new reality that can be applied to everyday situations. Personally, I learned that this shift in perspective can enhance both social and professional interpersonal relationships.

  3. Reading the Parallax has allowed me to grow as an individual. It forced me to come to some realization of who I am as a person, brother, son, and classmate. The emotional ride made me come to the realization of the importance of Theraputic Writing. It caused me to tap into some emotions and feelings I personally was letting build up and forced me to analize those emotions. The metaphors and symbolic images allowed the reader to better understand the characters thought as well as their own. Overall, this book forces the individual to think about some ideas in a new light that hopefully will spark some emotional connection.

  4. Since my junior high days I have been writing for pleasure and for relief of stress along with other emotions. I have done this without thinking about all the benefits it truly has on my overall health. If I do not write to get things off my chest and out of my mind, I will probably be sick and tired on a regular basis. Besides in The Parallax, I have heard other professionals talk about ways people grieve and that not one person does so in the same ways. If we do not find ways to relieve ourselves of what is troubling us, then we will become so weighted down that it will be difficult to get back up. So… Why not write? It does not have to be shared with the world or anyone for that matter. Of course, there are so many people who write about there emotions and what they have been through and they are famous for their writings. To touch on what Adam T. said in his blog post, many great movies, plays, and songs are derived from our everyday struggles. If those people had never put their thoughts in writing, the world would be much different.

  5. Almost everyone reaches a point in their lives where they “get it.” Looking back into the past, when the people you know go through something difficult that you haven’t experienced, you offer your sympathy. Maybe feel sorry and sad along with them until things turn around. Then one day, years later, you’ll be in the middle of doing something like cleaning dishes or driving to work, and you’ll just suddenly flash back to that moment and think, “Oh!” It doesn’t even have to be experiences with people you know. Last week, you might have flipped a fellow driver off for doing something. This week, you’re stressing out about an exam or your life while driving, then notice what a crappy driver you are when you’re not paying attention. What if that fellow driver last week lost a beloved relative? Maybe someone you really didn’t like, who really didn’t like you either, said something harsh to you one day and you retaliated with a nasty comment of your own. Reading about another suicide in the news, you think, “What if that were my enemy?” Did your actions help at all if you actually encountered those people in this way who were yes, doing things that made you upset, but because they were dealing with a struggle in their personal lives? Finally “getting it” is how I see “The Parallax.” It’s that moment of transformation into being a more genuine, loving person towards everyone, whether they like you or not.

  6. I really enjoyed reading The Parallax. I wasn’t expecting such a captivating story. I feel that this book has something that everyone can connect to. One point, in particular, that stood out to me in the book was the symbolism of the muted television. I feel like sometimes in our life we get so busy with our day-to-day activities, that we forget some of the most important things. I feel like those important things (our family, friends, etc.) can be “muted” sometimes in the midst of our hectic lives. I think it is important for us to recognize this truth and to “unmute” our lives.

  7. Before I read “The Paralloax”, I had to question myself consistently what exactly the “emotional intelligence” means and what it has to do with my life and future career as a pharmacist. While I was reading it and figuring it out the metaphors and symbolic images, I finally started understanding the meaning of “emotional intelligence”. I had overlooked emotional connection with the family, friends, and the patients in the past; not knowing it was actually the cause of my feeling of guilt or unhappiness. Now that I know how much it can impact me, people around me, and the society, I’d keep searching for the true meaning of emotional connection.

  8. As far back as grade school, I have kept a diary/ journal. It started as a place for me to write my secrets and crushes, but later developed into a way for me work out my problems and feelings. Journaling was an outlet for me and continues to be. I don’t share my feelings with many people, so writing has been something I heavily depend upon. Reading my past journal entries has allowed me to look back and understand my mindset and reasoning for making big decisions. When questioning why I am where I am in life, it’s helpful to look back and remind myself why I chose the route I did. The Parallax suggests writing as an outlet, and I completely support this recommendation. Not only is it a stress-relieving process, it is also a great way to get to know yourself better.

  9. One of the themes in this book that really stood out to me was seeking to understand before seeking to be understood. I’m recently married, and this practice has been quite challenging, but nonetheless indispensable to developing a deep and fruitful relationship with my wife. And just as it was pointed out in the book, this practice certainly also applies to how we relate to others in the workplace. I can affirm that bosses who seek to understand first are much more effective with their employees than those who first seek to be understood.

  10. In today’s world, it seems like everything is always going a million miles an hour. People are so busy and wrapped with their jobs and kids, they never have a chance to sit back and relax and just think on their life and their experiences with themselves and other people. The parallax helped me understand the importance of understanding my emotions, and it helped me look at the world and people in my life with a different set of eyes. I was captivated the entire time I read the book, and learned a lot about myself while reading it, and it helped me along the way.

  11. While reading The Parallax, I was at first confused on how the chapters were fitting together, and then I realized that they were all just perceptions of events from different people. Upon realizing that, it allowed me to open up my perspective I had originally had on the main characters at the beginning. I started to place myself in the shoes of each character introduced instead of judging them based on what I was reading. Once I reached the end I really felt as though I had opened up my eyes to the world. This book came at a good time as I was recently dealing with some upsetting news about a family member. I placed myself in their shoes along with the shoes of others affected and really began to understand that things aren’t always as bad as they could be. This mindset helped me to cope with my issues just like the characters in the book. It really is amazing what perspective can do to situations.

  12. Every person upon their experiences will automatically develop their own thoughts and emotions to the circumstances they are facing. It is the additional time spent mulling over these thoughts and the absence of viewing any other options, where many people will fail in viewing any other point of view. When a person is able to write or analyze their thoughts and feeling, they are able to allow their mind to reassesses the evaluation of the situation. It is during this time that their bias and other barriers can be forgotten and overcome to see the other perspective of the experience and develop personal effectiveness. This is where The Parallax has helped me to make sure that I look at other’s perspectives to understand from their point of view and be able to develop a stronger relationship and connect emotionally with that person. I need to assess the situation before acting so that I can reply according to the other person. For my past experiences, I have also learned to evaluate my perspective on those displeasing times to help me cope with the anger and regret so that I will not let them ruin my memories.

  13. I have always been fascinated by psyche, perhaps due to my disconnection from my own emotions. This makes me strive that much harder to master what I cannot grasp. I want to know what influences individuals to act the way they do because human behavior is multifactorial due to personality/nature, nurture, circumstance, etc. With that being said, I love getting a peek into the minds of others, and the changes of perspective in The Parallax were no exception. As an INTJ female, I am both isolated and misunderstood, so I can definitely relate to the idea of seeking to understand others before expecting them to understand me.

  14. The idea of writing to come to terms with difficulties in life is a good one. When people have problems, they often say that it helps to talk it out with another person to get feedback, to relieve stress, and to help solve problems. To write about our lives and our troubles is a way to get feedback, relieve stress, and solve problems by consulting ourselves instead of another person. When we write about our troubles, we can organize and analyze our thoughts and our situation more easily since we put it into a tangible form. By writing it out and thinking about our problems, we can better solve them than by thinking about them while they are stored only in our head.

  15. When it comes to Frank’s story, I feel like the personality of the characters Frank and Sarah were well developed. Personally, I enjoyed learning more them and understanding their relationship with one another than the actual story. At the end of The Parallax in the Author’s Note, it tells readers to focus on Frank’s story, but I was able to connect more with some of the various passages from the other people and think they would also be good to think about. When it comes to writing about life events that have happened, I really like the idea of fictionalizing some of it to keep the emotions at a distance but at the same time getting the story down on paper.

  16. Writing has long been a valuable tool for self-reflection in the form of personal journals and diaries. These provided a framework for reviewing events at a remove from ones immediate emotional input. The Parallax adds to this framework by allowing us to further separate from the egocentric view point by examining events, whether symbolic fictional or actual events, from “someone else’s shoes”. While Frank’s story was not told from point of view of another as several of the follow on stories were, it did help to highlight that examining events with a different state of emotion and considering the actions of others as egocentric beings can change our perception of others and our own actions.

  17. The Parallax offers many great opportunities for one to relate to the stories and emotions of others. I found myself able to relate to Andrew, in which he addressed feelings of powerlessness within the workplace. He notes, “Feeling powerless seriously impacts our effectiveness in both our personal and professional lives . . . Powerlessness is a feeling that hampers us in the workplace all the time. It can be overwhelming.” After contemplating his thoughts, I realized that many student pharmacists can relate to this feeling of powerlessness. While working as student pharmacists, we often get bogged down on not being able to learn new things in the workplace or take on the duties of being a pharmacist. As students, we have learned so much, but often do not get the chance to put our skills to use during our college careers. With many repetitive tasks and duties in the workplace, it is often hard to focus on the positives. Instead, I often find myself focusing on what is wrong with the situation, just as Kyle mentioned in his story within The Parallax. Communication and putting our thoughts into words is one way to cope with our emotions and stress.

  18. After reading “The Parallax” it is interesting to find that so many others find stress relief through writing. When I was in middle school, I read an article in a magazine about how some people found stress relief through writing so I decided to give it a try. Even though I have not practiced this form of stress relief in many years, looking back I think that I can safely say that it got me through some very difficult times when I was not willing to speak with others about how I felt. I feel as though I can relate to the characters in the story that are skeptical at first, but later find the benefits of writing after actually trying it. In addition, just like any other problem that we may face, it is nice to have something to look back on to help you reflect on the best way to handle a situation that you may have experienced before.

  19. At first, I did not know if I was reading the correct story. After spending five years in a science-driven school that teaches you to analyze data to come up with a solution, it was difficult to process a story that focused on emotion and personal growth. The Parralax helps others discover themselves through fictional stories and encourages people to look at life differently than they have before. There is no “analyzing” involved… it is about truly connecting with the story. Dr. Stein’s session helped skeptical characters learn to effectively lead by looking at themselves in a different light. It was agreed that being an effective leader is much like being in a marriage with your co-workers and peers. Along with having the knowledge of the field and organizational skills, there has to be vulnerability, open-ness, and trust. The characters participate in a writing exercise and discover that reflection is one way to become more connected with themselves and others. The Parralax teaches us—as future health care providers—that as you increase your emotional intelligence, your emotional effectiveness should also increase. This is the key to being an effective leader.

  20. Writing has never been my thing. Everything I’ve written, be it essay or poetry, seems so apart from me and calculated. The flow and soul seem to lack in the words I put to the page. After reading the Parallax, I realize that writing is more than just another graded task and that writing truly helps people grow. It can facilitate a new perspective or deeper insight, it can lessen guilt, and it can be the key that’s necessary to unlock true potential as a leader through interpersonal relationships. The personal benefit of writing may be different for everyone, but there is a benefit nonetheless.

  21. Being a pretty avid reader, I can understand the power of stories in understanding human motivation. Stories are able to provide insights into the minds of others, which helps us to both connect with others and understand ourselves. For pharmacists, it is especially important to be able to connect with our patients, as it can increase our effectiveness as patient counselors and help improve our patients’ quality of life. Reading the Parallax reinforces the importance of human connection and reflection and reminds readers that some of our most powerful means of education are through listening to the stories of others.

  22. Upon starting to read The Parallax, I thought the story would ultimately center on connections between unrelated people. And while that is included in a chapter of the book, it truly centered on the individual and their realization of deep-seated emotions created through years of relationships. These feelings are often too difficult to face; and therefore, become hidden, with only a possibility of being revealed many years later. It is revealed that writing can be a great therapeutic tool for facing these emotions and actually seeing them for what they are.

  23. It’s nice to know that there are other like minded individuals that see the value of writing. We as pharmacy students are forced to reject our creative thinking abilities and focus on the analysis of data. But The Parallax teaches that in order to grow emotionally we need to relax and listen the stories of others. Not only listen, but relate through the self-discovery that writing can bring.

  24. It is obvious in the end that there is a lesson that everyone can take from The Parallax. I have written therapeutically a few times before but I never really looked at it from a distance and tried to see what I was really thinking beneath it all. By doing this, it can help me understand myself more and why I do and feel the things I do. It can also help me understand why others act the way they do. After understanding one’s self and seeing another s perspective, we can then improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

  25. After reading Frank’s story in the Parallax, I started to think and tried to analyze the story as a habit that I’ve learnt and acquired through pharmacy school. I was thinking whether it was a real story or not. Then, as I was moving toward the end of the Parallax, I realized that it was not what I should do. I was never a big fan of writing nor reading other people’s stories. But, I’ve learnt a great deal after finished reading this book. It made me think about my own life’s story and reflect on it. It taught me to be more understanding. I’ve learnt that everyone has their own stories and stories are not science and that it shouldn’t be analyzed or judged in a scientific way.

  26. From reading the Parallax, I realized how much I’ve missed writing, and I’m genuinely glad that I get to write this blog to reflect on such eye-opening book. As a student attending in rather science and math oriented college, writing has become a task to solve problems rather than a way of expressing and reflecting myself. And from reading the Parallax, I realized that it can help to solve conflicts and soothe over past wounds by spending some time to reflect on myself and see the events that has occurred to me in new perspectives rather than a one-sided view. I hope to continue writing regardless of my job or status and encourage those around me to try it out for themselves.

  27. This book has several life lessons that can benefit the reader. One being looking at a situation from another’s perspective can help you understand the situation better. Throughout the book, the different characters write from someone else’s perspective. This helps them to grow as individuals. This does not have to only apply to the characters in the book. This can affect the readers as well. Another valuable lesson that can be learned is having a healthy outlet for stress. This book demonstrates this by showing the power of writing has on some of the characters.

  28. I connected with the story behind the Parallax from the very beginning. I know of the therapeutic benefit of writing, although I have not done much writing in the past few years. In the first chapter the passage that drew my into the book read “without malice, you made mistakes you can’t correct, some by neglect, some by forethought. Being sorry is insufficient, so you try to forget.” I realize that I have made mistakes, and being sorry is not enough, so I move on. But sometimes those mistakes haunt me and I feel like I should have done more to make amends, but sometimes it is a problem I am unable to fix. This leads to subconscious feelings that I cannot sort out in my mind, or explain to someone in a coherent way. But when I write about any topic that includes feelings, many emotions work their way into my writing that I did not know exist, and I discover sources of feelings i did not know existed. A lot of the time this is an unpleasant journey which makes me apprehensive of writing about emotions, but after I am able to sort things out I usually feel that I understand myself and my world view more clearly.

  29. The Parallax is a book about self-discovery. It provides an effective method to do so. Often times, in our daily hectic lives, we avoid pain, sadness and other ‘negative’ emotions. Unfortunately, by avoiding these things we extend the length of time that they affect us. Donald Rickert provides the reader with a way to face these things, even if you cannot see how they are affecting you. By utilizing Rickert’s method, one can change perspective and come to peace with a difficult or challenging time, such as a death, argument or lifestyle.

  30. Parallax is defined as an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of sight according to the book. It was an enlightening read, allowing the ability of one to remember to change perspective. Just the idea that the 9/11 events had different impacts on people with various dynamics is not so obvious from all perspectives. Well of course it did, but fictional or not, the indication that someone from New York watched the effects on television and had the same experience as someone in a distant state was never a thought. This is an excellent reminder to never forget to take a look from all points of view taking factors such as distance in to account. Changing your view can change your life is the biggest point I got from the book.

  31. The Parallax portrays a cop who thinks he is nothing but perfection but realizes that writing about his flaws lets him let go all the pain that he bottled in. A parallax is looking about a object at a different angle. The cop, Frank, views many conflicts in his life in a negative way that only resulted in him having more guilt. The best example of this in the book is when he misinterprets the cause of his father death as his fault when reality it was no one’s fault. The book demonstrates that by writing one’s story or feelings without editing, they are able to let go of their troubles that are holding them down. The second half of the book shows a large group of people that shared each other stories, letting them view things from a different perspective. This different perspective, the parallax, let us resolve issues that might weight us down if we only look at it from one viewpoint.

  32. The Parallax explores an introspective activity that the character, Frank – a police officer, identifies with the conflicts in his life, his behavior and his emotions. Frank takes the common practice of writing in order to diffuse his pent up tension, emotion and severe guilt. The lack of limitations, and managed structure is an ideal outlet found by Frank in order to introspectively explore his history, emotions, and his resultant persona. This book introduces the strength and value in taking varying perspectives on situations. Taking different perspectives is vital in revealing to us the entirety of the situation.

  33. After reading The Parallax, new ways of interpreting and perceiving the world around me were introduced. It made me want to look at life as a long, winding course instead of just individual, stressful days. Hopefully when I look back at life, I remember important details like the old leaf instead of losing sight and forgetting what was once important. I saw Frank lose grasp on his life as he forgot to enjoy it and instead tried to “perfect” it. The tragedy he experienced as a child may have contributed to his analytical, compulsive and controlling way of life, but burying the emotions and hiding them from his wife, who he loved so dearly, was a detriment to their happiness as a couple. He was distant, unrelatable and in desperate need of a new perspective. This book explores that perspective and explores the roots of peoples’ emotions as well as actions. Although very theoretical, there are some very real things to learn and apply to your own life to learn about yourself and see yourself from a much happier and peaceful perspective.

  34. “Words have power.” As a child, my absolute favorite thing to do in the world was read. I began by reading children’s books on my dad’s lap, worked my way up to Harry Potter, and in high school read any fictional novel I could get my hands on. So I’ve always loved stories and the truths about the world they reveal. But to be honest I have never much liked writing myself. I feel like if I have a problem, I just want to talk it out with my family or friends, not sit down and write an essay. And maybe that’s because I’ve always thought of writing as homework, to be completed for a class and get a good grade on. Well ‘The Parallax’ opened my eyes, which is basically the point, since parallax means “an apparent change in the direction of an object caused by a change in observational position that provides a new line of site.” All the characters mentioned in the story used writing to reflect on their lives, and many did so by writing a story through another person’s viewpoint. By walking a mile in someone else’s shoes, they learned a lot about that person as well as a lot about themselves. As pharmacists, every single one of us will be a leader, and to be an effective leader you have to be able to connect with the other people you work with. I know now that one way to do that could be to reflect and maybe write down how I think they might feel about something, and that connecting with other people can happen through not just reading other people’s stories, but writing my own. The main takeaway from this book is that using writing to increase your emotional intelligence could be a good way to increase your personal effectiveness.

  35. “Common sense ain’t necessarily common practice.” As I was reading this, all I could think about was how Frank seems so distant from his wife. At the end of Frank’s story I realized how similar I am to him. I have tried to perfect my own life, and in the end it hurts those closest to me. I think that writing our stories gives us an outsider’s view on our own situations, which allows that “ah ha!” moment. Relating to the stories of those in the 3rd chapter brings to mind so many things that I have personally dealt with, making me ponder the usefulness of writing my story and possibly sharing it with others.

  36. The parallax discuses about how perspective can change when looking at a single object. It also shines light on the benefits of self reflective writing. I for one have not done any type of therapeutic writing for myself but I can see where that can help you work some things out. You can use it to describe how you feel/see a certain situation and then I think it could also be useful in discovering how others can perceive the same situation by trying to write as if you are that person and what they must be seeing or experiencing from the situation. As going into a job that requires professionalism and empathy it is important to try to understand how others feel in situations that might not be personal to ourselves. The idea of parralax allows one to be able to “change their line of sight” on an object and

  37. The parallax discuses about how perspective can change when looking at a single object. It also shines light on the benefits of self reflective writing. I for one have not done any type of therapeutic writing for myself but I can see where that can help you work some things out. You can use it to describe how you feel/see a certain situation and then I think it could also be useful in discovering how others can perceive the same situation by trying to write as if you are that person and what they must be seeing or experiencing from the situation. As going into a job that requires professionalism and empathy it is important to try to understand how others feel in situations that might not be personal to ourselves. The idea of parralax allows one to be able to “change their line of sight” on an object and explore a different side of things.

  38. The literal definition of Parallax, change in perspective due to change in view, is such a true and accurate title for this book. Looking at Frank’s life and the way he handled various situations, it inspires me to look at my own life different and live it in a way that would change my current course. Besides looking at my own life in a new perspective, I also thought about the way others view me and how sharing my own experiences as a way to affect others positively. This story, this account of Frank and Sarah and all the trials and tribulations gives time for anyone to connect in some fashion, and I too can share personal accounts if I have the courage to do so and allow my struggles to be perceived by others in a different light. There is no method to live a perfect life, and spending valuable hours and days to perfect it is not the purpose of life itself. Writing it out, typing it out, and just seeing what you’ve been through in someone’s eyes besides your own can be very insightful, and this book has taught me to do so.

  39. Looking at a situation from another perspective is something that I’ve never been able to do. The Parallax is a book that makes you think about a situation from someone else’s perspective to understand the situation as a whole. The book involves characters writing from the perspective of others and this helps them grow as a human being. Life tends to go by at a pace of a thousand miles an hour. This book teaches us that sometimes we need to sit down and think about our life experiences from a different point of view before it’s too late. Overall, I believe at some point in everyone’s life they can relate to Frank. The Parallax causes the reader to look at things with a new vision that will hopefully help that person see the situation from a whole new perspective.

  40. After reading the Parallax, I came in to conclusion that every person has his own mindset and way of thinking. Sometimes it might be difficult for us to understand someone’s views. We should put ourselves in his shoes and consider all the circumstances that he/she is facing to understand their perspectives. There might be several students in pharmacy school who are not doing very great but instead of declaring them lazy, we should analyze them and look upon the various situations at school and family that is keeping them behind. Also expressing and sharing one’s own opinions is a first step toward the solution. It not only relief one’s stress but the feedback from his fellows help him with his difficult situations.

  41. After reading the Parallax I realized that I have been doing it wrong all along. When forced to write an assignment back in high school or my first few years here at STLCOP I was just writing it to get a grade. I never understood the true meaning of writing, and that’s what this book taught me. The story of the Parallax was not just something I read. It was something that fully made me connect with the story line and the characters. There is no analyzing involved when reading this story. The Parallax allows you to look at life from a different angle and help you discover yourself through the pages of the book. It is absolutely incredible. The Parallax not only teaches us to think differently about ourselves and the world around us, but it also allows us to increase our emotional intelligence. In the end, this book is a great depiction of who we should be as leaders, especially since we are future health care professionals.

  42. The Parallax was largely about seeing situations from the perspective of others. This is actually something I have been fairly good at. I always try to see things how other’s see it. I like to find out how everyone involved in the situation feels and I try to listen to what they say. I think this is something everyone should try to do every day. It helps people care more about others and there would be much less conflict if everyone just tried to understand. Overall, the Parallax shows that you can learn a lot by looking at things from another person’s perspective.

  43. After reading this book, it gave me a lot to think about. I was pushed to reminisce on my memories of life events, of my high school and college writing classes, and of the time when I remember the way how I changed my view on how to perceive events as they occur. This book showed me how writing as a way of expressing knowledge, self, humanity, and ideas. How writing can be a source to connect millions of people together. Writing for me has always been a way for me to express myself in a different way than by talking to someone. Writing has also been a technique that is used to determine what grade I should receive, by writing research papers and such.
    The idea of thinking with different perceptions for events has always intrigued me. I always try to view events in the different possible ways and understand why one thing would occur one way and not the other. I believe that by using writing as a technique for health care providers to express themselves and what they are going through with is a great therapeutic writing skill to have so their minds can be present at all time. To be able to get the chance to take a breather from school and studying and to reminisce about the past memories of certain life moments that I could relate to from the book was what the book allowed me to do.

  44. The Parallax, more than anything, teaches us the value of perspective. When wrapped up in our own day to day life it is easy to slip in to a routine and be so focused on our own career or goals or hobbies that we no longer recognize our own emotion or that of our loved ones. Frank had failed to truly understand both his spouse’s viewpoint on their relationship and his own personal psyche. In the beginning of the trip, Frank and Sarah had a lot of issues in their relationship that possibly only came to light after the events of September 11th unfolded. They learn that in their relationship they both perceived many things differently (the essence of a parallax). Frank also comes to terms with the boots he bought and addresses the repressed guilt he has been harboring. In the second half, at the conference room, we learn the value of writing. Free writing and writing about your true feelings towards events or issues in your life may expose subconscious anxiety, guilt, or other emotions. Writing down your thoughts, unfiltered, also gains perspective outside of your personal psyche that can help you improve your relationships. The importance of unfiltered cannot be understated. This relationships are not limited to a spouse but can be expanded to parents, siblings, friendships, or even coworkers.

  45. Parallax in its very definition means the apparent displacement of an observed object due to a change in the position of the observer. This novel applies this concept on a more emotional and mental level. The Parallax explores how different biases and varying perspectives can cause conflict between ourselves and those we interact with, particularly loved ones. I am not usually one to be moved by a book that encourages personal change, but this novel really helps you to find yourself and to see things from a different perspective than you usually would. It encourages you to challenge yourself to pursue higher emotional intelligence, which ultimately makes you a better member of society. This book really made me reevaluate how I interact with others and I think it will definitely be a positive change that will impact my career.

  46. After reading The Parallax I have come to understand how the same situations can be viewed so differently. Frank’s recollection of the hiking story at the Lake, which he had always viewed as a bad memory, was viewed in a completely different light by Sarah. Frank did not understand why Sarah had saved memories of that hike and never wanted to bring up that memory due to the negative association he had with it. However, 9/11 changed his perspective and so he began to discuss the memory with Sarah and he gained perspective into the importance of the trip for her. I think this experience for Frank, and the group that was gathered for the talk mark the importance of becoming aware of your emotions and understanding them. I think it was important for Frank and people in the seminar to remove themselves from the day to day activity and really view things from another perspective. This concept of truly understanding your emotions and view of certain situations through talking or writing is important for people to follow as it will allow you to completely understand the situation and how it impacted the people around you. I believe the Parallax has taught me the importance in writing down my thoughts to truly understand myself and become a more well-rounded individual.

  47. Everyone, at some point in their lives, will experience some sort of tragedy within their lifetime. Whether it be a loss of a loved one or just a struggle with one’s self, people handle these situations differently, no matter the degree or severity of the tragedy. Maybe it could be easy for one person to cope with his or her emotions, while another may take years to resolve. However, what is most important is that, ultimately, the wounds are healed and lessons are learned.
    Since junior high, I have been writing periodically for fun or for therapeutic purposes. Before I took Dr. Rickert’s class and read his book, The Parallax, I have always known that writing is an extremely useful tool to manage thoughts and/or emotions. I have been able to pinpoint solutions for many different issues I faced and moved on. But to those who have never utilized writing like I did, The Parallax teaches in its own way how understanding yourself, especially through writing, will be beneficial in terms of personal effectiveness and emotional intelligence. While the anecdotes in The Parallax may seem trivial to an outsider’s eyes, you can tell that this paradigm shift happened for the author – that he began to see things differently for the better of himself. Yet, perhaps you will find your own memory that may seem trivial and long gone, but will soon learn something from it like Dr. Rickert did. Again, as he emphasizes throughout the book, it’s not about thinking what the story was about – it’s about connecting with it. Readers, if they haven’t already, will find this book of value to them.

  48. The Parallax really gave me insight about learning to see myself, others, and situations in a different perspective. Just like how the people in the workshop, after hearing Frank’s story, learned to see themselves, others, and situations in a different light, I was also able to do this after reading this book. In the past, when I went on vacation to visit my relatives, my cousin and I would always document and write down the things we’ve done together, the events that have transpired during our summer together, and what our thoughts and feelings were at the time. However, I have never even read my journals after I wrote them. Now, when I went back to read what I wrote, I learned many things about myself that I haven’t realized before. Similar to how Kyle was able to see himself in a different perspective and realize he was “sarcastic perfectionist,” I also saw myself in a different light and was able to see the flaws I had in my character and the poor choices I made during my vacation. In fact, this book and this whole experience allowed me to realize how important writing is. The Parallax emphasized the importance of writing and how reflecting and connecting to stories that you have written will allow you to see how you are being affected or are affecting things even if you may not have realized it at the time. I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with that. If I had not written those journals, I would not have had the chance to reflect on the actions I have made and understand more about who I was as a person in the past. Overall, The Parallax really encouraged me to start writing so that I can always look back and reflect on my personal story and potentially giving me a chance to learn and change my own self-limiting paradigms in the present and for the future.

  49. Parallax: the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. The title of the book gives great insight to what unfolds in the stories told inside. The Parallax brings a great importance to perspective. We have all heard the saying “Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” and this book really plays with the idea of truly sticking to the phrase. In the end, one who can view any situation from multiple perspectives ultimately has the highest level of emotional intelligence; The capacity to be aware of, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. I recommend this book to anyone who may be struggling with change or simply needs a guideline to self reflection.

  50. The Parallax showed me about the unnecessary hardships we all go through, just like Frank Beck regarding his father’s death and wife’s illness. In both case he misinterprets the situation. This happens to me a lot when I misinterpret a certain situation. Instead of talking about it and communicating my feelings, I end up keeping everything bottled up. I get very tense and uncomfortable. Just like Beck, I end up tossing and turning at night worrying about these silly things that in reality mean nothing. I always think back to these situations and wish that I had communicated immediately with the other person because then I would realize that I had nothing to be tense about. It is true: communication is key.

  51. Not one person is identical to one another which means everyone will have different perspectives concerning various circumstances and situations. The protagonist, Frank Beck, uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism to cope with everything in his life. From a previous psychology class, I learned that I use rationalization as my defense mechanism which means I try to rationalize my decisions my making excuses to validate why I did or did not do something. For example, I might blame a bad grade on an exam from working too much when in reality, I was the one who decided to procrastinate and wait until the very last possible minute to start cramming. After reading The Parallax, I realize writing about my thoughts and feelings will help me understand the core of my rationalization and try to steer away from making excuses for my actions.

  52. The story took a few unexpected twists, which reminds me of life. In real life, there are things that happen that you that you cannot prepare for, and though you cannot change what has happened, you can change how you react to it. Frank reacts using distance to cope with issues, when he really needs to reflect on his issues to bring his family closer together. With reflection in my own life, I can find ways to make the best of any situation and improve the downfalls that will for sure occur throughout my career and personal life. By learning from others, especially Frank in this story, you can come to realize what is really important and what is worth fighting for. Through reflection, you can find what is important to create the highest possible quality of life for yourself and those around you.

  53. The story of Frank and his family told in “The Parallax” highlights the benefits of therapeutic writing. Writing down narratives of our experiences and how they affect us allows us insight into our own minds. It helps us organize our thoughts and evaluate our feelings and viewpoints more objectively than would be possible in a fleeting burst of emotion. By gaining perspective on our own thoughts, we are thus better able to appreciate the differing perspectives of others. Making a written chronicle of events helps us evaluate them factually in terms of cause and effect. We can more easily see why experiences make us, or others, feel a certain way. This makes it easier to effectively communicate our feelings without aggression. Writing also allows us to see our own faults more clearly, just as Frank realized he tends to use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. In short, writing about our experiences sometimes allows us a change in perspective, much like the proverbial “parallax.”

  54. The Parallax tells the stories of several characters that, as the title implies, are forced to reconsider their memories of past experiences from a new perspective. Through the characters of Frank and his friends and family, author Donald Rickert explores the importance of self-reflection and of considering how our personal beliefs and biases affect our perception of our actions and experiences. Emphasizing writing as an avenue for such introspection, Rickert encourages readers to consider other viewpoints to gain insight into our own lives much as the characters of this book did.

  55. The parallax describes the value of self-reflection through free style writing. The story examines how we can look through our writing and draw personal meaning. It emphasizing how one can gain a new prospective through further reviewing, and explains how we all can gain insight on previous behaviors and thoughts upon reflection. Finally the author demonstrates how role playing, attempting to write from someone else’s perspective, will not only allow you to gain a new prospective, but will force the writer to empathize with the character within the story.

  56. After a second reading of The Parallax, I realized how tied into the course it really is. Much like how the seven habits or the characteristics of a good leader or who took my cheese attempt to teach us about perspective, The Parallax teaches us about perspective through the story of a police officer. Frank, the officer, went through life with a very negative demeanor because he believed that he was at fault for killing his father. It wasn’t until he began to reflect upon his life in his own writing that he was able to begin to release himself from his own negativity. Later on in the novel, a group of people share various experiences and learn to move past those moments because they gain a new understanding of what happened through others. Much like in “sharpening the saw,” social interaction or self-meditation is required for us to “stay on top of our game.” As humans, we tend to focus on a single thing and forget about everything else around us. So far, The Parallax and the HSM: Social course have taught me to be ever vigilant for other things in life that I may not have noticed before. If I want to be a good leader someday, I must learn to be more fluid while still being very observant of everything and everyone around me. I must learn to take what I observe and actively apply those things into my current life.

  57. “You’re encouraged to confront your ghosts and are told that you’ll find answers through writing. Words have power.”Rickert’s Parallax thoughtfully explores the impact that writing has—on both an individual and interpersonal level. The author’s writing challenges the reader to explore him or herself further through the art of writing. Writing can be both a simplistic and yet complex experience. In his work, Rickert explores the impact that writing can have both emotionally and spiritually. In reading this work, I have begun to realize that writing is more than just a skill, it is a fundamental part of being human. My hope is that reading this book has served as a catalyst in order to provoke thought and inspire creativity in my own life.

  58. The Parallax really highlighted a few different things for me. First of all, it reinforced for me the importance of being able to self-analyze without totally separating myself from loved ones. This is something that has happened in my life and was a contributing factor in the end of a very significant relationship of mine. Secondly, I found the idea of writing down my thoughts and feelings as a way of interpreting and analyzing them to be intriguing. I’ve always been a very introspective person, but I’ve never experimented with writing things down and I think it is something I should try. Finally, the attitudes and actions of the character, Kyle, reinforced for me the importance of being open to new ideas and new methods. Just because something seems unfamiliar doesn’t mean it couldn’t potentially be really informative and/or effective.

  59. While reading The Parallax I thought about several times in my life when I just needed to step back and look at things differently. Some of those times I did not change my view when I should have, and by doing that it made things more difficult for the time being. The Parallax has given me the opportunity and tools to look at my past differently — to reevaluate the circumstances and decisions I made and to learn from them. I believe that is the ultimate goal of the book. It provides the reader with a challenge and the tools necessary to achieve it, if only one takes the time to do so.

  60. The Parallax is a story that everyone can connect to. I can definitely say that this read was one that I enjoyed and learned from as I realized the importance of therapeutic writing. I was able to tap into emotions and feelings that I had kept hidden. It forced me to face those emotions that I didn’t want to address in a meaningful and good way. I now have a new sense of understanding towards myself in addition to the world around me. I was able to gain self-knowledge by learning how to change my perspectives in order to enhance my interpersonal relationships.

  61. As the title implies, The Parallax, explores the importance of analyzing situations with different perspectives. At times in life it can be easy to get so wrapped up in school, work, and other everyday tasks that you never take the time to think about the thoughts or emotions of those around you. This seems to be the case with Frank, who during his trip begins to realize how the way he dealt with certain situations in life may have been perceived by others. The Parallax teaches readers how looking back at past situations can be a great way to improve future behavior. In the book this is done by writing as a source of self-reflection. While many students may think of writing as homework, The Parallax indicates how it can be a tool for looking at our actions from a new perspective. By looking at their own stories through the eyes of another, the characters in the book learn just as much about others as they do about themselves and see situations with greater perspective. I would say that the biggest take away from this book is that changing your perspective can help change the way you look at the world around you which in turn can lead to internal personal growth.

  62. After reading The Parallax, it opened my eyes to how much I take for granted. I am constantly scheduling my weeks out, months in advance – always looking for the next opportunity. The “when?” is what I began to question myself about as I reflected upon this short work. When do I take the moment(s) during all this mayhem to reflect on how lucky I am, how far I’ve come, and how wonderful this day is. The thing is, we are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why do we as college students always look to the tomorrow instead of rejoicing in the day we are currently in? What I came to figure out upon reflection is that we do this because it is easier than seeing ourselves for whom we are – flaws and all. It is much easier to choose a new avenue to vacation on, is seems, than to evaluate yourself and redirect your life. But I challenge all the readers of The Parallax to do just this – reevaluate your own life and be proactive if it needs to be redirected.

  63. After reading the Parallax I found that one statement Frank makes at the seminar truly summarizes the entire book. “She asked me how long it took me to get things right. I told her it had only taken a few moments, but unfortunately, it took me twenty-five years to arrive at the point where I understood the importance of those few moments.” At the seminar, Frank is confessing to the unfortunate reality that we can live a good portion of our lives with out truly seeing the reality of our actions and decisions. Throughout the trip to the Rocky Mountains we are allowed insight into Frank and Sarah’s past and we see how often Frank didn’t really “get things right”. Frank falls short from misunderstanding Sarah’s shortness of breath as mockery to unacceptably responding to Sarah’s worry during 9/11. How often have we as individuals made similar mistakes? The Parallax was an excellent reminder that my perception of things is not always how those around me perceive it. It caused me to stop and look and how I am walking through life and how I perceive situations and those around me. Hopefully it doesn’t take a horrific event like 9/11 for me to learn to “get things right” and instead I can try to learn from The Parallax and attempt to stop and see whats going on around me.

  64. The Parallax really helped me to stop and think about the here and now. Being in school and working causes many like myself to constantly think of the many things we have to do. In doing so we end up so caught up in the needs for tomorrow that we end up not really living today. This is compounded when we think of how things like cell phones and the internet are meant to connect people together but in actuality it does the opposite. It has promoted a disconnect with many on a personal level. One on one interactions between people has taken a backseat to blogs and facebook. When you consider these two conditions there is no surprise that emotional intelligence is lacking. when reading blogs and posts we only get the highlights we also lose the true context of the statements made. This isn’t to say that no good can come from social media but it is when it comes at the cost of emotional intelligence that it begins to endanger society. Being self aware is the key to make sure that you keep in mind the tasks for tomorrow but still allows for you to live today and to not sacrifice personal connections with few for the highlights of many.

  65. A parallax is a change in point of view. It is much like a paradigm shift. In his book, The Parallax, Rickert challenges his audience to step back from their busy lives and take a peek in from the outside. He stresses to look at our life events from multiple vantage points to find out what we were missing. As I was reading The Parallax, I found myself inserting myself in the stories of the various workshop attendees. The beauty in the workshop’s narration is that readers are exposed to many different stories of self-reflection and, in doing so, are able to trace similar instances from their own lives. The next time I find myself in a situation like Frank on his hike, I will try to step back and see where the other person is coming from. Communication is key for us to be able to step back and look in.

  66. Reading the Parallax I realized as a child I would always keep a diary and record every single day of my life, the good and the bad. I forgot how therapeutic this was for me, to be able to reflect on all of the situations that I encountered in my life and how I would respond to them. For every action there is a reaction, and I had to learn early on in life that in order to actually grow as person, I would have to become a better individual both morally and spiritually. In order to do this I would have to learn how to take a step back from everything I’m doing to analyze my life and decisions. This would allow me to reevaluate certain aspects of my life that I wasn’t satisfied with and self reflect on how far I’ve come. I believe the Parallax is a great piece of literature that causes its readers to want to reflect on their lives to become a better person, put themselves in someone else’s shoes to understand a different perspective, and hopefully help the person realize their self growth.

  67. While reading the Parallax I found myself invested in the story. The story was full of things that made me ask myself “what it all meant” but not in a bad. There were so many layers to this story and so many emotions that it lead you through that it can all become overwhelming. There was much more to this story then meets the eye and it made you think about life and prospective. I believe that this story can change the way people look at their situations and their choices. They just have to change their prospective a little.

  68. At times, going to a science based school can leave you a little dry as far as reading for entertainment goes. Up until this point, most books which were required reads for a class were upwards of 500 pages and at best you might find a little section telling you about the struggle of a scientist in trying to discern some unforeseeable problem. It was very refreshing to pick up something which resembled more of a casual read. Learning about these characters growth and reflections in such a subjective manner really showed the importance of not only being objectively correct, but being able to understand situations subjectively.

  69. After reading The Parallax, I made an effort to re-evaluate certain areas in my life. I questioned past events in my life and how I reacted to them. I realized how important it is to step back and look at a situation in a different light. Frank’s story was very interesting and eye opening. I wondering if he could change his life by simply finding a parallax in situations, that everybody could. The people at the workshop and their stories reinforced my belief that reflecting on your life, emotions, and memories can have a positive impact on your present and future life. In order to untangle deep emotions and buried suppressed feelings, we must open our minds and change our perspective. So many of the people at the workshop had eye opening experiences all because they choose to change their line of thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I am thankful for the insight it provided.

  70. The Parallax is a multifaceted tale that brings the reader up close and personal with themselves and reminds the reader that humanity is made up of individuals. In day to day life it is easy to go through the motions and think or behave selfishly. The Parallax brings that behavior to a halt and leads the reader to question the true reasons behind his or her actions as well as the actions of others before the reader is even consciously aware of it. I was one of those same unaware readers until I suddenly felt a tear roll down my cheek as I was reading the story excerpts in chapter three. In that moment, I felt the jarring realization that I have followed suit in choosing the easy path many times, but we all have our stories and they are all important to take into consideration as we live our lives and interact with each other.

  71. The Parallax is a book that questions the very foundations of our relationships, both personal and professional. When interacting with people we often interpret it in only our reality. Every person has an individual perception of the world based on their values. When an event changes our reality abruptly or over time a paradigm shift takes place. We begin to look at things in a different way, understanding the world by a new set of definitions. This phenomenon happens in The Parallax. In this selection the reader can begin to understand their perception of the world compared to his peers.

  72. I found The Parallax to be an eye opening experiencing in which I was encouraged to confront the different points of view in my life. The characters in the book also went through a similar situation in which their perspective was challenged. As humans its easy for us to assume a point of view, act based off that idea, and then never change our views for years. Frank does this when he confesses he thought his wife was mocking him, but in reality she was not. He harbored that feeling for years rather than dealing with it. He did not focus on the problem with a multifaceted attitude which lead him to being angry and blaming himself for a lot of things. The Parallax shows us how important it is to see things from new perspectives, to understand ourselves through writing, and ultimately to explore who we are in order to be the best we can be.

  73. In Community Service, we talked about how each person looks at life through their own “gap.” The “gap” consists of the values and experiences that shape the way we look at life. This is of course different for each person. When reading the Parallax, I realized how each character was looking through their own gap, and for each of them to move past their emotional struggles they had to either step back and look at a bigger picture or put themselves in another’s shoes to better understand and come to terms with their feelings. I think no matter who reads this book, they can relate to at least one character and their struggle.

  74. The Parallax was an excellent look into the way our lives are shaped through our experiences. One small event in our minds can have a large impact on our personality. I resonated most with Carissa’s and Dana’s story. By writing from the perspective of a loved one in pain, they created a newfound explanation of their own pain. Through this, they were able to better understand how to be more at peace with their pain. It was amazing to look at how one man’s story, each person was able to find something that spoke to them through the power of storytelling.

  75. The Parallax is a novel that gives a “heads up” to the many different perspectives of people. Just like the two lines can look parallel or not parallel depending on the angle observed at, the human perspectives are different. As a student that prioritizes empathy the most, I believe that there is a Parallax that healthcare providers need to understand. It is truly a therapeutic writing in this sense. It helps me understand what is important beyond the physical therapy. Additionally, reading this novel relieves my stress from personal life. I am put into the shoes of the characters, especially Frank, overcoming his daughter’s death. It is the means of communication that helps one understand another person’s “parallax,” the perspective, the meaning of their action, and their thoughts.

  76. In most people’s heads perception is reality. In the Parallax we get to witness an example of this first hand. Frank is a cop fighting to protect the law yet he succumbs to the same internal struggles that every person experiences throughout their lives. By not communicating his thoughts about his wife he began to make assumptions based off fallacy. This allowed his guilt and anger to grow making his own thoughts about his wife his worst enemy.

  77. The Parallax written by Donald Rickert is a story that many people are able to relate to and connect with. Parallax may be a short, easy read, but it has a lot of meaning messages that really challenges the reader. I can definitely say that this book was enjoyable and fun to read while valuing therapeutic writing. There are a lot of emotions and feelings within this book. Personally, this book has been able to bring out a lot of awareness about life and how I can develop and continue to grow as an individual. It helped me understand myself in a deeper level and this will help me in school, future job, and life. There are numerous examples of metaphors, similes, and symbolism throughout, which gives a better understanding of the story. Through this book, I was able to connect with the writer because I was able to think about my personal experiences. Also, I was able to challenge myself to seek for knowledge and view my perspective in life in a different lens.

  78. While reading The Parallax, I could not help but notice the abundance of symbolism throughout the book that reflected the relationship of Sarah and Frank. An example of this is their trip to see the Emerald lake which was beautiful on the outside and was pleasure to look at however in the lake there was much more going on that that such as fish and plants living and striving to survive. It was the same with their relationship. To the outside it seemed nice and calm but when you looked deeper they had issues that they needed to work on.

  79. After reading the Parallax, symbolism associated with real life situations illustrated by Sarah and Frank stood out. It reminded me about the importance of empathy and trying to understand someone before trying to be understood. The metaphors emphasized how emotional intelligence can impact not only your daily life but those around you for the better. When people can see and respect each other’s differences, society will be better as a whole.

  80. As I read ‘The Parallax,’ I started to think about the surreal nature of the date of Frank’s anniversary. I remember thinking of how everyone became afraid and nervous as to what would happen next. I remember how the whole country seemed to try and process what happened. The fact that book went into how Frank seemed to process the event compared to his wife made the book different to read. That day affected everyone differently, including how people’s lives have changed because of it. I had classmates at the time whose family members barely escaped with their lives. To them, the events were even more frightening. It was just as frightening to them as it was to Frank, who could have lost his daughter.

  81. While The Paralax wasn’t a difficult read when it came to the writing style, I did find myself having to take moments to sit back so the weight of the emotion wouldn’t overwhelm me. Perhaps it was my mindset at the time, but nearly every few pages had me thinking of someone I have lost, whether it was in the last few years or back so far as my middle school years. Coming to terms with a lot of those losses has been a slow process, but I identify with those who poured their very being into their stories, however small the excerpt, as I’ve used many different means of expression to rise from emotional turmoil.

  82. It’s difficult not to approach the world we live in from an egocentric point of view. After all, it is the only perspective we truly know. In the hustle and bustle of work, school, and all the other stresses life throws at us, it’s all too easy to be consumed by our egocentric nature, and lose sight of all the things in life that matter most. There are a number of underlying themes in The Parallax, but the one that resonated with me deals with the idea of actively looking to step outside of our own point of view, and telling a story from another person’s perspective in hopes that we gain insights into the thought processes and emotions that drive those around us. Though I have always regarded myself as a diplomatic person who is sensitive to the feelings and motivations of others, I, too, constantly fall victim to my own selfish tendencies. This book has given me a bit of “reality check” to be more conscientious about thinking beyond my own point of view, and how telling a story from another person’s perspective can be such a powerful influence in shaping our point of view. This will be an important tool to employ as we become pharmacists and leaders in our community, but more importantly, it’s good practice in the hopes of making the world we live in a more understanding place.

  83. The paradox opened my eyes in a whole new way. It really made me realize things from a different prospective. It’s hard to realize that one tiny event in life can have such a huge impact. This book contains an array of emotions and feelings from all the characters involved. Frank is a character who distances himself from people in order to deal with his feelings. In turn, what frank really needed to do was reflect on his own feelings, and things will get better. Everyone can learn a valuable lesson in this. No matter how far you run, you will always have to deal with your feelings and issues. After reading the parallax, I realize my own mistakes in my actions and how I sometimes deal with things. This is defiantly a book I can learn from

  84. The Parallax was extremely eye opening and useful. I have never been a person who self reflects to better myself. I have also never enjoyed writing. After reading this, it is very clear to me how this could be a beneficial way to deal with stress or anxiety. I definitely plan on writing more for my personal benefit as a way to vent and reflect on my emotions. One of the most eye opening points in the book for me was between the couple who responded to September 11th in different ways. It reinforced the fact that although someone may not respond to something the way you think they should, it doesn’t mean they don’t care.

  85. When I first began reading The Parallax, I was not expecting it to go in the direction it did with the discovery of the bombing of the Twin Towers. As I read on, I enjoyed playing out the book in my head and the hikes that Frank and Sarah went on, especially the one to Odessa Lake. I saw a lot of myself in Frank by the way he treated Sarah during their hike; she showed him affection and instead of appreciating it, he was annoyed. Pharmacy school is generally a time-consuming commitment, but for the past two years I’ve let it consume me to an overwhelming amount. As a result, in the same way Frank became annoyed with Sarah’s attempted affection, I too find myself becoming annoyed when my boyfriend of two years shows me affection while I’m trying to study or do schoolwork. As I reflected upon this, it upset me. Just two years earlier I had been longing for this affection while wasting my time with someone who didn’t appreciate my own affection. I thought this story really established the meaning of appreciation, not only between Frank and Sarah but between them and their daughter who they thought could be a victim of a terrorist attack. In conclusion, I hope this helps me develop more of an appreciation for the people I love. The only thing that I should let consume me to an overwhelming amount is the love and appreciation that I have for those I care for.

  86. I really enjoyed how with each story within the story revealed a little more about the characters each time, allowing you to really understand their thoughts and actions. The Parallax is not only an interesting read but it actually gets you thinking outside of the story line about certain aspects of your own life. The chapter about Frank and Sarah is where I made the most connections with because it introduced so many themes that were able to capture the saying “death leaves a heartache no one can heal; love leaves a memory no one can steal”. Both of these ideas were represented when discussing the emotional story behind the death of Frank’s dad and while discovering he has almost cheated on his wife but couldn’t. The book was very insightful to create an idea of emotional intelligence.

  87. Although the book was a little difficult to read for me, The Parallax really made me think. Before reading this book I had never really thought that writing could be therapeutic or all that helpful. I didn’t realize that just writing what comes to your mind could really reveal things about yourself that you didn’t know. Sometimes people should just write, maybe about nothing at all, and it could possibly tell them something that that never knew. When you just let the words flow through you they can come from very deep places in your mind that you didn’t even know were there.

  88. What resonated with me most throughout The Parallax was the relationship between Sarah and Frank. The two have been together for 25 years and their relationship hasn’t been perfect. I have been in a relationship for 3 years and it has taught me a lot about myself, but also has been very challenging at times. To have a successful relationship you need to be able to put someone else before yourself, and learn to understand someone who is very different from you. Frank and Sarah are very different, just as my boyfriend and I are very different. Frank is a cop who likes to be in control, and Sarah is more sentimental. Understanding these differences and embracing them are key to a relationship. There are many instances when Frank is selfish and does not think of Sarah. For example, during one of their hikes she is being light hearted and makes a joke, and he shuts her down. Another time, she is wheezing and he thinks she is mocking him for not being able to reach the peak, but isn’t concerned for her. She is later diagnosed with COPD. Although these moments make Frank feel guilty, and scared that he may lose Sarah, he refuses to talk about hiking because they bring up these feelings, instead of apologizing and working to improve himself. It has also become clear to me that to have a solid relationship, you should be able to recognize when you are wrong, apologize, and improve. This is not an easy skill to learn, but it serves well in many aspects including work life and family life. In The Parallax, Frank and Sarah are faced with challenges and would be better served to face them together if they had a strong bond.

  89. The parallax is a story which tells about life from the viewpoint of many different individuals. During our everyday lives we only see the world from our point of view, we often think of the truth as being black and white but how do we know that the way in which we perceive the things going on around us are truly as they are? This book calls to attention of the viewer that there are many different versions of the truth and that looking through only one person’s point of view can be flawed. In order to be able to tell the whole truth we must not only discuss how the story happened to us but be able to take a step back and view it from an out siders point of view. Our perceptions are what make up the world around us and at times we forget this fact. The story can always be flipped on its side when being told from a different person’s point of view. Learning how to step outside of ourselves and to see the world in a new way is one of the hardest things in life to do but is essential skill, especially in the health care field. We must put ourselves in the shoes of our patients who need our assistance, the best care givers in the world possess this talent and this is what allows them to excel at what they do.
    The parallax also touches on the subject of emotions and how we can become so anxious from them that we hide ourselves away everyone, even those closest to us. The story tells of how writing down our experiences or what we are feeling can be a great release from these emotions since we are finally getting our feelings out in some tangible form. Writing also allows us to reflect upon our past experiences in a way that can help bring us peace of mind, helping us to step outside of our own person and perceive these experience in a new light. This new point of view can allow us to see for the first time things that we couldn’t see before and we may even come to the conclusion that maybe we were out of line with our actions or that if we have been carrying guilt that we have done nothing wrong or to feel ashamed of so that we can move past it. One of the most terrifying things a person can do is open themselves up to ridicule, to let their thoughts/feelings be known, but this can be the very thing that saves us. Since it is possible for a person can be hurt by another then it is also true that a person can be healed by another.

  90. The book “The Parallax” is an interesting eye opener that helps an overall better understanding emotional thoughts and perception of others. This is shown through the married couple Frank and Sarah whom through 25 years they battle with their own perceptions of each other. In many cases perception can be the truth in one’s eyes; however it can be very deceitful. This perception of each other causes emotional turmoil between Frank and Sarah. Much of this turmoil between Frank and Sarah could have possibly been avoided if the two of them talked out their feelings more about each other instead of assuming the worst in each other.

  91. The Parallax examines the complexity of interpersonal relationships by introducing a “current day” snapshot of a man’s relationship with his wife within the context of their elaborated history. This work demonstrates how a relationship changes over time through the slow influence of contributing, and sometimes seemingly inconsequential, factors. I found that The Parallax offers the opportunity of a renewed sense of perspective within any relationship. The reader is able to reexamine their own connections by observing a critical point in Frank’s relationship with his wife Sarah. By witnessing Frank’s guilt, anger, despair, and hope, I find myself questioning the future of my own relationships as much as the past. Frank’s story serves to inspire more than self-reflection and atonement. Instead, I believe the story should compel oneself to actively work towards their own relationships and maintain the bonds they currently have. While The Parallax showcases the power of reflection, I found the most powerful message advocates for the opportunity of change.

  92. The Parallox is truly a remarkable piece of work. It is a very thought provoking book and a handbook for everyone to live by. As we traverse this life, there are often turning points that we encounter that help shape our futures. Powerful lessons are learned from our experiences. While I was reading the Parallox, I thought of my Dad who passed away from a horrible car crash more than 25 years ago. Ironically after completing reading the book today, September 18, 2016, my mother passes on. Both my parents shaped my character. Mom was the disciplinarian while Dad was pretty laid back. My brothers, my sisters, and I all knew that our parents loved us tremendously. They worked hard daily for us and they instilled in us the value of hard work, love, respect, and a great education. The Parallox took me back in time and I remember what my Dad’s passing did to shape my future. I was a graduate student at the The Johns Hopkins University when Dad died. I was heartbroken because it was so sudden. Dad always took good care of himself and us. I remember he always gave us prophylaxis for malaria. He wasn’t a pharmacist or a doctor but he know giving each of us 1 tablet of quinine once a week would prevent us from getting malaria. I knew I wanted kids but I always thought I would after I graduated, got an excellent job, and bought a house. That was the order I thought my life would follow. But after Dad died, I was so disappointed that the kids I would be blessed with will never know him. I remember coming back from the funeral and telling my husband that I did not want to wait any more. I wanted us to start a family right away. My children did not get the opportunity to know my Dad but I got to know my Mom very well. She stayed with me and helped raise my kids while I completed a Ph.D program at Hopkins and throughout my career at Monsanto Co and Pfizer. Dad’s passing enabled me to put things in prospective. Money is not the only thing that matters and I almost put that before family. If Dad hadn’t died when he did, there is no way I would have had 7 amazing kids. Mom died today and I feel both emotions; happiness that I knew this incredibly strong woman for 52 years and that my 7 children got to know her very well, sadness because she’s gone and I will miss her very much. Putting my thoughts in writing today of all days helped me handle my loss.

  93. After reading the Parallax I found myself going over past events to see if there was anything that I missed outright because I was not looking at it from a different perspective. The amount of arguments and missed test questions that came to mind surprised me; and these are just the ones that I can remember. This book, without a doubt, opened my mind up to more than looking at events from a different perspective. It taught me that it takes more than just entertaining the idea of this new perspective to really learn from it. To really learn from the new perspective you have to be able to really listen to what it is saying. Sometimes it won’t be easy to find or hear, but the truth hardly ever is. Once you listen and grasp the new perspective in its new light you will learn more than you ever thought you could. My ears are open, how about you?

  94. At first I thought this was going to be a story that wants you to “stop and smell the roses.” However, after reading it I found the message to be far more profound than a simple common sound bite. I thought about missed opportunities in my life that could have been seized by looking at things from another perspective, relationships with people (not just romantic) that could have been improved had I simply tried to understand what they were going through, rather than focus on how I was affected. Even people you walk past on the street have lives, stories, worries, and problems, yet we simply pass by them without thought because they don’t directly affect us. So many missed opportunities. I feel after reading this that I will try to focus more on what I would normally ignore. Not to simply “smell the roses,” but to go beyond seeing and really open my eyes to what’s around me.

  95. The Parallax is a good reminder that everything about us as individuals is rooted in our life experiences. It lets you look into the things that have happened in your life and how they may explain why your personality is one way over another way. It shows that by recognizing this, we can better understand one another as well. It is amazing how by writing from the perspective of someone else struggling, you may understand more of your own struggles, as was done in Carissa’s and Dana’s story. Writing really does have an impact on our physical and emotional health. It is incredible how much writing can heal, whether it is through reading someone else’s writing, or putting your own thoughts into writing. I personally have discovered how therapeutics writing can be. In times of distress or happiness, writing can really help get everything off of your mind but still be there when you want to go back and look.

  96. The Parallax immediately grabbed my attention with the emotional and introspective introduction centered on Francis and Sarah celebrating their 25 year anniversary in Colorado on September 11, 2001. A day that Francis and Sarah had such good intentions for quickly turned to worry as they watched the news reports of the twin towers falling. This leads to Francis and Sarah reminiscing about their past and recalling struggles they had faced in their lives. Their pasts appeared different to the couple looking back on them because they were viewing them from a different perspective. This narrative is the set up for the rest of the book, which focuses on people trying to better themselves and improve themselves by sharing their stories. A parallax occurs when an object appears differently when viewed from a different perspective, and often refers to the position of stars. The term is used more as a metaphor in this book, and the author really drives home his point about how things can appear different when viewing them from a different perspective, such as from a different point in time by providing many examples of it. While reading about people at a self-help seminar is not something I would routinely choose to do or have a great interest in, this book manages to present it in a more interesting way and was able to keep my attention right up until the end.

  97. After reading the Parallax, it made me realize how much I appreciate life itself. I was not expecting this book to engross me as much as it did. The book gave me so much inspiration and courage to just be grateful to live another day. I found myself reminiscing about my past and how I overcame every obstacle thrown at me. The book is unpredictable and something that can be read repeatedly. It was almost like watching a Nicholas Sparks novel and just falling in love with life. Parallax, allowed me to reach to infinity and beyond because you never know where life takes you. I went through so many emotions reading this book because it just gave me hope and the examples provided throughout the book gave me chills. For example, when Frank and Sarah describes how they overcome their struggles regardless and looking forward to new opportunities. The Parallax was just simply a confirmation that any individual can achieve the impossible.

  98. As I read the Parallax, I have begun to realize that the ideas that we have and follow are only shaped by our own perspective. It is honestly hard to understand someone else’s views or feelings when something happens because we are not them. We have not experienced what they have in life or know what that person has been through. Too often we turn a blind eye to what is going on around us and only focus on ourselves. This book was an important reminder to show me that my perspective and the way I see things are not necessarily how other people see it. It makes me try to see things from a different perspective to help better understand people as whole. I feel that it is an important step in growing and making yourself better every single day. Dare to think differently from others and challenge your own perspective in every situation. Even when things get tough, The Parallax made me realize how lucky I am to live the life that I do. I get the chance to receive a great education, food, water, shelter, friends, and a job.

  99. What a great read! After reading the Parallax, I have gained a whole new outlook on my own life and how I will be able to have a strong relationship with those around me. Whether it be friends, family, or my future patients in the pharmacy- I will be able to reflex back on the Parallax to help me with these relationships. The author tells of many stories that I can relate to. After reading, it makes me want to be a better, non-judgemental person. I can see how things may look differently when you’re on the outside looking in. One must stop, and realize that you never really know what someone may be dealing with. Understanding, compassion, honesty, and leadership stand out to me in this reading, and it is very beneficial to me in my future of pharmacy! I will now put emphasis on seeing situations in a different perspective. In today’s age, its pertinent that we practice pharmacy with an open mind and open arms!

  100. I enjoyed reading the Parallax. In the beginning, I interpreted the tone to be slightly dark with Frank distancing himself from his wife from staying silent during conversations to the outings with another woman. However, I believe the Parallax emphasizes key life points such as not letting your important people or opportunities slip by. In order to forgive, it is important to be able to have an open mind and to see from a different perspective. I also thought it was interesting that the Parallax was not written in anyone’s specific point of view. Instead, it included each character’s to paint the human experience.

  101. The Parallex was an entertaining read that kept my attention throughout. I enjoyed learning about the characters and the understandable but overlook-able lessons that we need to apply in our lives. It gave importance to knowing the point of views from different people in order to be connected to them. It was very easy to connect with the characters and the people in the seminar.

  102. For me, the Parallex gave me an idea of how to think and view things around me from outside to inside, not from inside to outside. Sometime, I have been told by older people that put yourself in my shoes, but i always struggles with it. I will apply the key points from the book to build a healthy relationship with people in either professional life or regular days.

  103. The Parallex really captured my attention. It made me think about different aspects of things I would not normally think about, like looking at things from another’s perspective. It is something that is hard to do, especially in today’s society when so many different people come from different back grounds and situations. Hopefully, by trying to focus on these different aspects I will have a more open mind and be able to connect to others more.

  104. The Parallax shows how emotional intelligence can increase perspective and reveal our own hidden emotions with the art of storytelling. I had always thought that there was insight to gain by reading and listening to other stories, but I had never truly reflected on my own writing or trying to gain other perspectives on my own challenges. It seems much easier to help others reflect on their personal experiences than to deal with internal conflict and uncertainty, but The Parallax emphasizes that people can learn to be more effective by learning more about their emotions.

  105. Reading The Parallax made me reevaluate how I think about the world around me. Everyone is going through their own unique struggles that we must learn to deal with. It made me question the way that I deal with these things. I think many of us get caught up in the stress of life and forget to pause and enjoy the world around us. The Parallax made me stop and think about my life and where I am. I think this book has such an important message to share with everyone. This is something that everyone should stop to consider. Do you understand the importance of emotions? This book provides you with the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and the world around you.

  106. Reading The Parallax my fifth year of pharmacy school seems quite apropos. As I am completing my last year of didactic learning and will soon venture into the reality of patient’s lives, The Parallax makes me see not only myself with a new understanding, but the people around me and also my future patients. An important theme of the Parallax is seeing yourself with a “new line of sight,” and I think of Frank and Sarah’s experience with the leaf. To Frank, it is just a “dried up leaf,” but it means something much more to Sarah. It makes me ask what kind of “leaves” are in my life. What areas of my life should I look with a new line of sight? I can answer these questions through self-reflection, and as an introvert, I tend to do quite a bit of reflection. However, most of the time the reflection is mostly stream of consciousness thoughts that I do not record. By reading the Parallax, I realize the importance of writing my thoughts down. The book has taught me the connection that can be built and the growth that can occur through therapeutic writing. Writing will allow me to see the progress I have made, and I know that my character will only continue to grow through the lessons I learned from the Parallax.

  107. The parallax is not only a moving story about a loving couple, but a tool that brings readers the ability connect with others. Through shared stories, one can look at the perspectives of others to learn more about themselves. Although Sarah and Frank’s story is unique, it is written in a way that everyone can connect to. The change in emotions and perspectives that the couple goes through helps me realize how the important events in my life truly shape me. It is not the achievements or successes in life that are truly important to me, however, the experiences I have shared with others. Hearing the story of Sarah and Frank, in addition to the stories others have shared, has showed me the impact writing stories can truly cause a parallax, or change in perspective, that allowed me to appreciate the connections I have made with others in a different, but positive light.

  108. This Parallax is a fascinating and very unique story! The book begins about a married couple, Frank and Sarah, who travel to the Rocky Mountains on their anniversary. The book has stories within stories which uncover a deeper meaning, not only to the story, but also to your own personal life. I often found myself reflecting on my own personal life along with the decisions that I have made. As someone who kept a journal since 8th grade, I have always had a fondness and love for writing. Being able to be alone with your thoughts and emotions, has always given me the ability to write mindlessly without the constant criticism of the world. There is a therapeutic and comforting sense to jot down your thoughts and troubles on a piece of paper that no one but you can read. However, The Parallax gives the reader a chance to see the world through another’s view. We look at the difficulties of the world and we do our finest to make the best out of it. I highly recommend this book for an eye opening and thoughtful read.

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